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I only got the one pic today, so I'm glad this one is in focus!

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Wow it's been a dull day today, after I got up really late i've really only been on the PC.
I nipped up town quickly though, and got todays picture along the way.
Now back to work I suppose.

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Only one today as I got up a bit late and have been concentrating on doing other things :x
I got the dragons to drink and spyro decided she wanted to bath herself again while Hugo decided he wanted to sit in the food. You just can't help some creatures xp

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Random photo day #584: Quill

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Although we actually went somewhere today (Derby) we didn't stop and I was in work at 3 so I got no interesting pictures again.
Here's another energy drink instead.

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Another day where I actually forgot to take a picture of something nice, instead I only got this one of Tony holding a can of energy drink we hadn't tried before that Ryan brought back from his holiday in Poland. Mmmm, run-on sentences.

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Another lack-of-a-photo day.

Walk tiems?
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Erm, kinda forgot to take any pictures today but this one for ebay :x

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Out in the garden today with Matinée as i got new pullip clothes in the mail :]

Waiting for the birds
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Didn't do much today so here is a pic of the dragons new tank, they're loving it atm, though by the way Hugo is behaving you'd think he wants to fill it with little baby dragons ;d

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There was a country and western mini-festival over in Wolverhampton so me, Dad and Aunty Betty went to check it out XD

Line Dancin' )
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Me and Dad went to a garden centre I keep hearing about on the radio, it was huge and pretty interesting, we got some plants on cheap too to grow over winter =D

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Our peach tree had 2 peaches again this year! Me and Dad each had one x3

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I got this camera in the mail today after being after one for a little while =D It's a half frame film camera x3

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Today I went to a pretty surreal place with Dad, a field full of poppies! They were huge and there were so many of them, I wonder what they'd make out of all these?
I've misplaced a couple of days worth of pics somewhere along the line too. But we'll ignore that for now.

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I got a Monster High doll, Abbey, in the mail today x3 I've been waiting her release for quite a long time and she is so cute in person x3

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Just hung about today, this is a teeeeeny poppy that is in the garden.

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Me and dad went out to Horsehay lake today for a little bit of a wander.

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I think Dad felt bad for me with no bonsai, so when he saw me looking at some nice ones in Asda he got me one <3

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We've been looking after Janine's bearded Dragon Wizzo for the past couple of days while she is away. Wizzo is Hugo & Spyro's baby, and the only one we still see. He looks very similar to Hugo to me, and has a yellow chin like Spyro X3


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