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Quite a strange day today. Me and Tony went up town when we got up but I forgot to take my wallet so I didn't get anything. Of course that's when you see most ;p
When we got home Dad said som pikeys had been round the house asking to buy my mini. I decided it was probably best to let it go, maybe it'll be used and I don't think I'll get a ton more off ebay. So we took what was left of the junk out of it and Tony took out the stereo. Tony and Dad pushed it down the road while I steered and we bumped it, luckily it started at the bottom of the road and i drove it back up.
When the pikeys came back the first thing they noticed was the stereo was gone XD I got £350 for the booge. Once all the paperwork was done they drove it away, it sounded such a bomb, as the guy didn't know how to drive it and it rattled and kangarooed. As it stalled at the bottom of the road I wondered if I had ripped them off XD

Robin :3
bye bye boogey )
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Dossing about the house for a bit today, Tony wasin work at 2, right before he left it started to snow x3 Just as I thought that was about it, we get more! It snowed for quie a while, though most of the time it was light. I went out with Dad in the afternon & we went Asda hunting, we didn't find as good a haul as the other day but didn't do too badly x3
I dossed on the pc in the evening (what's new?) and talked to Mum for a while.

And a monochrome view of England )
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Yeah, I've been avoiding lj a bit, even though I've got good pics :]
Like sunshine, the snow really helps with wanting to take photos.
Last night it snowed loads, everything has a really even coating, even the roads. lots oof complaints about that from others, but we can stil get to the shops, people just don't like having to slow down.
I messed about in it for a bit once i got up some courage to go out in the cold. I tookk pics of my birthday meerkat, Shakespere x3 Then I took Dmitri out for a minute to get this photo, he walked out of the pumpkin, sunk & ran straight back in to inspect the stuff more XD Poor boy.
Aunty Betty & Amber visited for a bit too.

The night of snow!
During the day )
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Today I was in work at 3 so I didn't really bother with doing anything else XD My car has died again though so I had to take Tony's in, not too much of a problem, it's fun to drive Tony's car.
There were 9 people in house today, so I did hardly anything XD Actually I did a fair bit of the cleaning rota I usually ignore & chatted a bit to the chefs & receptionist, I only poured about 10 pints and served two meals, dead easy work. It started to snow at about 6.30 too! I'd taaken my camera in in hopes of getting a pic of something so that was quite lucky XD I was hoping it would snow lots, but it probably only lasted an hour and a half or so, it stuck though! The staff were mostly pleased XD I was told I could go at 9 cause of the snow, but I didn't get out till 10, not a bad shift though.
I took the mini pic when I got home then picked Tony up after a while :]

Park Inn in the snow
A Mini )
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Today was cool actually =D Tony gave me a little present- a bottle of Ramune! It's a japanese fizzy pop with a unique shaped bottle. The drink is actually better known for the bottle than the flavour, though i really liked it, it was a mild bubblegum flavour, and it was blue, that's pretty much anything I can ask for in a drink that isn't red bull XD (Bubblegum or Cherry Red Bull- I would buy enough alone to make it worth making) Anyway, I took a vid of opening it, but better ones can be found on youtube if you care to look :]
We went to Wellington then as I wanted to go to Morrisons, where they are doing 3 for the price of 1 on Choc Oranges! <3
As we were on our way out the shop, it tried to snow!! By the time we got home it was snowing properly too, Wooooo! Here are some pics:
(Apparently the snow is holding up most of the east of England, but of course, Telford gets none of that Xdd)

Random pics )
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Today is rained a lot...sucky, it was such awful weather that even when Dad came home he didn't feel like dong anything but sitting inside & watching TV.
I went on the pc quite a bit (what a shock- again!) and Tony was on his xbox, so I didn't get good pics today either x.X The first is all of our cars, I have to try and get rid of the mini within the next couple of weeks ;C Everyone shows interest but no one actually wants it! Ebaying in the end I think.

