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Went on a little drive to amuse myself today as I worked in the morning and Tony was working in the afternoon...typical xp But I had an alright time on my own and found a few country lanes I've never seen before. Both of these were from a little village I stopped at :]

This is what Quaint must be )
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Not up to a lot today, went out shopping with Dad and then back home and prepared dinner XD Just wandered round the house looking for photos.

Gerbil )
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I've caught up!!!! =DDD It's taken a couple of months of concentration but these photos are actually from today! Let's see how long it takes me to fall behind again....
Ryan tried out the powerizers & a tasty car I saw up town xp

A car )
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More house-y pics, I didn't really know what to do with myself today.
I gave Atlas some greek yoghurt as he'd been getting a little thin lately, so thought it could do him some good.
The cupcake I just bought from Asda and was the most exciting part of my afternoon XD

Just cake )
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Me and Dad went out to Ironbridge today cause they had brass bands playing. Random but why not XD

Solo )
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Me and Dad went on a little drive about down to another friend's today. This is how Spyro was when I got up.

Just a Shropshire view )
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Spyro has been pacing the tank for a couple of weeks now, generally just messing the place up. Today i gave her a nest box and tonight, eggs!

Close up of eggs )
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Actually went on a little bike ride with Dad today, I got to ride the electric bike though so wasn't so bad x3 We went through Priorslee and there were some really cute baby ducks, I haven't seen many this year.
Also Seabiscuit's sleepy face, for some reason he decided his little food bowl would be an awesome place to sleep XD

Gerbil face )
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Random pics again today, mostly around the house but went out with Dad in the afternoon to the town park.

Flowers again )
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Couple more pictures of Wizzo, you can see his yellowy chin here :]

1 More )
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Just more more random pics, I'm not taking many lately so you're not getting much variety after all those NZ ones, I guess that's the beauty of being back home ;p
I took pics of all the cool poppies on the garden today.

A ruffly one )
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Again looking for a couple of quick pics before I had to go to work. These are some paua shells Dad brought back from NZ, he is going to shine them up. And a really red poppy that has popped up, I didn't know we had any like this before.

More poppies )
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Just did some random driving today, went down to Asda where it absolutely pelted it down while I sat in the car and I also took this pic of the speedo, it's kinda useless but it turned out so crisp I had to post it? ;p

Pretty boring pics today, huh? )
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Went over to Tony's Mums today, shes got a new puppy! He is a little Shih-zhu called Whizz, he's such a fluff ball atm!

Brandy is ignoring him )
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Random day again today. Poor Atlas' ear got stuck down today, but he was pretty good in sitting gerbil-still (so, fidgeting) while I dabbed some water over his ear to try and un-stick it at least.
The other is just a doodle :]

Doodling )
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A little furtherings on the garden.
More strawberries ripening and the peas are getting bigger :]

Peas )
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The first pic I had to put up because i have literally no idea why i took it. It's just a mochi XD
The other is simply of the first lily in our garden this year! =D

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Kinda lost for photos today so I mooched through my room. I guess I was pretty tired to think this picture of some of my DVD's was worth putting up -.o

Ponies too )


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