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We tried getting the car up the hill to go to the shops yesterday but it wouldn't quite make it, and everytime we tried some more we'd not get get as far as the time before. Ah well, so instead we walked to the local shop and I had an excuse to take pictures x3

Really like this one
More white )
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More snow! How shocking, but that is pretty much the BBC news' headlines too XD I don't really have a lot to say though so here are 4 pictures of the snow.
Jen & Mum if you recognise the street photo x3

Better Snow pictures x3 )
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The weather hasn't been brill lately and with me not having my camera I've not really got the inspiration to be looking for good pictures, things i'm seeing atm don't seem to really appeal in photos, as it's turns out.

Just Autumn
Mana Energy Drink )
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Trying to get back into my wreck this journal, today I had to post it XD It says on the back- Tape this book closed and mail it to yourself, so I did :] I even wrote the return address exactly the same as my address so it must've looked quite mental. Although I look like I'm posting it, I actually cheated- Dad took it to Wales with him to post there!

See you soon, journal!
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I went for a wander today as I hadn't got any pics and after a bit of here & there without getting anything I ended up taking only a few pics I liked. Jenneh, do you know where I am? Maybe Mum knows too ;D

Mystery Rock
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Two photos today but on of them was only taken for a sale post elsewhere XD I thought it would the last time I photo'd them though, so I'll pot it up, if nothing else so I remember x3 They are little Pinky St.'s Although kinda cute they fall to bits a the drop of hat and annoy the crud outta me when I'm trying to stand them, so way they go. I can get rid of this icon then too.
The other is my typical sunset-out-the-window shot. I can't help myself, the sky looks so lovely and I think perhaps my camera will catch it this time...
Not this time though, maybe next time.

Ah sky <3
4 Little Pinkys )
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Well, slightly annoying, as I decide to type up this LJ upstairs on my laptop, after switching my comp off downstairs I've just realised one of my pics didn't upload to photobucket earlier xd So maybe have a look and then come back tomorrow? I don't wanna go back downstairs now I've actually managed to get into bed at a decentish sort of hour ;p
Today in the afternoon Tony went to visit his mum and me & Dad went round the supermarket again XD We went to Sainsburys first but didn't get much, then on our way to Donnington Asda we looked for the street the pikeys who bought the booge said they lived on. It took quite a long time as I didn't know where we were on the map :x We went in Asda and got more of a proper shop with only a couple of specials, then when we came out we went to the pikey's street, only there was no sign of them or any minis. Strange, have to have a closer mooch some other time.
It was raining when we ot home, and sunny at the same time. Made for a very nice sunset x3
Today pics are sort of just stereotypical Daddlebrook. I realised the other day that I always forget to take pics of the things that are around me, esspecially in winter, so I sorta went for that today.

Street in winter
1 more pic for now )
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We were going out today but I took a little while in the house to grab my wallet or something and so Tony got bored and started using up all the snow in the garden XD It was getting pretty thick, & it picked up in big sheets, like grass turf so we (well, mostly Tony ;p) made this snowman =D
Right before we left I took the other pic, even though it was only about 2.30 it was already starting to ice o0

Out for treats :]
And the snow pics )
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You know, someone could've told me I'd forgotten the pics!!! ;p
Yesterday we were told we may get an extra 10cm of snow, after missing Shropshire so many times before though, I didn't expect this lot that we got! It had been snowing all morning while I was asleep, and still carried on nearly all afternoon!
The first pic here is the sweets I got at the sweet shop yesterday, see what you can recognise ;D Some of it's Tony's and some is the stuff I like :]
Me and Tony were gonna walk down to the shop but when we got outside we wussed out and went in the car instead XD I s for my camera as it was trying to snow on it.
We went round Tony's Mum's houtill got some pics though, the place is covered in fresh snow again, and I was a bit wareyse after I got some more pics, and stayed there chatting to his mum and going out and making massive snowballs for Brandy till we had to go home for tea.
Spent most the evening on the PC, felt like I had a lot to do today. I uploaded a couple of vids of Brandy to youtube too, they are here & here if you wanna have a look ;]

Around in Hollinswood
And a couple of Bandy in the snow )
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This cold thing is getting old now XD It hasn't warmed up enough to get rid of the frost except for patches which get over an hours sunlight a day, which apparently is quite rare xp The frost is building up over old frosts (and the bit of original snowfall), and so it's starting to look like proper snow now! You can defrost the car and within an hour sometimes it has frost on it again! My hands are freeeeezing, defrosting makes them cold then the blowers in my car make them colder as I drive XD
It makes me think that those guys that think that global warming is actually real sure as anything don't live here. Brrrr!

That's Orange under there
Sure it's not been snowing? )
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Today it was really cold xp I couldn't find much for a pic till I was mooching out the window (lulz nosey) and I thought the sky looked really good today =D Other than that it was a pc day, so needless to say, very little happened! Only a few more days and I'm not going to have so much work and perhaps I can update this better!

Winter Skies
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Today I knew what I wanted to do so when I got up I went out and started up my car with the bump starter, it started first time too! Quite pleased. I took this pic then headed off for a drive. I was hoping to see something else to photo while I charged the battery but unfortunatly not, so after half an hour or so I went into town as I decided to finally do the majority of my christmas shopping. It took me a couple of hours but I knew what I was getting and so only some minor moochings happened, and I managed not to get anything for myself! xD I felt quite pleased anyway as now what I see & can afford can be extras and I'm good otherwise :]
I went home, then met Dad when i was about to go out again so we went to Tesco as I wanted to mooch a little more, then we picked up Tony. I feel like I did a lot today considering I've got work today as well, yet I've stil only got the one pic!