Dad's Red, Terry the Sei, Booge the Mini & Tony's Glass
Random pics for filler )
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Got home at about 2 from work last night x.X
The rest of the day wasn't spent doing much, I think we went and got some new tyres for my Sei from the scrapyard, they were only £10 each and now hopefully they'll stop going down x.X
Dad was putting it on and discovered one of the rims that was on the Sei is pretty rotted, so now I'll have to get a new wheel too xd Stupid cars.
We went up town to get some supplies for tonight as it's gonna be a looong night...again, and got some money out for Dad too cause I keep spending his paypal money ;x Anyway, better go get ready for work now.

Playing with night time shots
The Sei's getting new tyres )
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Well, lets get on with this XD I've managed two entries today so lets actually get into October...
Of which today I don't actually think I got up to much, I've got a bunch of random pictures from around home and I can't remember what else I did so you may as well just look at the pics!

I think I took this last year too
Totally random from today )
thylaylii: (Cupcake- Single) I spent most my time doing sweet nothing, k it wasn't so sweet it was pretty boring but still. After I got up I went over my house and went on the pc till Tony came back from his driving lesson, then i took him to work with his step-dad in shfinal. After I dropped him off I went to explore down a country road that goes past my old school. I got a fair way out and found a couple of places I hadn't been before but it wasn't very interesting and I got a little creeped out so I just went home. I was a bit annoyed with myself then as I hadn't really been anywhere, and I hadbt got a good photo of anything, as shows as the best outside pic you've got today is of the obelisk.
I fell asleep & went on the pc, got tea (photo to prove I do cook for myself occasionally) then went to work. Woo.
When i got home I phoned Jen to say happy birthday, and that was probably the best part of the day, thou I think I spent too long on the phone (I'll pay for that, Dad :x)
Also, a pic of Tonys new car is there, I suppose i shall have a tag for it too when he nicknames it something better than 'Barf' ><

Fun times at the obelisk
At home for the day )
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Today was a lot like yesterday, we dossed for a little while at Tonys house before he wanted to go out and try his car down ketley. I had wanted to try changing my pullip's eyechips (the coloured part) so I took her down with me. After some mooching on the phone-nets, I got to work, all I wanted to do was swap the colours over to make her a little diferent to all the other's of her type, cause I really like the odd eyes X3 (You can see the difference in my icon too) It worked pretty well for my first time cutting them out, I got them fairly neatly, quite happy with myself XD
Dad was at the national again today so I had tea at Tony's again, wasn't as good as the gammon we had yesterday though ;x Tomorrow back to normal, and the other beermat guy leaves (much to Dad's happiness, he got dragged round pubs again tonight xp)

Mo's feeling a little different
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Had some trouble with pics today cause I had to go into work at 2.30 for some training that lasted 15mins and then wait around doing nothing for 45mins till the wine training. Did get paid for it though! So the scarf on the minis I got when I went to the Mini show in...April? Geeze that was a while ago. I've been meaning to get a pic of it since then so today seemed like a good excuse.
Also this small (horrible) Relentless which I've had in my car for about a week is as close to those caffeine shots that you get in NZ as I can find in the UK without ordering them off the net, unfortunatly they taste pretty gross and aren't fizzy so it makes me feel ill when I try to drink it! Maybe whatever's released next won't be so bad!

Got this at the mini-meet
Also a litte bit of concentrated caffeine ;] )
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I went out for a drive today, down to Ironbridge first to check out the bear shop that's down there, where i parked next to an old morris minor, it was so cool X3 (and the colour I wanted the mini) While i was sitting in the mini about to go, the owner of the morris came back and we waffled about the cars for a bit before i went on my way to Wellington. Didn't do much there, couldn't find what I wanted in the pawn shop xp
I picked Tony up and felt like going to town, but Tony didn't feel like it, so after some mooching at his mums computer (has a virus) I went home. Not much today, but nice and warm x]

Classic cars are nom!
Haven't seen Brandy in a while? )
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Todays pics were pretty much as at a stretch as they come! The one with Tony was taken about 12.30am, the everyday pic was taken before i went to work and the last one was taken when I got out of work when i saw this racing mini in the car park and happened to have my camera on me XD Not much else to say so enjoy the pics...

