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Last day of the year! I hope 2010 was good for everyone, and 2011 will be better! <3
I didn't get a picture a day this year either unfortunately, and even though i lost my main camera for 3 months of the year I only missed 4 days! So thats 361 days of the year you've had to put up with me and my late updates ;D
Today I dragged all the old diaries I've had out of the loft so I could take a pic of them all together x3 It looks like quite a lot, but it's not really, the one I've found that was earliest was from '97 (the dolphin one) and Mum wrote most of that for me- my writing then was atrocious, nevermind the spelling, omg. Then the 3 on the top line after that were all written in '03, next line in '04, the red apple one under those was an '05, the white one in mid '05 and after that i gave up until the Eeyore one of '09-10! The little black one on t is my current, I'm going to try and write more regularly now :]
Wow that was a heck of a blah for one bad picture!
Happy New Year Everyone!

My life in books
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Today wasn't a good day for pictures really as i got out of my room too late to really do anything.
I got a postcard today though, I've joined a site called postcrossing and you send postcards out to random people and different random people will send you cards too x3 It's pretty cool to see where all the cards come from. Today I got one from China x3
The lights picture is the back of my new pc x3 It's got a huge lit up CPU heatsink <3

Just a few so far
Just lights today, Heatsink later )
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Didn't get up to much today and ended up up spending a while round Tony's Mums, other than that I really didn't do a lot, so enjoy the pics of the animals ^^

Cat in a box
Too cold for dragons )
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Quiet day today, I was determined to get out and about a little, first I took a couple of pics of the degus, then when I came home I noticed a strange bird on the feeder, it was really misty all of today so this picture isn't as crisp as it could be, but it's a Nuthatch :]

New bird )
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Too sick today to concentrate much but here is a quick picture, aren't they cute? x3

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It's my birthday today, I'm 23 o0
I went over to Tony's mums for lunch, then went to cousin Sarahs in the afternoon, busy busy! I wasn't too bad earlier on in the day but as it went on I seemed to gain a cold, by the time we came home about 5.30 I just didn't want to do anything so spend the evening between glancing at the pc and loitering on the couch XD
I have new years eve off though so hopefully I'll feel better then!

Yeah minis x3
Read more... )
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Christmas Day? I'm a little late XD I got a little bit sick, but I'm feeling a little better now, so here we are :]
We got up fairly early actually and when everyone settled down we opened our presents x3 I got spoilt, silly Dad & Tony <3
Tony went over to his mums for lunch and me and dad went for a quick drive as it was so sunny and snowy too! We got some really nice pictures too, so that's what all todays pictures are. We were over at Nedge hill and Buildwas, and as you can see the river has started to freeze!
The panoramic is the first one I've ever tried with my phone, i was going to put it above the cut today as my main picture but I think it'll screw with people's friends pages so be sure to have a look x3

Look at that for a scene
Wiiiintery )
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Today we went over to Tony's mums and dossed over there for a while, talking to Tony's Grandad who is over for xmas and then Andre came over later too, which seemed weird but everyone got on pretty well. Unforunatly I have to work tonight which is a bit of a bummer but I think I got some nicepics today even though i did very little.

Xmassy )
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We went on another little tour today with the excuse of dropping off a little present at one of Dad's friends. Th countryside looks really nice but we must be getting used to the snow as it's kinda hard to find anything really nice to take photos of XD
The canals are mostly frozen and have chunks of ice that had floated free now frozen back in XD

Lots of ducks
Countryside & home too )
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Today me and Dad went out on a drive looking for photos x3 It was just a little tour about but I got a few nice pics ^^

Mmmm sunset
Few more )
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I got a new wig for Bayeux in the mail today, made by the same person who made Paisley's :]
I mostly just visited here and there today, but it was another day we didn't go too far.

Bang bang
& Again )
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Bit of a dead day today, I was in work at 3 so didn't really do a lot ^^;
The squirrel is getting into the birds food again xp

Ramen )
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We tried getting the car up the hill to go to the shops yesterday but it wouldn't quite make it, and everytime we tried some more we'd not get get as far as the time before. Ah well, so instead we walked to the local shop and I had an excuse to take pictures x3

Really like this one
More white )
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More snow! How shocking, but that is pretty much the BBC news' headlines too XD I don't really have a lot to say though so here are 4 pictures of the snow.
Jen & Mum if you recognise the street photo x3

Better Snow pictures x3 )
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It started to snow again today :] I didn't really get out though, we only visited Tony's mum for a while.

Dad says
Winston )
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It was bad news on Juno today, her illness just got too much for her and she died during the night :C Dad found her this morning and we buried her when I got up, poor little dayg. She has never been too healthy though, I suppose I should've thought more of it when I saw she wasn't that good yesterday.
Me and Tony went here and there today and got the last of the xmas shopping done, now I just need to wrap.
It started snowing again too.

OMGOMG! Pufferfish
Bad photo of Brandy )
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What a surprise- I didn't get up to much today XD Tony was pretty ill & stayed in bed most the day so I kept him company mostly. Got some of my presents wrapped so it was even a little productive. Juno wasn't looking too good today, she was just sat in her nest box, didn't even want cornflakes ;/

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Today was looking for random things again before I went to work, so here is my advent calendar! XD

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Today was gerbil clean out day, all the 3 cages/tanks got done so they'll be nice and clean for xmas and I won't have to worry about it for a little while :] Everyone was awake for ages afterwards putting their cage back right and getting rid of all the pesky tubes I put in there XD

How can you make my cage look like this? )
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Having a bit of trouble getting photos atm, winter just doesn't do it for my camera unless it's snowing XD
Here is one i took right before midnight anyway.



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