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I went out to Walford today. Looks like I need to start volunteering before I have chance of a college course.
On the way home I saw this cool eagle, there used to be a dragon here in Feb, last time I was here x3

Eagle )
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Me and Dad went to Newport for a little look about today, down and around the canal. There was some really nice wildlife around the reeds and wild areas too!

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Off around the county again today XD We were with a couple of Dad's maes so Dad was showing them around some of our favourite spots. We went to Arley and had lunch then onto Bewdley and looked around there. It was a really nice day :]

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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

Messing about on the river )
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Me & Dad went out to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels today, and on the way we explored a bit of canal with had some interesting shots.

Tripping around )
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Actually went on a little bike ride with Dad today, I got to ride the electric bike though so wasn't so bad x3 We went through Priorslee and there were some really cute baby ducks, I haven't seen many this year.
Also Seabiscuit's sleepy face, for some reason he decided his little food bowl would be an awesome place to sleep XD

Gerbil face )
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Me and dad went out to Horsehay lake today for a little bit of a wander.

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Me and Dad went out this evening to explore the countryside, it was a lovely evening too.

Shropshire )
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My last full day in NZ today, we went on the other side of the Wanganui River road, all the way exploring this and that and stopping for photos. At the end of the trip we stuck around the house and I fed the sheep some apples as a goodbye treat.

10 pics under here today, ow )
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We went for a day trip down to Wellington today, exploring the waterfront and then Te Papa before nipping up into the town and then back to the waterfront :]

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The whole family got to go on a trip this time! We went to do the Taranaki Loop, today we mostly did Route 45.
We stopped at a little beach not long into the drive and explored a cool pier with big waves washing onto it now and then, then went over the beach to check out an old ship wreck! It's been there years. Jen climbed on it and I got some pics, then she took pics as I climbed on it....and promptly got soaked by a huuuge wave, which Jen didn't get pics of! Haha typical.
From there we carried on with the tour and saw loads of things, including those in the pictures below :]

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Exploring again. Today we went to both Durie Hill towers to climb and look at the view, grabbed some more ice cream then headed out past Virginia lake to another smaller lake, which we walked around before going to the Basin Reserve gardens. It's really well kept there too and we explored for quite a while.

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And some more from the lake :]

At the start of the walk
Virginia lake )
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More exploring today, we all went to Kai-iwi beach and played about a little, it was a bit windy on the seafront but better on the playpark x3
We also popped through Wanganui and looked at this sculpture they've put up, I really like it's shiny spherey-ness, and the 'crack' is actually map of the Wanganui river, which meets the sea in the town.
On our way back home we visited my Aunt and Uncle, who have some pigs, and some of them were only a few days old, d'awwww x3

Re-visiting places )
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Today I went over to Attingham park for a mooch, I thought they had a bluebell woods...well they do, but I was too early for it! I still had a good day in the sun and walked right round the park, saw some deer and some really nice gardens, I stayed there quite late too pretty much until sunset, just dossing and stalking a pheasant XD

Used to own the manor
Bit pic heavy this one )
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Today I revisited the cherry gardens up the town park :] The weather was good and there were some more blossoms about this time so it was a little better, a lot more peaceful too as there were no chavs this time even though it's Saturday. :] Unfortunately I didn't have all the time to sit around! I didn't realise but they close the gardens at 5. Actually I really like some of the shots I got today even if it is just stereotypical sakura ;p

Obvious one out the way
3 others from around the gardens )
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I'm surprised i managed to get more than one photo today as I got my 3DS last night x3 But after I dropped off Tony at work I went out to Lidl and got some seeds (we'll see if they grow for only 29p a pack), then visited Priorslee lake and dossed for a little while before trying to fall in the lake to look at a frog...
After some more dossing in the car playing with my new pup on my ds I went home and back into the garden and did some digging and planting of seeds, I have even put some in the greenhouse to see if they do any good :]

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I went out today cause it was so sunny, up to see how the cherry gardens were doing at the town park. There's so much development going on about around there that i was a little afraid that the gardens would be destroyed, but it looks as if they're safe at the moment.
Today was the first really sunny day in ages and actually before I went to the gardens I was out the front garden and saw a ladybird so raced back in the house to get my camera and when I got back and actually studied the bit of garden the ladybird was in I found 11 more! Wow Spring must really be coming! x3

From the gardens, but too early for blossom )
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I went out for a little while earlier today to Newport, it was a little cold for it really though even though the sun was really bright. I didn't wander very far as Tony called me saying he was back home as he had gone into work at the wrong time, he was supposed to be on a morning shift today but went in at 1.30, oooopps. So a couple of pics later I went back home, but for no real reason really as Tony was just playing fixing his car and I didn't have a lot to do and ended up falling asleep on the front door step XD

So bloody cute
Swans )
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Quiet day today, I was determined to get out and about a little, first I took a couple of pics of the degus, then when I came home I noticed a strange bird on the feeder, it was really misty all of today so this picture isn't as crisp as it could be, but it's a Nuthatch :]

New bird )


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