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Today was fairly busy, and I've certainly got enough photos x.X Me and Dad went out heading toward Church Stretton and took a massive detour to explore the countryside, stopping for photos and to eat blackberries x3 We probably mooched about for 2 hours or so.
When we got to Church Stretton we went up Carding Mill Valley, and we saw a fox cub out in broad daylight! I couldn't get to a decent place to grab a pic before it got scared off though, this was the best I could do. We went for a small explore up the valley, and jumped the stream a few times.
We went for a walk round the town, got some unintended tea at the co-op and went back up the valley to eat XD Dossing a little more, then we went back home :]

So many today )
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Today was one of those nonbusy-busy days. I worked in the morning and then dossed on the pc until I had to pick Tony up. We went for a mooch with Ryan down to a place Tony wanted to see cause he'd heard they had a car the same as his, and from there we went to check out a couple of places in Wellington. I got a laser pen to play with (and avoid peoples eyes/cars/helicopters...i know xp) and the others got speakers, so pretty good day.
Ryan dropped a can of drink he just bought and it split, so he made a spraypaint can out of it, which is what is going on there XD
The evening I tried to spend mostly outside cause it was so sunny!

Another Random Day )
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Work in the morning again -.-zzz
When Tony picked me up we went down to Ironbridge for cupcakes! I didn't get to take my camera though so getting the pics off my phone is proving a pain.
At home I mooched round the garden and got these pics, including how the greenhouse looks now!
Dad got back home off a little holiday and gave me some matches he didn't want anymore....silly XD I made a mini bonfire. Things that amuse me when I'm tired XD
Pretty much the rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning out the hallway gerbs. Dmitri and Houdini have finally been given Tai's House. I figured it's time to stop hoarding it and actually let them use it.

Garden and so on )
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Random photos around the house again today XD After the dragon pic I went mooching round the garden for the plants I'm proud of atm x3

Plants )
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Went for a mooch about with Dad today to various places, Albrighton was really nice actually, for somewhere so local I'd not realised xp
We then went onto Wolves for a quick look at the canal. Wasn't really in the mood for walking today.

Two more )
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Went out with Dad to Bridgnorth today as we haven't been there for a little while. He showed me a place called Daniel's Mill which I've been wondering where it was for ages x3 It was a really good day actually.

The mill )
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Random photos today, I've been playing around the house & garden with my camera :]

Bonsai & Bayeux )
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Me and Dad went to Newport for a little look about today, down and around the canal. There was some really nice wildlife around the reeds and wild areas too!

Just wildlife and stuff )
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Me and Dad went out Badger way today and explored the dell :]
The cat is one that's been visiting us recently, it's got 6 toes on each paw!

Near Badger today )
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Me & Dad went out to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels today, and on the way we explored a bit of canal with had some interesting shots.

Tripping around )
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Today I went to a pretty surreal place with Dad, a field full of poppies! They were huge and there were so many of them, I wonder what they'd make out of all these?
I've misplaced a couple of days worth of pics somewhere along the line too. But we'll ignore that for now.

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Random pics again today, mostly around the house but went out with Dad in the afternoon to the town park.

Flowers again )
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Just hung about today, this is a teeeeeny poppy that is in the garden.

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Had the day to myself again, so I went to Queenies for a cupcake and saw these Macaroons, I've not had one before so I thought I'd try one! I went to a local pond and sat and watched the wildlife while I tested the macaroon XD It wasn't too bad, not quite what I was expecting though!
I went on a little drive then and found all these wildflowers in a small field so stopped for a little explore and photos x3

Flowers )
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It's Dad's birthday today :] We did presents then went out for the day here and there. We visited the Bratch, Wolves Airport, a couple of villages I've forgotten the name of, an even an abandoned house!

Quite a few today )
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Just more more random pics, I'm not taking many lately so you're not getting much variety after all those NZ ones, I guess that's the beauty of being back home ;p
I took pics of all the cool poppies on the garden today.

A ruffly one )
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Again looking for a couple of quick pics before I had to go to work. These are some paua shells Dad brought back from NZ, he is going to shine them up. And a really red poppy that has popped up, I didn't know we had any like this before.

More poppies )
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Gerbil day yesterday, plants day today! I took one of the poppy before we went to Tony's Mum's and one when we got back, when it had stopped raining. Couldn't quite choose between them ^^;
The other is the little pepper plants I bought on special for 40p from Tesco last night, and some coriander seeds that have yet to show.

And back home )
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The first pic I had to put up because i have literally no idea why i took it. It's just a mochi XD
The other is simply of the first lily in our garden this year! =D

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Today wasn't a day I wanted to get involved in as it was raining like woah quite a lot. I had the day off work so I spent a bit on the pc, some up town and then I made my own tea before internetting some more xp

Nice warming evening foods )


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