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Me and dad went out today, first to Wolves then onto Bilston where we looked round the market then got some tea at a Spoons before going to a show! I'd got tickets to go see the Small Fakers & Kinx, 2 tribute bands, for Dad for his Birthday. We even saw another band first, Target by Numbers, who were pretty good too!

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I'm looking after my cousins gerbs, Flapjack & Aspen for a couple of weeks while they're on holiday, it's nice to have (even) more gerbs around the house x] Both have adorable colours, and I think they could be brothers of Minchin and Newt, they're quite similar!

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I went with Dad today to visit Sue's kennels cause she's looking after some puppies for the RSPCA, they're probably only about 6 weeks old and they think they were stolen as they were found in a house with no mother :c
They are super adorable though x333

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More exploring today, around the Wrekin, which has a little lake at the bottom I didn't know about before and then onto explore some more random lanes and villages x3
I was also testing out an interesting little film camera I got at Bridgnorth the other day, it takes 110 film (which was a sod to find) and I think I'm gonna have even more trouble looking for someone to develop it.

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Me, Dad & Aunty Betty went out exploring today, I had a new camera through the mail I wanted to test out & play with and it was another lovely day so it was all good :]
Got more shots of typical Shropshire xp

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Much long tripping later and fun plane rides (I spelt a lot on the second one unfortunately)I was back in the UK!
I waited for my bus then Tony picked me up from Wolves, it was so good to see him! At home he had set up a surprise for me as I'd got him while i was away with an egg hunt XD I had 70+ kinder eggs all set up on the stairs! XD We spent the rest of the day lazing around and chatting :]

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Went over to Fielding today with Dad and Jen as we missed it the first time we intended to go. There was a little market, lots of shops to check out and the livestock market was on too so that was really interesting to see.
Later on we went out with Mum too for a drive about past her house and saw the brightest rainbow x3

Awesome Fielding Sign
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Today Me, Dad and Jen went on an explore of the local towns. First we went to Marton, then onto Bulls for lunch, and finally although we were supposed to go to Fielding too I distracted everyone and made us go to Palmy so we could check out the park there! Unfortunately it was half term so no playing on the playground :c

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Today I have way too many pics to post up cause we did so much, so I'll split it into two entries to save loading times a little x.-
In the morning Mum had to sleep as she was working the night again, so me, Dad & Jen went out to a local view point and had an explore, trying to see some peacocks we'd only caught a glimpse of. Rush managed to find a really smelly old bone too xd
In the afternoon we all went to Virginia lake today to see what it is like these days, of course it hasn't changed a lot, it's still a well-tended place while a peaceful atmosphere and lots to see. I particularly liked the greenhouse which had a really nice display of lots of tropical species. The bird aviary was also really good (all this is free too!) and i took way too many pictures of interesting birds X3
Okay, here's the first 5 from the morning.

Family too
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More exploring today, we all went to Kai-iwi beach and played about a little, it was a bit windy on the seafront but better on the playpark x3
We also popped through Wanganui and looked at this sculpture they've put up, I really like it's shiny spherey-ness, and the 'crack' is actually map of the Wanganui river, which meets the sea in the town.
On our way back home we visited my Aunt and Uncle, who have some pigs, and some of them were only a few days old, d'awwww x3

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Okay, sorry about the test posts, it appears that backdating them is causing the problem. For now I'll just put the date at the top then when LJ stops being a nob I'll put them back to the correct dates. If you pop along to my LJ you'll find the other entries down a bit if you're interested ^^;

So today was my first full day in NZ!
We went into Wanganui to Mum & Jen's favourite cafe, then had a bit of a mooch and shop before heading back home. I explored the gardens and it's changed a lot! Mum has worked really hard on it!
I also said hi to all the sheep, and of course my baby CC x333 Her flock has grown quite a bit so I also got some pics of the lambs/sheep that had been born since I left x3

Mum's fern coffee
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Okay so we're back here again.
I had a good night's sleep at the Pan Pacific, so much that I couldn't get up in time for breakfast, but then what's new? XD
After I'd packed & checked out I had lunch (also free, woo!) and then went over to see when check-in would be for my flight to NZ. It turned out that I could check in right away, but that I'd have about a 8/9hour wait till the actual flight XD So I hung about the airport, looking shops, getting Starbucks and just being glad the next step was just to get on the plane, which I boarded at about 10pm :]

