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Only one today as I got up a bit late and have been concentrating on doing other things :x
I got the dragons to drink and spyro decided she wanted to bath herself again while Hugo decided he wanted to sit in the food. You just can't help some creatures xp

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Today: a 'pizza' we were given by Tony's sister as she has just come back from Scarborough and spyro giving herself a bath XD

Pizza )
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Random photos around the house again today XD After the dragon pic I went mooching round the garden for the plants I'm proud of atm x3

Plants )
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Didn't do much today so here is a pic of the dragons new tank, they're loving it atm, though by the way Hugo is behaving you'd think he wants to fill it with little baby dragons ;d

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It was so nice and sunny outside it turned out to be a pets outside day. Everyone got their turn in the cages on the lawn XD

Gerbils )
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Me and Dad went on a little drive about down to another friend's today. This is how Spyro was when I got up.

Just a Shropshire view )
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Spyro has been pacing the tank for a couple of weeks now, generally just messing the place up. Today i gave her a nest box and tonight, eggs!

Close up of eggs )
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Kinda lost for photos today, so we've got one of one of the mini eggcups Tony got for me which he put a kinder egg in and one of the dragons being cute :]

Dragons can be cute )
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Today was so sunny! So I spent mot of the day pottering around the garden doing this or that, I planted some things, namely the sunflowers and also dragged most the pets out to enjoy the sunshine too. The dragons went yellow sunbathing, so I guess they enjoyed themselves and the gerbs didn't have a lot of choice as they needed cleaning out. Only the conservatory pets: degus, Yuki and newbie gerbs didn't go out today.
When Tony got home from work he got the mower down off the wall for me so I could have a go at the lawn, it was getting kinda shaggy. It wasn't s hard as i thought it would be either, though that ice cream van is never around when you want it!

Look at that lawn
Pets on the lawn )
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Wow, LJ. There's been so many attacks on LJ it's been a bit of hassle getting on lately, and just to really screw with things, photobucket hasn't let me upload for the past 3 days either x.X
Here is what I finally managed to upload tonight, not sure it was worth the hassle xp Pets day.

Spyros place
Gerbilins )
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Wasn't sure what to photo today, only got this photo of the dragons, they've taken to sitting together on the top of their bamboo lately x3

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I was hoping to get some better photos today as it was kinda sunny out, but all I have is one of the dragons waiting to go to the vet XD They weren't keen on the car, but they loved the vet! They were only in to be checked up and have their nails clipped, but they loved the attention XD They are both perfetly healthy too, I'm glad as they haven't been eating very much lately but I guess it's enough :]

Where are we going?
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We've got a few boring photos days ahead and I guess that's why I've not been too keen to update this thing ;/ I'm not up to a lot and so here's today's photo of Spyro posing.

Cute girl
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So, still on the single pictures. The dragons sleep in the weirdest ways sometimes! And they won't move for a couple of days, guess they are really comfortable!
Oh, I do have a pic for the 21st btw, only it's on my phone and my compis being a bitch trying to connect to it *sigh* I'll get it up if I can, so far I've taken a pic every day this year x3

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Damn how did it get to 20 to 6 already? I was intending to do a few more LJ's today but damn youtube and my easily distracted self...xp
Today when we came downstairs we found the dragons heat lamp had blown again and they were really cold, so we went out and got a bulb. When we got back i tried holding the dragons to warm them up, but i'm not a very warm person so instead I put them on top of the fire XD Spyro seemed to really like it XD

Yeah warm!
Austin as well )
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I went over to Janine's house today to just doss, we ended up walking to the local pet shop, taking a short cut that probably added 1/2hour onto our walk XD It was an interesting track though.
When Janines' boyfriend came home we had tea and then went ice skating :] It was fun, I surprised myself at how quick I picked back up what i used to know even though I haven't been skating in about 4 years I think XD
Janine owns one of Hugo & Spyro's babies, (remember Smalls?) who she called Wizzo. Look how big he is now! The best size comparison pic I can find with the half log is on this entry. Spyro first.

Here is Spyro :]
Wizzo & walk pic )
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Hey guess what? I didn't do anything today but spend hours rooting through a newspaper looking for words to cut out. It was a pain in the arse for a little idea XD So I didn't have too much time for pics, hope you're not too bored of the dragons :x

Quite like this one
Spyro too )
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Bad picture today XD I left it a little late to get one outside, it's was kinda sunny today too!

Mmmm quality
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I was really productive today! First I cleaned out the hamsters, who were worse off than the degus, poor little sods. I've decided to sell them as I don't take care of them, I'm afraid to hold them ;d Hopefully someone will want them. Once I'd done that and they could go back to sleep, I shifted the last of my xmas things from the sitting room, moved some things around and Dad and me brought all the dragon's things down from Tony's room. They look awesome in the sitting room, and I think they like to watch us too x3

Before cleaning
Sitting room )
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Didn't get up to much today and ended up up spending a while round Tony's Mums, other than that I really didn't do a lot, so enjoy the pics of the animals ^^

Cat in a box
Too cold for dragons )


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