It's my Terry!
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Today we went for a bit of a drive in Tonys car to Shrewsbury. We didn't actually need anything from Shrews, so he drove about and told me things about Shrews & showed me places he remembered. It was a good excuse for a drive about & I think he felt a bit more confident on the roads he originally started his lessons on.
We had to get home for about 3.30 as he had work at 4, and when he left I started to 'make' tea. It was pick-and-choose type of tea so I just had to arrange it XD

Tony in his car
Shrews & back for tea )
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Today was pretty cool. Tony had left early in the morning to go help finish breaking up the camper, so when I got up I had the house to myself as dad was out too. I had some mail, even though it is the first day of the sodding postal strikes, so I opened that, it was random stuff for the pullips.
I decided after some net dossings tha I wanted to learn something new today (so it wasn't a complete waste ;p) so I went on youtube and learnt to make an origami crane! I <3 the internet.
Then I went out as the sun had come out, I had a place in mind where I wanted to take photos, as you'll see ;D
Then I went onto Asda & then Staples as I wanted to have a look for Stickers for a forum swap I'm involved in, before sort of realising I've got a ton at home I can swap with :]
It was a pretty slow but fun day, I like days where I can get lots of random pictures!

My very first Crane!
& venturing outside... )
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Today was another one of those morning days, but I was feeling a little better and much more up to it today XD Once I'd dropped Tony off I went home and helped Dad with the washing a bit and then caught up on my LJ friends page and stuff till 10, when I decided it seemed like bed time, but it turns out I was being quite a morning person cause I was so awake it took me ages to finally relax again XD I only planned to sleep till 12, but that also backfired as I didn't get up till 2 :x I played about till 4 then on the comp and with my camera, then went to get Tony.
Had work at 6 tonight, it was pretty busy but luckily very little germanbiatch to be seen and I got to do room service all night x3
Was gonna go to Tesco with Tony on his suggestion as i got some nice txts but when I got round his with the mini 10 mins late he was asleep so I took it back home, I figured he has been up since 8 with no inbetween sleep. Then got sulked at for not waking him up when I got back to his, so he went back to sleep. Can't win sometimes. On the other hand I now have had time to completely catch up on this journal! Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on ?

Strange but cool clouds
Quite random pics today )
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Today I tried this and that, once we were up we went for a little drive about looking for something to see, but although we found the odd country road I don't think I've been down, I kept coming back to boring places I knew, so we gave up and went home XD
I was on the pc for a wbit, then Dad was going down the postbox on his bike, so I went along too XD I haven't had a bike ride in over a year I think XD I'm so bad at riding, and it tired me out to probably do only about a mile? Still, it was fun for a change.
It was the only photo I got today too...
I's on a bike!
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Got home at about 2 from work last night x.X
The rest of the day wasn't spent doing much, I think we went and got some new tyres for my Sei from the scrapyard, they were only £10 each and now hopefully they'll stop going down x.X
Dad was putting it on and discovered one of the rims that was on the Sei is pretty rotted, so now I'll have to get a new wheel too xd Stupid cars.
We went up town to get some supplies for tonight as it's gonna be a looong night...again, and got some money out for Dad too cause I keep spending his paypal money ;x Anyway, better go get ready for work now.

Playing with night time shots
The Sei's getting new tyres )
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Well, lets get on with this XD I've managed two entries today so lets actually get into October...
Of which today I don't actually think I got up to much, I've got a bunch of random pictures from around home and I can't remember what else I did so you may as well just look at the pics!

I think I took this last year too
Totally random from today )
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Today we woke up pretty late cause we didn't get to sleep till about 4.30ish, and we over my house (once I'd got Tony away from a film) to say Hi to Dad who came back from the caravan yesterday. He was making jam and so we went to Shrews like we sorta planned when we woke up to go check out the chinese, we haven't been in months now and of course it hasn't really changed much- only they do hash browns now- obviously, exactly the type of chinese food I was after xp It's like they ran out of ideas for chinese food and just gave up and used English xp
We left just before 4 and went to Toys R Us, and they had the new ponies but they were more expensive than the ones I saw in Asda the other day so I left them. I'm not too keen on these new 'G4' ponies, but I'll get a couple for the collection, and a couple more of the little baby ones cause they are cute, then I suppose I'll have to wait and see if Hasbro sees the error of it's ways xp
I dropped Tony off at his brothers on the way home & took the single phot for today- a slightly autumny tree, woo! I was gonna take some more pics of the gerbs outside in the cage but it was nicer just to enjoy the time instead of hassling them with the camera again.
My Seicento has it's MOT tomorrow, I hope it goes through okay. Me and Dad sorta made sure everything we could think of was okay, so hopefully it won't loose a wheel on the way to the test centre and it'll go through with minors at best *dreaming*

It's a treeeee
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We were leaving the caravan today and I wanted another look about Aber first, so we left at 12 and went to the seafront. It wasn't rainy today which was a plus, but it was sooo windy! I planned to get all 3 pullips out but because the wind would've made everything too much hassle I just got Harley as her wig is the shortest so easiest to sort, plus she hadn't had any pics taken yet. I may take a pic of her in Mo's wig and take a small poll on which is better. I'd have to get a wigfor Mo again then, but I'm not really happy with Harley's atm. Anyway, enough Pullip talk.
I went and topped up at the petrol station and we headed for home at about 1, the drive home was much better than going, the weather was allowing vision today ;D got home for just after 3.30.
Had tea with Dad and his beermat friend who is up for the national, started to catch up with the nets then they decided to go look at some pubs so i went too x3

Hair boom!
Also the sunnier beach & back at home )


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