I love this hotel
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Of course most of this day was taken up with flying, it takes about 14 hours to go from the UK to Kuala Lumpur. I think I only slept for a few hours I was so happy to be mooching on the plane XD
Anyway, we landed well and I then had the task to find out how I was supposed to claim my free hotel room in this strange airport. It took a lot more stress but I got there eventually, finding I could walk to the hotel with the voucher I'd been given through a big tunnel attached to the airport. The hotel was something else! It was astounded and it sure made the 'hotel' I work in look like a run down garage rented out to people xp
I was given 3 free meals as well, and once I got to my room I spent hours lounging, cooling down, reading and finally relaxing knowing that most of the hard stuff was over.
I eventually went downstairs for dinner about KL 10pm and had some great food from a massive buffet, it was awesome!

Yes more plane food xp~
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I didn't do much today but went out to Horsehay after running Tony to work. I wanted to see the steamtrains they have there but they weren't running today but I still had a good wander around the lake that's there, having a bit of an explore in a wood and sitting on a fishing plank writing for a while. I manage to amuse myself one way or another /lame XD

Look at that blue
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Today was so sunny! So I spent mot of the day pottering around the garden doing this or that, I planted some things, namely the sunflowers and also dragged most the pets out to enjoy the sunshine too. The dragons went yellow sunbathing, so I guess they enjoyed themselves and the gerbs didn't have a lot of choice as they needed cleaning out. Only the conservatory pets: degus, Yuki and newbie gerbs didn't go out today.
When Tony got home from work he got the mower down off the wall for me so I could have a go at the lawn, it was getting kinda shaggy. It wasn't s hard as i thought it would be either, though that ice cream van is never around when you want it!

Look at that lawn
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Me and Tony went out today as it was really sunny again :] I felt a lot better today after sleeping most of yesterday and so we went out to Acton Burnell, and took some lunch x3 I hadn't told Tony where we were going to go but 'somewhere near Shrewsbury' and while he was driving that way he wanted to take us somewhere else first...we both wanted to go to Acton XD We sat around a while and I doodled in my book (still practising real life drawing) and then went an had a look at the creepy tomb in the old church before we had to head back home. We nipped up town and I checked in at Game to make sure they were doing a midnight release for the 3ds tonight, they were, woot x3
When we got home Tony got to work on playing with his car and I messed about in the garden among other things. My onions are growing! I've got a couple of little sprouts!

New at Wroxeter
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I couldn't resist today and got more photos of the new two, cause I brought them home fairly late in the afternoon yesterday you can't really see their colours well, so these show that better. Hover-names was being shifty so it's Newt the white/silver and Minchin the agouti with weird orange patch XD
Other that a lot of photos I was also kind of productive today and got out into the garden and planted some onions, so enjoy this picture of dirt ;p (I was proud of myself, okay? XDD)

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Today was a little depressing- it actually seems to show in my photos which are mostly monochrome, weird. I was up at 8 and went with Dad to the bus station to wait for his coach to heathrow, he gets to fly out to singapore today, lucky. The coach came on time and left really quickly, it wasn't too sad luckily. I wandered around town a little but couldn't really think of anything to do, so at home I played on the net then Tony came home from helping Paul andwe cooked a little then he went to work. I had the car then which I'm not very confident in as it's huge, but I wanted to go for a drive to get used to it. I'd heard about this dragon statue over past Atcham so I went there.
It was pretty cool, bigger than I thought it was going to be, but very cold out there so I didn't spend too long before i got back in the car, within a couple of minutes it started to rain! I was thinking of going into Shrewsbury to get some postcards but i wasn't confident enough to manage parking close to town so I went to Wroxeter instead. Which was closed to the public today XD
I went back down the road after a little chat to the guy watching the door in Wroxeter and found some Snowdrops that i thought were a weird shape, so Austin got to come out too :]
The rest of the evening I spend in the sitting room floor in front of the heater making a mess with scrapbook supplies XD

Dad's bus
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Today me and dad went down to Ironbridge as the river is really high and so they have put up the flood defences, also the weather was really nice so it was a good excuse to be out x3

Little bit in the crap
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