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Our last day in Taupo we explored the falls again, we just can't help ourselves XD We spent an hour or so at a honey shop, where they had bees in hives and videos on the process.
We left not long after that so we could look at some things on our way back home. First we went to a trout farm which now charges so we didn't go in (cheapskates! XD) and then onto have lunch before heading down the desert road by mistake. I didn't mind, I'd wanted to go that way anyway XD
We went up Ruapehu then to find a waterfall and see the view, it was pretty cold and windy but was worth it, the waterfall wasn't the one Dad was originally thinking of but i thought it was pretty awesome X3

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Maccies for breakfast, which in Taupo has a little aeroplane to sit in and eat too X3
I wanted to see a place called Orakei Korako today, another place we've seen before but i think you should see again XD It was really expensive to get in this time though, so it could be the last time we go. It's a natural thing, all caused by the thermal activity of the area. I was a little disappointed in that they closed off one of my favourite areas, a massive cave, but since no one was around me and Jen went down into the cave anyway and mooched at the warm water pool at the bottom, one of only 2 known in the world apparently!
We also had a closer look around Huka falls today, my camera doesn't do it justice i don't think, this thing is huge and so blue.

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I'm so lazy, I know...
Today me, Dad and Jen went up to Taupo lake, Mum had to work unfortunately. We had a good time exploring all the places we know of and finding a couple of new places like a lake under the mountains.
We found a motel to stay in that was really nice and cheap too =D

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We went to Hawera today to visit my Aunt and Uncle, in retrospect i should've spent a bit more time around the house bt instead me and Jen went for an explore around the town. I didn't get many pictures though and the ones I did get I got better the next time we came into town :]
This is my Aunt's dog though, they got her cheap because she had one too many bones in her tail docked by the breeder, so she literally has no tail, poor thing. Of course this doesn't make any difference on her wonderful personality so I think my Aunt got some great luck in getting her x3

Lily i think
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We went to Palmerston North again today, to mooch at the shops and a couple of other things locally. The weather wasn't very good again so it wasn't much bother to just be mooching about the shops :] I found one I particularly liked, called Smiggle, which has super cute stationary and stuff x3
They also had a bit of a display of old cars in the centre, although occasionally you'll also see cars like this on the road in NZ, yet I'm not sure I've seen one in the UK.

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We went round and about the town today, the weather wasn't very good so we were just visiting :] We went to my Aunt's house for an hour or so and I got to play with her new cocker spaniel puppy, then my cousins' border collie pup <3

Such a beauty
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Exploring again. Today we went to both Durie Hill towers to climb and look at the view, grabbed some more ice cream then headed out past Virginia lake to another smaller lake, which we walked around before going to the Basin Reserve gardens. It's really well kept there too and we explored for quite a while.

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Today Me, Dad and Jen went on an explore of the local towns. First we went to Marton, then onto Bulls for lunch, and finally although we were supposed to go to Fielding too I distracted everyone and made us go to Palmy so we could check out the park there! Unfortunately it was half term so no playing on the playground :c

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And some more from the lake :]

At the start of the walk
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Today I have way too many pics to post up cause we did so much, so I'll split it into two entries to save loading times a little x.-
In the morning Mum had to sleep as she was working the night again, so me, Dad & Jen went out to a local view point and had an explore, trying to see some peacocks we'd only caught a glimpse of. Rush managed to find a really smelly old bone too xd
In the afternoon we all went to Virginia lake today to see what it is like these days, of course it hasn't changed a lot, it's still a well-tended place while a peaceful atmosphere and lots to see. I particularly liked the greenhouse which had a really nice display of lots of tropical species. The bird aviary was also really good (all this is free too!) and i took way too many pictures of interesting birds X3
Okay, here's the first 5 from the morning.

Family too
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Today me, Dad and Jen went to Castlecliff beach and walked Rush a bit while Mum was sleeping. We stopped at a couple of other places but unfortunately I've forgotten where now xd I really like the pics I got today anyway :]
Oh yeah, ice creams are Strawberry Ripple, Gold Rush & Rainbow XD

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We went to visit my Aunty Diane today up the Waitotara valley, and while she and Mum were chatting, Jen, Dad, Troy & I went with my Uncle Chris on a quad bike tour of their farm land, it's quite big! I was a fun quad ride too and got us out the house for an hour or so :]
The old car is one that was someone's pride and joy, and it now left as it is on the side of the road. The nest is just one me and Mum found while walking to the shop and back :]

Rain in the valleys
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More exploring today, we all went to Kai-iwi beach and played about a little, it was a bit windy on the seafront but better on the playpark x3
We also popped through Wanganui and looked at this sculpture they've put up, I really like it's shiny spherey-ness, and the 'crack' is actually map of the Wanganui river, which meets the sea in the town.
On our way back home we visited my Aunt and Uncle, who have some pigs, and some of them were only a few days old, d'awwww x3

