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I'm still on quite a cake making kick and I was determined to make rainbow cake this time, unfortunately my blue doesn't really work as it's just crud asda stuff, I'll have to try and get some paste blue next time so I can make real rainbow cake not just coloured cake xp

Hehe stars
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We've got a few boring photos days ahead and I guess that's why I've not been too keen to update this thing ;/ I'm not up to a lot and so here's today's photo of Spyro posing.

Cute girl
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Didn't do a lot today so took Paisley out the front for a few pics as i got some new jewellery for her yesterday :]

Paisley is so cute! X3
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Today I wasn't sure what to do so I made cake XD Obviously! I had some fun trying to make my own version of banoffee cakes, with banana cakes and caramel icing, it was fun, just as I was icing them Tony came home and we went over to his mum's for a while.

Banoffee ish
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We went out and about today but I didn't get many photos of anything but around the house. The crocuses have started popping up in the garden, this one bunch is the biggest.
The others are of the dragons, it was sunny today so I took them out by the door to soak up a little sunlight, Hugo decided to go for a run outside but the path was a little too cold for him :x

Dragons )
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Alright, today I decided to actually /do something/. I dropped Tony off at work, faffed about getting petrol a bit then made my way over to Cound, a tiny village near Shrewsbury. The country lanes there are dead scary in a car you're not sure the width of :x I'm glad no one was behind me as I edged the sharp corners at about 2 miles an hour x.X
I didn't do a lot in Cound, the beauty of it is in the snowdrops that come up in thousands this time of year, so I just relaxed, took photos and went for a dawdle. I even messed about posing a couple of the pullips I took while there weren't any other walkers about XD
Oh yeah, the last picture is faint, but it's of a bat! It was hunting in a clearing when it was so light out! I don't know quite what was going on with that.

One of the most picturesque places I know )
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So, still on the single pictures. The dragons sleep in the weirdest ways sometimes! And they won't move for a couple of days, guess they are really comfortable!
Oh, I do have a pic for the 21st btw, only it's on my phone and my compis being a bitch trying to connect to it *sigh* I'll get it up if I can, so far I've taken a pic every day this year x3

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Just one for the next few days, here is Paisley posing with a cake the size of her head o0 I ate the velvet one yesterday so saved the nicer one for my day off today XD

Can I?
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Today i went down to Ironbridge for something to do. I forgot my camera though, how stupid am I? ;d I suppose you should know what the bridge looks like by now though ;p
I got these lovely cupcakes while I was down there though, from Queenies Cupcakery xp~ I got two banoffee ones cause both me & Tony like them, a victoria sponge and red velvet, nomnomnom X333

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Still on the lookout for pics and just taking things round the house xp I was in work at 3 today so even less time, but it did mean I had to take these in the daylight, always an advantage I think...?

And the bonsai is getting a sense )
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Wasn't sure what to photo today so I thought i would give you a glimpse into one of the projects I'm working on, oneof 3 atm! XD Jen I'm really sorry, but this is why your letter isn't getting far atm. You'll like it in the end though, hopefully (even though you can't tell what it is yet!) <3

Effing tease!
thylaylii: (MLP- NervousFluttershy)'s been a while, huh? I'm 10 days behind now, ow. I'll see if I can mostly catch up tonight and I apologise in advance for your friend pages....
Today I have generic pictures. This lollipop I got from Birmingham last time I was there and i've been waiting ages to eat turned out to be coconut flavour :C I hate coconut! Faaail.
The other pic was just for a cute :]

How cool?
For the cute )
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Today was a little depressing- it actually seems to show in my photos which are mostly monochrome, weird. I was up at 8 and went with Dad to the bus station to wait for his coach to heathrow, he gets to fly out to singapore today, lucky. The coach came on time and left really quickly, it wasn't too sad luckily. I wandered around town a little but couldn't really think of anything to do, so at home I played on the net then Tony came home from helping Paul andwe cooked a little then he went to work. I had the car then which I'm not very confident in as it's huge, but I wanted to go for a drive to get used to it. I'd heard about this dragon statue over past Atcham so I went there.
It was pretty cool, bigger than I thought it was going to be, but very cold out there so I didn't spend too long before i got back in the car, within a couple of minutes it started to rain! I was thinking of going into Shrewsbury to get some postcards but i wasn't confident enough to manage parking close to town so I went to Wroxeter instead. Which was closed to the public today XD
I went back down the road after a little chat to the guy watching the door in Wroxeter and found some Snowdrops that i thought were a weird shape, so Austin got to come out too :]
The rest of the evening I spend in the sitting room floor in front of the heater making a mess with scrapbook supplies XD

Dad's bus
Everything is in black and white~ )
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Today Dad was pacing around the house looking for things to pack when he'd already done it all, so to get out we went over to Wolves and stopped by the collectors shops again, Dad had some swaps for one of the owners, but it was really just an excuse not to be in the house XD
It was a pretty dreary day so I only got a photo on the way home- the sky just looked really nice as part of the clouds broke :]

Boom sky
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Not up to a lot today, I ran about the house to get photos again. Indie is wondering where Dad is, Dad pays so much attention to the degus they're not so keen on me XD
The rose I got from work the other day.

Who're you?
Just a rose )
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Although I didn't have a lot of inspiration for photos today, when I looked around i got some good ones :]
I took Harley out just for something to photo, as it was lovely and sunny today, but as i went back inside I noticed Atlas being all cute. I haven't taken many pics of the gerbs lately as the flash broke on my camera and they move a little fast for the camera without it, which is annoying.

Long shadow is long
Atlas being cute (and fat) )
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Damn how did it get to 20 to 6 already? I was intending to do a few more LJ's today but damn youtube and my easily distracted self...xp
Today when we came downstairs we found the dragons heat lamp had blown again and they were really cold, so we went out and got a bulb. When we got back i tried holding the dragons to warm them up, but i'm not a very warm person so instead I put them on top of the fire XD Spyro seemed to really like it XD

Yeah warm!
Austin as well )
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Today me and Tony walked up town to tax his car hyundai so then we can drive it =D That didn't take long so we took a walk over towards the town park so I could take a pic of what they're doing to the place for Jen & Mum...
On the way home we stopped off at a place me & Tony used to go every now and then when we used to have to walk more often, a road bridge near the town x3 Still fun to sit up there where people can't see you unless they look, but weird in the daytime ;p

The lake? )
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Today Tony took Terry the fiat to the scrapyard ;C He broke down not far from the scrappie, but just far enough to be annoying, good old fiat!

Byebye Terry
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Today me and dad went down to Ironbridge as the river is really high and so they have put up the flood defences, also the weather was really nice so it was a good excuse to be out x3

Little bit in the crap
More around Ironbridge )


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