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Right, I tried to write this like 2 hours ago but got distracted by...well, everything really.
Day off today and although I didn't do much I seem to have got enough photos.
I toured round the countryside with Dad, cleaned out Seabiscuit, took some pics of a doll in the garden and then in the evening went out with Tony and some friends to Cosmo.
It sounds like more when I say it like that XD

Random Day )
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Work in the morning again -.-zzz
When Tony picked me up we went down to Ironbridge for cupcakes! I didn't get to take my camera though so getting the pics off my phone is proving a pain.
At home I mooched round the garden and got these pics, including how the greenhouse looks now!
Dad got back home off a little holiday and gave me some matches he didn't want anymore....silly XD I made a mini bonfire. Things that amuse me when I'm tired XD
Pretty much the rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning out the hallway gerbs. Dmitri and Houdini have finally been given Tai's House. I figured it's time to stop hoarding it and actually let them use it.

Garden and so on )
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Went on a little drive to amuse myself today as I worked in the morning and Tony was working in the afternoon...typical xp But I had an alright time on my own and found a few country lanes I've never seen before. Both of these were from a little village I stopped at :]

This is what Quaint must be )
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Wow it's been a dull day today, after I got up really late i've really only been on the PC.
I nipped up town quickly though, and got todays picture along the way.
Now back to work I suppose.

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Not really done much today, we popped over to Tony's Mum's and the rest of the day I've spent on the net attempting to be productive. At least I'm still up to date on my PL I suppose!

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Me and dad went out today, first to Wolves then onto Bilston where we looked round the market then got some tea at a Spoons before going to a show! I'd got tickets to go see the Small Fakers & Kinx, 2 tribute bands, for Dad for his Birthday. We even saw another band first, Target by Numbers, who were pretty good too!

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Was a pretty boring day today, watched some tv when we woke up and dossed most the rest of the day, I cleaned out Aspen & Flapjack as they should be collected soon. I love Flapjacks colours, so strange! It's like a moult pattern but doesn't go. Work again now xp

Awesome patterns
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Only one today as I got up a bit late and have been concentrating on doing other things :x
I got the dragons to drink and spyro decided she wanted to bath herself again while Hugo decided he wanted to sit in the food. You just can't help some creatures xp

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Not up to a lot today, went out shopping with Dad and then back home and prepared dinner XD Just wandered round the house looking for photos.

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I've caught up!!!! =DDD It's taken a couple of months of concentration but these photos are actually from today! Let's see how long it takes me to fall behind again....
Ryan tried out the powerizers & a tasty car I saw up town xp

A car )
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More house-y pics, I didn't really know what to do with myself today.
I gave Atlas some greek yoghurt as he'd been getting a little thin lately, so thought it could do him some good.
The cupcake I just bought from Asda and was the most exciting part of my afternoon XD

Just cake )
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Had a bit to do today, first me and tony had some practice on a new toy we got yesterday, a set of Powerisers! Atm we are just learning to walk, it's pretty difficult XD
When Tony had gone to work I went to visit my old friend Phil, she was recently had had a second baby, a little girl called Briseis (Br-sigh-iss). We had an interesting evening chatting and amusing Gabriel :]

Today )
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Random photo day #584: Quill

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I went out to Walford today. Looks like I need to start volunteering before I have chance of a college course.
On the way home I saw this cool eagle, there used to be a dragon here in Feb, last time I was here x3

Eagle )
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Me and Dad went out exploring again (but you probably could've guessed that, ne?). We found some really nice places today, even finding the 'mill' we were looking for, which turned out to be a weir of some sort XD Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.
One of Harley first, I did a sort of Postsecret theme with the Pullips to post on flickr.

Load of Pics today too )
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It was a drab day today but me and Dad went out anyway, checking out what the poppy field with the giant poppies was looking like now. Not a flower in sight! We were in a funny mood though and so got some of the seeds and spread them over the road under the hedge, then drove a couple of miles away and put some more there XD Weirdos.

Out in the evening )
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Although we actually went somewhere today (Derby) we didn't stop and I was in work at 3 so I got no interesting pictures again.
Here's another energy drink instead.

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Another day where I actually forgot to take a picture of something nice, instead I only got this one of Tony holding a can of energy drink we hadn't tried before that Ryan brought back from his holiday in Poland. Mmmm, run-on sentences.

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Another lack-of-a-photo day.

Walk tiems?


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