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I should've gone to the beach today. But I didn't think of it til about 1.30 so instead i went a lot of other places instead.
It was the only day this week me & Tony have had off together so we went to the abandoned barracks near Whitchurch. I hadn't shown Tony the pics I took last time I was there so it would be a surprise XD It was alright but since last time some sod has cut up the awesome car that was in one of the hangars :/ I was really disappointed actually.
Whitchurch we mostly passed by, I couldn't remember what was so great about it and we ended up at the canal to eat some lunch. I'm sure I'll remember in a couple of days time what makes Whitchurch cool.
We went home even though it was still earlyish as Tony was getting ill out in the sun so I dropped him off and went out by myself. I couldn't stand to think of another day around the house in such lovely weather.
I did the obligatory Shropshire tour before deciding where to go, which turned out to be Bridgenorth via a pet shop & garden centre. In Bridgo I waded out into the river onto the central stones and skipped rocks for ages. There's loads of pottery washed downstream from Coalport that is perfect for skipping.
I was going to then tow Tony out to a pub in near Shrewsbury that is on a river bank, but just as we were about to go he got called into work :/ One of the chefs there was really ill and had to go home, leaving only the commis who can't (/shouldn't) cook meat, so FAIL. I ended up going back home by myself and reading for a while before playing with this bunting I bought x3 I'm not sure dad will like it but I dooo~
Today has been a weird mix, so here are a ton of pics to go with my ton of writing :]


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