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Kinda lost for photos today, so we've got one of one of the mini eggcups Tony got for me which he put a kinder egg in and one of the dragons being cute :]

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Didn't do too much today but go up town with dad and get some more felt tips xD Oh and take some more grainy pictures xp

I <3 Brand New
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It's my birthday today, I'm 23 o0
I went over to Tony's mums for lunch, then went to cousin Sarahs in the afternoon, busy busy! I wasn't too bad earlier on in the day but as it went on I seemed to gain a cold, by the time we came home about 5.30 I just didn't want to do anything so spend the evening between glancing at the pc and loitering on the couch XD
I have new years eve off though so hopefully I'll feel better then!

Yeah minis x3
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we went down to Ketley today to get Tony's exhaust fitted. It was lovely and sunny though a little cold but I sat outside and played on my phone while I waited :] After a while I noticed a lovely mini so wandered over to take a photo of it x3

Mmmm mini
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Dad came back from his holiday today! I didn't get to spend much time talking to him though as I was back in work at 3 x/ He gave me this mini before I had to go though! I'm getting quite a collection of minis now XD

Noooo mini
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Early start at work again tonight and no inspiration for pics, so here are the teeny minis I bought yesterday at the show, they really are mini minis x3

Creme Egg in the b/g
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Today me and Dad went to the mini show near Dudley, it's already been a whole year since the last one ;p Tony didn't feel like going which seemed weird but I still had fun drooling over all the brown & for sale minis. One was the exact colour I wanted and was fairly cheap, but I want to buy a really good one next and keep on top of it and I'm not earning for that yet, still, my Fiat is okay atm.
The 50th anniversary mini wasn't there this year that was for sale last year, which was a shame as I wanted to get better pics of it, but i can't say i was honestly expecting it to be there.
Me and Dad got a ticket for the win-a-mini raffle but no luck, shame! But at least we tried, lucky sod who won it already had a mini xp

One of my future minis!!
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Quite a strange day today. Me and Tony went up town when we got up but I forgot to take my wallet so I didn't get anything. Of course that's when you see most ;p
When we got home Dad said som pikeys had been round the house asking to buy my mini. I decided it was probably best to let it go, maybe it'll be used and I don't think I'll get a ton more off ebay. So we took what was left of the junk out of it and Tony took out the stereo. Tony and Dad pushed it down the road while I steered and we bumped it, luckily it started at the bottom of the road and i drove it back up.
When the pikeys came back the first thing they noticed was the stereo was gone XD I got £350 for the booge. Once all the paperwork was done they drove it away, it sounded such a bomb, as the guy didn't know how to drive it and it rattled and kangarooed. As it stalled at the bottom of the road I wondered if I had ripped them off XD

Robin :3
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Dossing about the house for a bit today, Tony wasin work at 2, right before he left it started to snow x3 Just as I thought that was about it, we get more! It snowed for quie a while, though most of the time it was light. I went out with Dad in the afternon & we went Asda hunting, we didn't find as good a haul as the other day but didn't do too badly x3
I dossed on the pc in the evening (what's new?) and talked to Mum for a while.

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Yeah, I've been avoiding lj a bit, even though I've got good pics :]
Like sunshine, the snow really helps with wanting to take photos.
Last night it snowed loads, everything has a really even coating, even the roads. lots oof complaints about that from others, but we can stil get to the shops, people just don't like having to slow down.
I messed about in it for a bit once i got up some courage to go out in the cold. I tookk pics of my birthday meerkat, Shakespere x3 Then I took Dmitri out for a minute to get this photo, he walked out of the pumpkin, sunk & ran straight back in to inspect the stuff more XD Poor boy.
Aunty Betty & Amber visited for a bit too.

The night of snow!
During the day )
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It's my Birthday! =D We got up a little early and went downstairs but Dad wasn't about so we dozed for a bit till he came back, and I opened my presents! I got lots, again I was spoilt by both Dad and Tony x3 You can see in the pic what I got, though i've cropped it a little as it may give away stuff that we're waiting to arrive in NZ! I'll take more pics of that when I know Mum has got her parcel ;D
We went to Tony's mum's for lunch and there was a few other people there too, plus dinner was really nice, but at 2 we left and I got dropped off at Cousin Sarahs. I chatted a bit, but I didn't have much chance as Amber pestered me to look at the PS3 so it was easier to go with her rather than get distracted constantly.
Me & Dad left at 5 and Tony got back from Pauls soon after, and after a bit of TV me & Tony went to the pub to meet with the guy fom work. At first we weren't keen, but we do get on with them pretty well so it wasn't bad :]
I went home to phone mum, we chatted for a while, sounds like mum has loads to do for the next few days! We went back to the pub after and got fairly tipsy, not too bad we couldn't walk home though, but enough to help me forget the cold :]

Sooo spoilt x3
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Woo Christmas! We got up at 8.30, ow XD We unwrapped our presents, I got quite a bit from Dad & Tony as you should be able to see in the pic! After presents Tony went over his house and me and Dad went for a walk round Priorslee lake. It was pretty cold, the lake is still all iced over from the past few days, even though today had actually warmed up.
When we got back I checked the nets & messed about a bit, then we went up Aunty Bettys. We had pretty good time, Sarah, Amber, Ali & Ali's new boyfiend Geoff were there too. After lunch we had presents and chat and stuff upstairs & Auny Val and Uncle Roy arrived.
We left at about 4.30 and for the rest of the afternoon we've dossed, slept, messed wth stuff & tried to figure out what we're gonna do tomorrow, may be busy as we've got 3 things to do at 6pm alone x.X
Here are a ton of pics.

