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Me and Dad went out exploring again (but you probably could've guessed that, ne?). We found some really nice places today, even finding the 'mill' we were looking for, which turned out to be a weir of some sort XD Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.
One of Harley first, I did a sort of Postsecret theme with the Pullips to post on flickr.

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Me and Tony went on a trip out today =D It's been ages since I've been able to drag him out somewhere, so it was nice for a change Xp
I took him to the Mill me and Dad had visited earlier in the week, then onto Wolves to visit the giant garden centre, he put up with it all quite nicely :]
PS. I seem to have missed 3 days here in a row, seems unlikely but I just can't find the photos, how strange.

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Went out with Dad to Bridgnorth today as we haven't been there for a little while. He showed me a place called Daniel's Mill which I've been wondering where it was for ages x3 It was a really good day actually.

The mill )
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Off around the county again today XD We were with a couple of Dad's maes so Dad was showing them around some of our favourite spots. We went to Arley and had lunch then onto Bewdley and looked around there. It was a really nice day :]

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Me and Dad went out to Ironbridge today cause they had brass bands playing. Random but why not XD

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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

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Dad was busy today and Tony at work early so I went out to amuse myself. I got a new monster high clothes set from Smyths so took my Lagoona doll out to Cound. I know i should grow up but I just couldn't help myself xp
Today was soooo hot by the time i'd had enough playing by the stream I wasn't ready to go home so I decided to do something I haven't done in years- walk up the Wrekin, out local 'mountain'! (Yeah it's just a small hill by most standards xp) It was tiring but def worth it and I stayed up there till the sun set :]

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We went up the Wanganui river road today, it was a good trip and lovely seeing the views and rain in the valleys. It was a lot longer than we remembered!

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I was gonna be going out with Tony today but this and that happened where he got caught up so by 1pm I found myself in Arley by myself :] But like I said yesterday, I find ways to amuse myself so I had a snack by the river, then went to wander over the bridge and up to the station. I didn't have to wait too long for the first train, and after a bit of writing, photo taking and dossing another train came in, unfortunately backwards, luckily the first one had come forwards so at least I got some good photos.
I spent a good couple of hours there before heading back to the car (getting ice cream along the way! It was some lovely weather today x3 Plus the ice cream was Worcester Plum flavour- how unusual!)

Arley )
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Today me and Tony walked up town to tax his car hyundai so then we can drive it =D That didn't take long so we took a walk over towards the town park so I could take a pic of what they're doing to the place for Jen & Mum...
On the way home we stopped off at a place me & Tony used to go every now and then when we used to have to walk more often, a road bridge near the town x3 Still fun to sit up there where people can't see you unless they look, but weird in the daytime ;p

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Today me and dad went down to Ironbridge as the river is really high and so they have put up the flood defences, also the weather was really nice so it was a good excuse to be out x3

Little bit in the crap
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Today was cool, I went out with Dad, the weather was nice so we went to Acton Burnell :3 We mooched about the castle & church as usual, you can't help but climb on it a bit.
We went to the pet shop aon the way home and they had these funny little cars & other similar things for small animals, like cupboards & aga cookers XD I don't know if they know little animals are like destruco-machines XD

Hello Shropshire
Acton & Atlas )
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Today we went and visited Aber beach as usual, but there wasn't much to do and it quickly got too cold to go up the hill as i planned to do, fail!
I wasn't really done taking pics though so when we got back to the caravan I went on a proper explore of the site and got a bunch ^^

Postcard picture
It's a pretty place )
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Today I was alone at home on another gorgeous day so I went out for a bit of a tour around and ended up at Atcham. I paddled in the river there for quite a while, it was fun finding bits and pieces of stuff the river has washed down, I found a marble, part of a spam can that had mostly rust away except for the bit that said 'spam', some patterned pottery pieces and an adorable tiny bottle.
I did this and that then went back home in time for work, woo.

Not as lonely as it looks
Back at home, first Poppy )
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Today I went with Dad to a lady he know who collects breweriana and also owns a dog kennels! x3
I didn't get pics of the dogs though, they were other people and it seemed weird XD i got to see lots of them though, like a shepard pup who nearly lost it's eye and was wearing a cone, a really friend but shy spaniel, 2 little yorkies which she owned, and had come from the RSPCA pretty much completely hairless ad a guard dog that had had a stroke, he was also an RSPCA rescue, when she took him in he was skin and bones and couldn't even stand, the rspca sued the owners of him. He had no manners and wasn't good with people, that's why he was kept as a guard dog, else he would've had to be put down. He let me pet him a little though x3
We stopped at a canal bridge on the way home too, but I couldn't get many pics because I'd forgotten my camera card x// That's why this one is lop-sided.

