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Today was another early start but it wasn't the reason I only got one pic.
My Tai babe died today. I found her lying peacefully at the back of her cage. She was 3 years & 10 monthsish.

Tai's house
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Didn't do much today and grabbed these pics before I was out the door on my way to work, another early start.
Drawing is from my Wreck This Journal, it is the intro page.
This is my last pic of Tai as well, which is why I included it even though it isn't focussed well.

Shocks me when I put pics this way up
Gerbs <3 )
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We didn't get up to a lot today, but me and Tony did go to Tesco for a mooch. We got energy drink and I bought this flower, it just caught my attention plus it's an annual so it should show for the next few years too ^^
The other pic is another example of how silly Tai will be for treats x3 She is such a placid gerb when she has a yoghurt drop.

Florist's Daisies
My Treat! )
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It was another sunnysunny day today so again the gerbs went out on the lawn XD They got a minor cleanout but not much, and i just managed to get this pic of Tai mooching out of her lawn cage before i had to put her away and go to work.

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Oh wow the sunniness of today! I got some mail too, a giant house for Tai XD As I tend to do lately when we get lovely days like this, I dragged out all the gerbs cages/tanks and left them on the lawn XD Oh the first pic is showing once again, Tai really does not care, & don't worry, she would drop the treat and bite me if she did XD
No real purpose to today except to enjoy the beautiful weather while it's here :]

Foot, meet ear
Tai's new house )
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Remember that photo challenge Jen set me yonks ago? I got another one, it's been a few months xp Otherwise not a busy day, well, was for Dad, not for me ;p
The second pic, I bought this for the gerbils when i got my pay, I thought it was pretty shibby XD It's gonna go in Moss & Atlas's gerbilarium.

Fixing the lawn
Geeeerbs )
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The only time Dad'll told Tai in his hands is when she has a treat in her paws ;p She's nipped him twice when she was wanting to go back to her cage.

I'm an angel...when I'm eating!
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Today, today, oh I had to go to work a little early, Dad came back from Europe right before I left to, and that explains the tiny chocolate x3
I took the pic of Tai just to show she really doesn't care what she's doing, so long as she has a fancy yoghurt drop XD

Gun Gerb!
Choco )
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Today I got some better pictures :3 It was a pretty good day, fairly sunny and even though I was in work early I actually got a few pics I was happy with and didn't even have to take my camera into work ;p I even managed to clean out 2 of the gerbil cages, it was really productive till I had to go to work at 3 ;p
Oh the last pic is for Jen to show some of Tai's toys. Spot the gerbil!

It's Shakespere!
2 more today )
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One more then I really will go to sleep! Today at the last minute Tony decided we should go to Wolves, it was partly for something to do, partly for mooching for his Mum.
You know, this rodent/gerbil thing wasn't intensional, I just happened to take a lot of pics of her this week. Tai will eat anywhere, she doesn't care so long as she has her treat XD Most gerbs would run for cover first xp
Crocuses are everywhere atm, well, crocuses and snowdrops, yet there is still no sight of a daffodil in bloom yet. Our Jan/Feb snow really put them off.

Someone likes yoghurt, a lot!
Something for a change from Wolves )
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Today I went up town with Dad, we wandered about the usual places, I only got a hanging basket- to use as a toy for the gerbs! I gave it to Tai to play with first as she doesn't tend to detroy things straigt away anymore and then i can give it to the boys later on x3
So that the rodent theme carrying on, today I did manage to get a second pic though! I like taking pics of our pick & mix tes for some reason, maybe because they always seem quite colourful and fun!

She looks a little like her sis with the flash
Nom foods )
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I am determinded to do at least one LJ today!! I'm so far behind and with the way work has been lately I haven't even been able to catch up with my regular sites properly, let alone play about with my pictures. I got home from work today decided I was gonna get something done. The more I drift behind the worse it's going to get to update.
Anyway I've got a few 1 pic days coming up too as my inspiration is pretty low atm, it's starting to get into spring though so it should pick up soon....I hope!
Today was carrying on with the lovely sunny theme so I took Tai out for 5 mins to soak in a few rays :}

That choc drop is like a dummy
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Carrying on, today I got some nice pictures, but only of Tai XD So I've only posted one, as Tai already has loads of pics up here ^^;

Tai wants /another/ treat
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Today was pretty difficult to get pics, when I realised about 9.30 that I hadn't got any I ran about the house and so these are the results :] I got the pic of Tai 'cause I hadn't taken her pic in a while and I thought you might like to see she is doing fine. I' trying to give her a bit more attention, but other than the extra yoghurt drops (that are her favourites but no good to her health) I don't think she appreciates it much XD
Other pics are from Wreck This Journal and Jen & mum should recognise the last one ;D

She'd do this all day
& 2 more )
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Not up to a lot today again we went out and then went over Tony's mum's house to whiffle a while, I did get to take a few photos today because yesterday was the first day this year I haven't :c It was prretty dull and I had work in the evening, where although I took my camera in I didn't get a chance to get a pic (not that there was anything to photo) till just past 12. Damn.
Anyway, I've got these three today and I hope I won't miss another day!

Playing with hoodie tassles
Random pics )
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Slow picture day tody. It was pretty dreary out now the snow has gone and I didn't really have any plans of anything to do today so hence lack of photos, woo. This photo a day thing is so much harder in winter.
The photo today is pretty self-explanitory too :]

Happy so long as she has a treat
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We were going out today but I took a little while in the house to grab my wallet or something and so Tony got bored and started using up all the snow in the garden XD It was getting pretty thick, & it picked up in big sheets, like grass turf so we (well, mostly Tony ;p) made this snowman =D
Right before we left I took the other pic, even though it was only about 2.30 it was already starting to ice o0

Out for treats :]
And the snow pics )
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Woo Christmas! We got up at 8.30, ow XD We unwrapped our presents, I got quite a bit from Dad & Tony as you should be able to see in the pic! After presents Tony went over his house and me and Dad went for a walk round Priorslee lake. It was pretty cold, the lake is still all iced over from the past few days, even though today had actually warmed up.
When we got back I checked the nets & messed about a bit, then we went up Aunty Bettys. We had pretty good time, Sarah, Amber, Ali & Ali's new boyfiend Geoff were there too. After lunch we had presents and chat and stuff upstairs & Auny Val and Uncle Roy arrived.
We left at about 4.30 and for the rest of the afternoon we've dossed, slept, messed wth stuff & tried to figure out what we're gonna do tomorrow, may be busy as we've got 3 things to do at 6pm alone x.X
Here are a ton of pics.

Wandering at Priorslee
And the rest )
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Today started out well where I got quite a few pics before I went out. I don't actually remember where I went, i think it was just a basic tour about as i wanted to go here & there before Dad & Tony got back as I was present wrapping today! It worked out pretty well although I didn't get anymore pics all day, but I had quite a good time even though Tony was at work and Dad was at the quarterly beermat meeting :3

Tai's happy face
And pullipy pictures )
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Today I went out and about with Dad, up town and to a couple of retail parks, but we didn't get a single thing!
I took the pic of Tai before we left, and when we got home I changed Paisley's type 3 pullip body for a 25cm obitsu, it's so cute! She is showing off in the second picture with some of her new hand options :]

Don't worry, she didn't eat all this egg!
Paisley the Pullip )


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