Wandering at Priorslee
And the rest )
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Today I was in work at 3 so I didn't really bother with doing anything else XD My car has died again though so I had to take Tony's in, not too much of a problem, it's fun to drive Tony's car.
There were 9 people in house today, so I did hardly anything XD Actually I did a fair bit of the cleaning rota I usually ignore & chatted a bit to the chefs & receptionist, I only poured about 10 pints and served two meals, dead easy work. It started to snow at about 6.30 too! I'd taaken my camera in in hopes of getting a pic of something so that was quite lucky XD I was hoping it would snow lots, but it probably only lasted an hour and a half or so, it stuck though! The staff were mostly pleased XD I was told I could go at 9 cause of the snow, but I didn't get out till 10, not a bad shift though.
I took the mini pic when I got home then picked Tony up after a while :]

Park Inn in the snow
A Mini )
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Today was cool actually =D Tony gave me a little present- a bottle of Ramune! It's a japanese fizzy pop with a unique shaped bottle. The drink is actually better known for the bottle than the flavour, though i really liked it, it was a mild bubblegum flavour, and it was blue, that's pretty much anything I can ask for in a drink that isn't red bull XD (Bubblegum or Cherry Red Bull- I would buy enough alone to make it worth making) Anyway, I took a vid of opening it, but better ones can be found on youtube if you care to look :]
We went to Wellington then as I wanted to go to Morrisons, where they are doing 3 for the price of 1 on Choc Oranges! <3
As we were on our way out the shop, it tried to snow!! By the time we got home it was snowing properly too, Wooooo! Here are some pics:
(Apparently the snow is holding up most of the east of England, but of course, Telford gets none of that Xdd)

Random pics )
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Today is rained a lot...sucky, it was such awful weather that even when Dad came home he didn't feel like dong anything but sitting inside & watching TV.
I went on the pc quite a bit (what a shock- again!) and Tony was on his xbox, so I didn't get good pics today either x.X The first is all of our cars, I have to try and get rid of the mini within the next couple of weeks ;C Everyone shows interest but no one actually wants it! Ebaying in the end I think.

Dad's Red, Terry the Sei, Booge the Mini & Tony's Glass
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Got home at about 2 from work last night x.X
The rest of the day wasn't spent doing much, I think we went and got some new tyres for my Sei from the scrapyard, they were only £10 each and now hopefully they'll stop going down x.X
Dad was putting it on and discovered one of the rims that was on the Sei is pretty rotted, so now I'll have to get a new wheel too xd Stupid cars.
We went up town to get some supplies for tonight as it's gonna be a looong night...again, and got some money out for Dad too cause I keep spending his paypal money ;x Anyway, better go get ready for work now.

Playing with night time shots
The Sei's getting new tyres )
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Well, lets get on with this XD I've managed two entries today so lets actually get into October...
Of which today I don't actually think I got up to much, I've got a bunch of random pictures from around home and I can't remember what else I did so you may as well just look at the pics!

I think I took this last year too
Totally random from today )
thylaylii: (Cupcake- Single) I spent most my time doing sweet nothing, k it wasn't so sweet it was pretty boring but still. After I got up I went over my house and went on the pc till Tony came back from his driving lesson, then i took him to work with his step-dad in shfinal. After I dropped him off I went to explore down a country road that goes past my old school. I got a fair way out and found a couple of places I hadn't been before but it wasn't very interesting and I got a little creeped out so I just went home. I was a bit annoyed with myself then as I hadn't really been anywhere, and I hadbt got a good photo of anything, as shows as the best outside pic you've got today is of the obelisk.
I fell asleep & went on the pc, got tea (photo to prove I do cook for myself occasionally) then went to work. Woo.
When i got home I phoned Jen to say happy birthday, and that was probably the best part of the day, thou I think I spent too long on the phone (I'll pay for that, Dad :x)
Also, a pic of Tonys new car is there, I suppose i shall have a tag for it too when he nicknames it something better than 'Barf' ><

Fun times at the obelisk
At home for the day )
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Today me and Tony went out to do this and that, finally getting him a car battery from CES, which we took down to a place called Mick's, which is where tony had been working yesterday. While he was there he saw a little Suzuki Swift, which he was told would be £250 cause the battery didn't work and there seemed to be some other problem with it Mick couldn't work out (Mick is a knob btw). So the car started with the new battery, but it was running only a couple of it's cylinders and seemed to be struggling to stay ticking over with no revs. After a bit of looking about the car (& Tony having second thoughts) they figured it was coming from the exhaust, where on looking into it Tony saw a bunch of fluff stuffing the pipe. The fluff is supposed to stay in the back box so the car doesn't sound so noisy & doesn't kick out as many fumes, but after a while it breaks and that was all that was wrong with the car. Once the bit that was being a hassle was dragged out, the car ran fine! Mick did not look happy and hinted the car was worth a fair bit more than £250, but Tony paid him and Ron drove the car back home. It's Micks fault for trying to sell tony a car he thought was a dud, when it was just an easy fix! And after all that, I don't actually have a pic of the car today, sorry! ;x

My future car...I wish!
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Today was a lot like yesterday, we dossed for a little while at Tonys house before he wanted to go out and try his car down ketley. I had wanted to try changing my pullip's eyechips (the coloured part) so I took her down with me. After some mooching on the phone-nets, I got to work, all I wanted to do was swap the colours over to make her a little diferent to all the other's of her type, cause I really like the odd eyes X3 (You can see the difference in my icon too) It worked pretty well for my first time cutting them out, I got them fairly neatly, quite happy with myself XD
Dad was at the national again today so I had tea at Tony's again, wasn't as good as the gammon we had yesterday though ;x Tomorrow back to normal, and the other beermat guy leaves (much to Dad's happiness, he got dragged round pubs again tonight xp)

Mo's feeling a little different


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