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Okay, sorry about the test posts, it appears that backdating them is causing the problem. For now I'll just put the date at the top then when LJ stops being a nob I'll put them back to the correct dates. If you pop along to my LJ you'll find the other entries down a bit if you're interested ^^;

So today was my first full day in NZ!
We went into Wanganui to Mum & Jen's favourite cafe, then had a bit of a mooch and shop before heading back home. I explored the gardens and it's changed a lot! Mum has worked really hard on it!
I also said hi to all the sheep, and of course my baby CC x333 Her flock has grown quite a bit so I also got some pics of the lambs/sheep that had been born since I left x3

Mum's fern coffee
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So I finally got to NZ, woot! I had a little more problem though, just as I thought it would all be easy once I'd been issued my boarding pass for the small flight down to Wanganui, my home town, but that was before I actually looked at it! It was someone else's that I'd been given by It took a while to rearrange but they got my luggage off the wrong plane (thankfully) and I put it onto the conveyor for my actual flight and then then I waited for a few more hours to catch it XD
Once I was at Wanganui I was going to get a taxi to my Mum's house, but waited for 10mins or so first to make sure Dad wouldn't turn up for me first (we were meant to arrive together the day before but obv that didn't work out) anyway, Dad did turn up! He had told my sister that he had a package of beermats to pick up XD
She was pretty surprised, it was brilliant XD We drove back to her house and I met Troy her boyfriend who was also pretty surprised to see me. After grabbing some energy drink we then shifted onto Mum's house.
Dad and Jen went in first and then a few mins later I rang the doorbell and Dad told Mum to go get it. The door is frosted too so she didn't have any idea! It was a really good reunion and we spent the rest of the evening chatting and chatting some more until I had to go to sleep about 8.30.

Kinda scary
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Okay so we're back here again.
I had a good night's sleep at the Pan Pacific, so much that I couldn't get up in time for breakfast, but then what's new? XD
After I'd packed & checked out I had lunch (also free, woo!) and then went over to see when check-in would be for my flight to NZ. It turned out that I could check in right away, but that I'd have about a 8/9hour wait till the actual flight XD So I hung about the airport, looking shops, getting Starbucks and just being glad the next step was just to get on the plane, which I boarded at about 10pm :]

I love this hotel
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Of course most of this day was taken up with flying, it takes about 14 hours to go from the UK to Kuala Lumpur. I think I only slept for a few hours I was so happy to be mooching on the plane XD
Anyway, we landed well and I then had the task to find out how I was supposed to claim my free hotel room in this strange airport. It took a lot more stress but I got there eventually, finding I could walk to the hotel with the voucher I'd been given through a big tunnel attached to the airport. The hotel was something else! It was astounded and it sure made the 'hotel' I work in look like a run down garage rented out to people xp
I was given 3 free meals as well, and once I got to my room I spent hours lounging, cooling down, reading and finally relaxing knowing that most of the hard stuff was over.
I eventually went downstairs for dinner about KL 10pm and had some great food from a massive buffet, it was awesome!

Yes more plane food xp~
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Alright I've thought about it and hopefully this is how it will work: I will post pics-a-day for my trip away as usual, but perhaps with less description, of course questions are always welcome if you're wondering what's going on and I don't mention it!
So, this is the day I left for NZ, it was a massive stress for me as I'd never travelled alone before and my latter flight got cancelled months ago with no-one telling me. Luckily the airline got it sorted with the help of my original booking company and I chose to get on the plane that day and to get on my way rather than stay overnight in an english hotel (got enough of that as it is!)
So I had to wait around in the airport for many hours, but that was okay because i love airports, and it was even better with me once I got on the plane, I adore flying so it was a relief to at least started my journey!

My plane
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Just a quick entry as I'm on a bit of a tight scedule atm, to a degree XD Anyway, today I was super busy, racing round the house doing this and that, cleaning and making sure things were tidy. I decided I wanted photos of all my plants so I can see in a few weeks time how they've grown and stuff :] I also got a random one of the Bayeux just cause :]
Well I better go, I'm in a rush and most annoying of all photobucket has decided to be a bitch so I'll have to come back later and include the pics, sorry about that (It's most dirt and a pullip so don't be bothered! XD)

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Today me and Tony went out to Wing Wahs for lunch over in Wolves, nomnomnom! We ate too much, what's new? All you can eat chineses (chinese's? Does it even have a plural?) will be the death of us xp
I wanted to go out to West park to enjoy the sun a little but we didn't really have time and went to see Tony's mum instead, ah well. We stayed over there for quite a while then I had to go to work, whee.

Our tulips
Fluffy blossoms )


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