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Another lack-of-a-photo day.

Walk tiems?
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I went with Dad today to visit Sue's kennels cause she's looking after some puppies for the RSPCA, they're probably only about 6 weeks old and they think they were stolen as they were found in a house with no mother :c
They are super adorable though x333

Warning: Death by Cute )
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We went to Hawera today to visit my Aunt and Uncle, in retrospect i should've spent a bit more time around the house bt instead me and Jen went for an explore around the town. I didn't get many pictures though and the ones I did get I got better the next time we came into town :]
This is my Aunt's dog though, they got her cheap because she had one too many bones in her tail docked by the breeder, so she literally has no tail, poor thing. Of course this doesn't make any difference on her wonderful personality so I think my Aunt got some great luck in getting her x3

Lily i think
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We went round and about the town today, the weather wasn't very good so we were just visiting :] We went to my Aunt's house for an hour or so and I got to play with her new cocker spaniel puppy, then my cousins' border collie pup <3

Such a beauty
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I'm surprised i managed to get more than one photo today as I got my 3DS last night x3 But after I dropped off Tony at work I went out to Lidl and got some seeds (we'll see if they grow for only 29p a pack), then visited Priorslee lake and dossed for a little while before trying to fall in the lake to look at a frog...
After some more dossing in the car playing with my new pup on my ds I went home and back into the garden and did some digging and planting of seeds, I have even put some in the greenhouse to see if they do any good :]

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Today Dad had sorted a visit out with Sue, a beermat friend of his who owns a kennels. One of the dogs she had recently taken in to help the RSPCA was a St. Bernard, and she had puppies while staying with Sue! The old owner of the mum had neglected her and the sire, who she also owned, so the RSPCA had taken them off her, she'd said the mum def wasn't pregnant though!
So the Dad got rehomed after fattening up a little, and now Sue gets to look after the Mum & pups till they are old enough to be rehomed too, they are only 5 weeks old atm! They have not long opened their eyes and are learning to walk properly, they keep tripping over their feet! they are adorable!

Random pretty
Puppies under here )
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Today I didn't really want to go outside, it's still so cold and not much of the snow has gone, mostly it is just icy Xp I was in work at 2 today so I just some pics of my crystals before i went in x3

Dalma :]
Paua too )
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Today I didn't get up to much at first but dossing. I'd arranged to meet Phil up town, it's been a year and a bit since we last met! We wandered around town a bit talking this and that, it was pretty cool :] Then Phil rang Ro and so we went over her house (she lives in Shifnal now Jenneh). Ro's little house is nice, and she even has her own dog now, an irish staffie called Biff!
I grabbed a pic of Juno before I left, thinking I wouldn't get another pic for today, and I took it fast so it's a little blurry ;d

Huh what?
Biff )
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Today I went out and about with Tony, then he had to go to work at 1.30 as he had a cheffing shift today, and I went out with Dad to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels :] It was a nice afternoon ^^
Mum, recognise the rip off? ;p

Collie van
Kennels )
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Today me & Dad went out to the rotunda in Ironbridge. It was a nice day and I felt like taking photos, so I've got quite a few for today ^^;
My camera is playing up a bit atm, took me ages to get the two of the Ironbridge x.X
A good day for insects today, but I didn't post the ones of the spiders I found, that'll save a couple of people ;p
See Dad's Journal for me getting the pic of the brown butterfly XD

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Even in the modern day of cameras with screens so that you can see what exactly you are taking a picture of, and memory so you can pretty much take as many photos as you like....I still manage to get so few pics today that this one where I've managed to miss the top ofpoor Brandy head seemed the best one to post xd

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Haven't got anything to say for today, just a pic I took while we were over Tony's mums again.

Brandy playing
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Today Tony woke me up when he got home from work and we went to the safari park =DD I'd only had and hour and a bit's sleep and Tony obv hadn't had any so we were both pretty zonked XD Still, it was cool going round the safari! I didn't get as many pics as I would've liked cause cars kept parking in front of us and stuff and blocking our view >:| So I only got a few pics of the African wild dogs and they are my favourite at the park ;/ most of them I had to take through the back windows of the car to X/// Still, I got some good pics of the other animals.

Cheetahs are behind wire ;/
More animals! )
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Today I went with Dad to a lady he know who collects breweriana and also owns a dog kennels! x3
I didn't get pics of the dogs though, they were other people and it seemed weird XD i got to see lots of them though, like a shepard pup who nearly lost it's eye and was wearing a cone, a really friend but shy spaniel, 2 little yorkies which she owned, and had come from the RSPCA pretty much completely hairless ad a guard dog that had had a stroke, he was also an RSPCA rescue, when she took him in he was skin and bones and couldn't even stand, the rspca sued the owners of him. He had no manners and wasn't good with people, that's why he was kept as a guard dog, else he would've had to be put down. He let me pet him a little though x3
We stopped at a canal bridge on the way home too, but I couldn't get many pics because I'd forgotten my camera card x// That's why this one is lop-sided.