Not often you see shiny herons ;p
Extremes of the day! )
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Wasn't sure what to do today, but we had stuff to do when we got up, then my new tyres came into the garage I'd rung yesterday about it and I had to go in at 3.30. I seemed a bit early when I got that way so we had a 5 min look at Priorslee lake first. There was only 1 baby to be seen from the parking place, I may have to go for a walk soonish and try and see some ducklings.
The tyre place was a bit of a wait but i watched a cartoon on their TV and then me and Tony checked out the poundshop next door. After a bit the wheel were all fitting so not bad at all :3

Gooses & single baby goose! xp
More mini shots...and I don't mean they're small )
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Little lost for pics today but since it was the last day of the month I had a look about. We went down the garage today as the new battery for the mini was finally delivered and Tony fitted it and it actually worked and started the mini without a bump start! I still felt nervous turning if off incase it didn't wanna start again though XD We went to Tescos so Tony could get some b/day presents for his neices then home. After tea we went to Pauls to give the twins their presents. Before we left I faffed trying to get a picture, and just got this little oak one which was all I thought was worth it XD I wasn't sure it wasn't dead, but it's got a little bud XD

Little oak knows it's spring
Just mini interior shots )
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So today when we got up we decided to take the mini down the garage since neither battery it currently has takes a charge, the old one has no water and the new one is just...well, crap. So it bumbs pretty easily really and we drove down the garage and found both of them are rubbish as expected. On trying to ring CES for a new battery though, we found they close at 1, and it was only about quarter past >.o Monday we'll go get a new battery, I only really have work that I have to get to before then.
So we bumped it again (easier this time as it was warm, the mini that is, cause the weather was horrible xp) and drove to town to go to the bank and claires, I got some small hair clips for the pullip. It is spoilt atm, but still has no name, I was thinking Kaden till Tony reminded me that's probably a boy's name, so now I'm thinking Jools/Jules?
The first pic pretty much sums up today- making sure the mini was parked facing downhill for an easy bump start!

BumpBump Mini Booge!
No pullip today but sky & rainbow )
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Strange how some days are easy to get photos, and others seem just impossible ;p Today you can see that now I have both cars at home, the Seicento (Terry!) is on the drive as it is SORN'd so the mini (Booge) has been pushed into the road, where it'll have to stay parked till it's running properly. If I keep it much longer and the Sei, I'll push the sei forwards more and try and get the mini behind it, so at least the mini won't be on the path.
As it was sunny out I took out Pullip and tried to get some pics, the ones I had in mind didn't really work as it was too windy, so I'll have to try again on a nicer day, I did get some with the Daffodils though so that was nice a spring-y :3
Also I put the coconut I bought and Dad and Tony helped me hollow out ages ago into the gerbs cage, they investigated straight away, chewing the moldy cocnut from inside and the hairy fluff stuff off the outside XD At least it gave them something new to look at :3
Got a new battery from CES after ringing around for a cheap one, and we went and picked it up at 3. Fitted it at home, and then went for a run for what was supposed to be half an hour but turned out to be more like an hour cause I stupidly went along a road leading to the TCAT island just as TCAT was getting out :I Got home and the battery wasn't charged, so looks like it's a dud...or something else is wrong with the mini, typical. Still, good day cause I got lots of photos and it was nice out of the wind (like in the car ;p)

Many a car litter the drive ;p
Pullips back, and the gerbs have fun )
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Today the weather was lovely and we got up to take Tony to the doctors so of course I got to have another go in my newly acquired van x3 In the daylight it looked a lot more beat up than it did the last night, including a big hole in one of the back doors caused by rust! We also went to the jobcentre and the town centre, and got quite a bit done really, then I decided I better stay home in case the guys came to collect their van and I was still galavanting about with it. Tony went to his brothers, and I read with Dad out in the sun, the breeze was a little cool every now and then but overall it was great, I can't wait for summer! They came for the van about 4.30, a massive truck trying to come up the street! I don't know quite how he managed it. He offloaded the mini and we pushed it back into place on the drive, then he put the van back on. It would've been nice to have that van for a couple more days ;p