Closest thing to a dog I photo'd
mini aqueduct )
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Today after Dad painted the ceiling he decided to go out so me and Tony went too and we went on a tour of shrpshire, exactly as prescibed by those people on the news who say only make a journey if its totally necessary ;] Photo taking for a pic a day is important, right?
So without much more to say, here you go:

Wenlock Priory
And the rest )
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Today I went with Dad and Rach to see Spaghetti juctions' canal system. It was pretty big, and looked like it would've been an interesting place to walk if Birmingham wasn't so creepy and littered. We went for a small walk but didn't stay much more than half and hour, when we went on towards going home through Dudley, where I got the pic of the castle, and then we also stopped at Asda and then Dad spotted some Damsons on the side of the road too so got a bagful which got made into jam tonight.
The pony Dad got me yesterday from the Sunday market, I haven't got this one! But most strangely, I've not see the draw/dance spinner thing before which is quite odd for me! I'll have to go look it up on the net XD
Tomorrow I'm going to Wales to visit Tony's parents, forcast isn't good but it'll be a cange of scenery- rain at the beach! woo! Yup...charging my gameboy now! I'm hoping to have a net connection via my phone so if you want to keep an eye on my flickr. I can upload images directly on my phone to there so I'll try getting some cruddy camera phone pics before I get home and show the pics I took with my proper camera here on LJ XD See you soon! x

It's dudley castle
Before that, Spaghetti juction's canals )
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Didn't have anything planned for today and didn't really know what to do so when we woke up we just watched some Big Bang Theory. While I was nets dossing dad rang and asked if I'd like to go to Cannock again so we did. We dropped Tony off at Pauls first then went onto Cannock Chase, where we had a nose in the visitors centre which was quite interesting then it had started raining so we ran back to the car rather than explore much. We went to the military cemetary I was trying to find yesterday next, it was quite sad but all very well tended, there were lots of different nationalities too, some English & NZ but the majority were Germans.
We were on our way home after them but stopped when Dad spotted a canal so we had a wander along it, I don't know where that was though XD

'A forest path'
So, today... )
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Today was busy! I got up about quarter to 10 and me and Dad went out after the postie had been just after 10. We went along to Whittington Castle first, so here's another pic for the photo challenge- 'A castle turret' x3 We went along to Llangollen then and went into the town first and got some Fish & Chips, but the chips were so bad! Aussie 3/10, at best XD The fish was okay, much fresher cokked, but Dad didn't think much of it still. We wandered about and looked at the railway after lunch, there was actually a train in too.
Then we went out to the horseshoe pass but didn't stay up there long, didn't fancy a look in the shop & didn't have anything to feed the sheep. So we went back down and I got a pic of the abbey along the way.
Went back to Llangollen and checked out the market, and the horse-drawn canal barge which we hadn't had a chance to see before, then we got an ice cream and went along to Kynaston caves on the way home as we kept falling asleep in the car so needed a distraction. The cave was cool, even though it was offically blocked off they hadn't done a clever job of it so we had a mooch X3 Then we went up to the viewpoint, the hard way, and got some pics before going back down and then going on home, and we managed to stay awake this time :]

'A castle turret', well two ;p
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Tony wanted some new tyres for the new mini car he bought on ebay the other day and after checking out a couple of crappy local model shops finally starteds ringing around to see if the shops we could find on Google were even model car shops (anyone want a girls modeling agency? Cause I know where they are now) and bif they even had the type of tyres he needed. Eventually he found one who only had the stock by fluke, but out in Kingswinford :/ I said we could go so long as we stopped and looked at something along the way. So after getting lost a few times remembering where Kingswinford actually is we got there about an hour later XD After Tony got his tyres we went to Wombourne and visited the canal locks there, called the Bratch. That was pretty shibby, we stated just over half an hour then went and got some crisps and went back again for a bit x3
Tonight I have off work again so again I'm lurking about the internet x3

yayz firetruck xp
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