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Today was one of those nonbusy-busy days. I worked in the morning and then dossed on the pc until I had to pick Tony up. We went for a mooch with Ryan down to a place Tony wanted to see cause he'd heard they had a car the same as his, and from there we went to check out a couple of places in Wellington. I got a laser pen to play with (and avoid peoples eyes/cars/helicopters...i know xp) and the others got speakers, so pretty good day.
Ryan dropped a can of drink he just bought and it split, so he made a spraypaint can out of it, which is what is going on there XD
The evening I tried to spend mostly outside cause it was so sunny!

Another Random Day )
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Not really done much today, we popped over to Tony's Mum's and the rest of the day I've spent on the net attempting to be productive. At least I'm still up to date on my PL I suppose!

Gerbil day! )
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Not up to a lot today, went out shopping with Dad and then back home and prepared dinner XD Just wandered round the house looking for photos.

Gerbil )
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More house-y pics, I didn't really know what to do with myself today.
I gave Atlas some greek yoghurt as he'd been getting a little thin lately, so thought it could do him some good.
The cupcake I just bought from Asda and was the most exciting part of my afternoon XD

Just cake )
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Random pics again today, mostly around the house but went out with Dad in the afternoon to the town park.

Flowers again )
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Random day again today. Poor Atlas' ear got stuck down today, but he was pretty good in sitting gerbil-still (so, fidgeting) while I dabbed some water over his ear to try and un-stick it at least.
The other is just a doodle :]

Doodling )
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Just random photos today while i was around the house. The pets are back to being spoiled again ;]
I can't actually remember what this weird flower was from though.

Pretty cool though
Pets )
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I was really ill today and seemed to have got a supercold xd I wasn't so great yesterday but it really hit me today and so this photo of the hyundai was taken as I dawdled out side for an hour and Tony said he wanted a pic of it XD As I dawdled back inside the gerbs were sunbathing again so photo and then I put my camera away and went to bed xD

Still super cute Atlas )
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I went out for a little while earlier today to Newport, it was a little cold for it really though even though the sun was really bright. I didn't wander very far as Tony called me saying he was back home as he had gone into work at the wrong time, he was supposed to be on a morning shift today but went in at 1.30, oooopps. So a couple of pics later I went back home, but for no real reason really as Tony was just playing fixing his car and I didn't have a lot to do and ended up falling asleep on the front door step XD

So bloody cute
Swans )
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I know I only posted a pic like this the other day but i can't get over how cute they are sunbathing X33

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Wasn't sure what to get for pics today even though it was really sunny out, all I wanted to do was sit by the door and soak up heat while playing pokemon XD While i was sitting there I noticed the gerbs also sunbathing, then Atlas decided to attack-clean Moss XD Ta-dah, photos for today!

Clean All the Moss!! )
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Although I didn't have a lot of inspiration for photos today, when I looked around i got some good ones :]
I took Harley out just for something to photo, as it was lovely and sunny today, but as i went back inside I noticed Atlas being all cute. I haven't taken many pics of the gerbs lately as the flash broke on my camera and they move a little fast for the camera without it, which is annoying.

Long shadow is long
Atlas being cute (and fat) )
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Today wasn't too eventful, I went out with Tony early on to Wellington to check out the markets which was cool but still ended up taking photos at home XD Atlas is wondering what's going on XD

Cute x3
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Today is apparently a gerbil day :] We went to Pets at Home and they'd got some more babies in, s cute, these 3 especially. When I got home I figured I dropped a tube in on Atlas & Moss, I love it when gerbs kill a tube from both ends at the same time XD Go teamwork! XD Since those two got a tube and i didn't have another for their brothers, I gave them a treat each so they didn't feel left out ;p (The triplets were asleep so shhh ;p)

Such cuties
Some of my own gerbs )
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Not sure how I managed to get only this pic of Atlas today, but he is pretty cute so never mind :]

Huh wut?
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Today I had to take Moss to the vet as he hs gained a little spot/lump above his eye. Poor buy doesn't look worse for wear but was holding his eyelids a little low so I wanted to see what the vet thought. Turns out she was pretty clueless about gerbs and seemed to think he looked really sick. She gave me some antibiotics, but cause she didn't really know what the lump could be she said it probably wouldn't do anything. First pic the boys were knacked after a while, and tried to settle down in the carry case, awww. Also, this is Moss' good eye, but it has a bald patch from bar chewing x/
(Gerb people out there- would you trust a vet when they say that a gerbs' tail will fall off if you pick it up by the base? I know it isn't the ideal way to grab a gerb, but sometimes the cup & scoop method seems to stress my guys more than a quick pick up by the base of the tail. I would never pick up gerb up any lower than the base though, even though as far as I'm aware, it's only the last inch or so that will fall off if pulled/trapped?)

tired of travelling
Atlas is so cute when he wants to be )
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Considering today I sat outside for nearly 6 straight hours I still managed to get quite a lot of pics XD It was so sunny today <3
We dragged the degus out the front for them to get some sun, as their run in the back doesn't really see any. We had a barbecue out the font too, sausages to go with our tea then marshmallows for afters, nooom.

Pretty much what i did
Few more )
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Today was a little busier, I got a ton of the gerbs as I cleaned them out today, but I've only chose one to put up XD I also went shopping with Dad, where we found raspberries to make these nom pancakes with ;p~ I felt pretty ill after 3 or 4 but it was worth it XD Lastly, I got a couple of clothes in the mail today for my little BJD, Kaylo, so she's looking cute out in the garden x3

You know I'm cute
2 more random pictures )


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