My van-for-a-day x3
Mini arriving home )
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So, today we went to the beach. Well, first we had to fix the mini a bit as the headlights went while I went over a bump last night, turns out both of them blew so I had to buy 2 new ones, and at the same time Ron found and helped Tony fix the problem with the indicators I've been having over the past couple of weeks, some connectors at the front of the mini had rusted like crazy and weren't flowing anymore. So once those were all fixed everything that had been irritating about the mini was fixed and all was running well, so we decided we could go to the beach. We stopped at Tescos before we went and grabbed a snack and some burgers for tea and away we went.
The mini ran really well all the way there, it got a little hot going up the biggest hill on the way and so we used it as a stop off and took a little break before carrying on, going through Barmouth (where the rock shop is still closed, it's not season yet ;/) and onto Portmadog, we arrived at the beach at about 5ish. I went off after about 10 mins chatting with Tony's brother (well standing watching the chat) and got some pics, and then I wanted to drive down the beach a bit to get some better shots, but as Tony wanted a go in the mini I let him drive me over to where I wanted to be, then he drove about the beach for 5 mins till I got my fill of pictures (I took so many of the sun, you'd think there's only so many you can take of a rock and the sun setting next to it, but I got a ton xd)
When we'd had our food we sat around chatting for a while, then went to go at 8 as Pauls kids had to be back to go to sleep as they had school the next day. But some stupid mini decided that it liked the beach so much it wanted to stay. After not being able to bump start it, we eventually rang the AA about 8.30, they got to the mini about 9.30 and decided there was nothing they could do with it about about 10.00. It had to be towed home, we couldn't even sleep in the the car overnight and call them back as they won't come to the same breakdown twice or something, even if they can fix it in the daylight. So Paul had waited with us all that time, but when we were gonna get a tow truck out he left us then as he did need to get home. The tow truck arrived at 11. He began to tow us and didn't seem very happy, but it was late and he was facing a long journey to Telford and back, so when he asked if we may want to borrow a mini-van and drive ourselves home, and then he'd bring the mini back tomorrow on top of a big truck for no charge I said okay. I did feel a little sorry for him, and I do like to try out new cars! XD He seemed happier then and talked to us a bit on the way back to his garage where i signed for the van (so I had insurance) and then we were off.
If took a little getting used to the van, but it was pretty cool. I drove slowly getting used to it then when we got to a town where I was doing 20mph and but then a car came behind me so I sped up to the speed limit so I wouldn't annoy them. Tony said 'I think that looks like a police car...', then the blue lights started flashing XD So I pulled over and after a lot of nervous explaining the policeman got that I was driving a courtesy van (I didn't make a lot of sense, and he finally understood my rubbishy explanation when he asked for a receipt for the car hire and I gave him the paper I had signed back at the garage). He took my license to check, then gave me a breath test, which I think is manatory now, I got zero! Not really strange since I hadn't had any alcohol XD He said to have a safe journey then, and let us go. It was pretty scary being pulled over even though I knew I was okay, it was just making sure everything about the van was okay I suppose!
After that it was a fairly quiet drive home with one break to make sure I didn't fall asleep and we finally got home about 3am. Whee! So, the mini should be back tomorrow, in the mean time I have a very nice van x3

Sunset at the beach...anything better?
Also sunset and the mini )
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Today we were gonna polish the mini but when we got to the garage it was all shut, so instead I just got a few pics of the nice MG that was down there, it was made in the same year as the mini!
We did a couple of other things, but I can't remember what they were now ;d
Later I just got a bunch of pics of the gerbs XD It's nearly warm enough to start putting them outside again actually.

Lovely little MG x3
And both the Gerbils )


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