Closest thing to a dog I photo'd
mini aqueduct )
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Went to visit Tony's mum today among other things, chatted as usual. It kept trying to snow then interspersed with bright sunshine...strange & of course it didn't stick. I only got pics of Brady today, and the ones where he actually was catching snow blurred :/

Huh? Snow?
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You know, someone could've told me I'd forgotten the pics!!! ;p
Yesterday we were told we may get an extra 10cm of snow, after missing Shropshire so many times before though, I didn't expect this lot that we got! It had been snowing all morning while I was asleep, and still carried on nearly all afternoon!
The first pic here is the sweets I got at the sweet shop yesterday, see what you can recognise ;D Some of it's Tony's and some is the stuff I like :]
Me and Tony were gonna walk down to the shop but when we got outside we wussed out and went in the car instead XD I s for my camera as it was trying to snow on it.
We went round Tony's Mum's houtill got some pics though, the place is covered in fresh snow again, and I was a bit wareyse after I got some more pics, and stayed there chatting to his mum and going out and making massive snowballs for Brandy till we had to go home for tea.
Spent most the evening on the PC, felt like I had a lot to do today. I uploaded a couple of vids of Brandy to youtube too, they are here & here if you wanna have a look ;]

Around in Hollinswood
And a couple of Bandy in the snow )
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Today was fairly relaxed, when we got out and about Tony wanted to take his baja out so we went to Ketley. Robbed my batteries for the romote though so no pics from there xp
We went to have a look in Tesco, then went back to Tony's house, pretty much just dossed in the kitchen for about an hour talking with his parents & playing with Brandy and then I ran him to work.
At home I had tea and then had to go onto work, was slow tonight but was just not in the mood to be there as only boys were in, I don't usually mind but they are competing between each other atm for a supervisor position and not admitting it, it's a lot more annoying that it sounds. xp

Brandy trying to be let in
Many strange coloured Leaves )
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Today when we got up (the caravan was much comfier this time than the last couple of times we've stayed for some reason) Tony's Mum made fried egg & toast and after watching some music channel for some reson Me, tony, Tony's mum & little sister went into Aber town. It was sunny when we got there, but within 5 minutes changed it's mind, of course Xp It didn't just rain a bit either, it rained! We had a look in some of the old favorites shops about the town and I got a BB gun. It's red (not allowed to sell black ones anymore) but actually quite good, shots nicely! Don't know what exactly I'll shoot, but i'll figure something over the park, there's loads of rubbish over there XD Anyway, then we went onto the arcade, which I swear were made just for Tony, he is a total sucker for them. This time though he actually did okay, there was a machine with soft toys hanging from strings and you had to manouver siccors onto the strings (a bit like claw machines, only when you're done moving it snips instead of lowering & grabbing) after many 50p's it worked! Tony won a plushie dog (which of course I got x3) and also it had a tenner attached to it, so he actually ended up £2 up XD unusual for an arcade!
When we left the arcade it was still raining like crazy but I wanted to get some pics so I went out and got my camera wet again for this first picture. Then we had to go back to the car and we went back to the caravan, as we were getting soaked by the rain and it wasn't much fun.
We had lunch and I dossed with my sudoku book and Brandy (the dog, remember, haven't seen him for a few weeks!). Generally spent the rest of the evening dossing actually as the club wasn't open again so there wasn't much else to do XD

I wish I had photoshop so this looked better
Back at the caravan )
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I seemed to be able to get photos today, it was actually okay for a change even though i didn't particually do anything ;p Tony had to go to work for a couple of hours- which turned out to be more like 8...srsly. While he wasn't about I was gonna go to town but I wasn't sure when I was gonna get called to taxi so I sort of put it off. I eventually went out when I decided to get everything finished for the parcel for Mum & Jen so I can finally send it off instead of procrastinating about it! ;0; So anyway, here is an update on the red lily, and see if you regognise the keyring attatched to my new key for the new tills at work ;p

I think Lilys are my next fave flower!
It's a cute keyring! )
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I went out for a drive today, down to Ironbridge first to check out the bear shop that's down there, where i parked next to an old morris minor, it was so cool X3 (and the colour I wanted the mini) While i was sitting in the mini about to go, the owner of the morris came back and we waffled about the cars for a bit before i went on my way to Wellington. Didn't do much there, couldn't find what I wanted in the pawn shop xp
I picked Tony up and felt like going to town, but Tony didn't feel like it, so after some mooching at his mums computer (has a virus) I went home. Not much today, but nice and warm x]

Classic cars are nom!
Haven't seen Brandy in a while? )


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