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I'm looking after my cousins gerbs, Flapjack & Aspen for a couple of weeks while they're on holiday, it's nice to have (even) more gerbs around the house x] Both have adorable colours, and I think they could be brothers of Minchin and Newt, they're quite similar!

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Didn't do much today so here is a pic of the dragons new tank, they're loving it atm, though by the way Hugo is behaving you'd think he wants to fill it with little baby dragons ;d

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It was so nice and sunny outside it turned out to be a pets outside day. Everyone got their turn in the cages on the lawn XD

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I think Dad felt bad for me with no bonsai, so when he saw me looking at some nice ones in Asda he got me one <3

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Just to show how the front looked when I got back.

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Much long tripping later and fun plane rides (I spelt a lot on the second one unfortunately)I was back in the UK!
I waited for my bus then Tony picked me up from Wolves, it was so good to see him! At home he had set up a surprise for me as I'd got him while i was away with an egg hunt XD I had 70+ kinder eggs all set up on the stairs! XD We spent the rest of the day lazing around and chatting :]

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I'm so lazy, I know...
Today me, Dad and Jen went up to Taupo lake, Mum had to work unfortunately. We had a good time exploring all the places we know of and finding a couple of new places like a lake under the mountains.
We found a motel to stay in that was really nice and cheap too =D

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Kinda busy today, we went out in the morning and when we came back made thai beef salad (from a recipe at work) omnomnom. Tony had to go to work after lunch and I mooched about the house, I can't really remember much else from today but I obviously gave the degus some cornflakes ;p

Me please?
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We went on a long trip down near London Sneddy today to pick up some car parts, it wasn't particularly eventful and I only got a picture of the guys car, it's a black version of Tony's.
We didn't get up to much when we got home today either, but about 10.30 in the evening we decided we were hungry and cooked ourselves up a feast from the freezer XD

Super Shiny Black
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Damn how did it get to 20 to 6 already? I was intending to do a few more LJ's today but damn youtube and my easily distracted self...xp
Today when we came downstairs we found the dragons heat lamp had blown again and they were really cold, so we went out and got a bulb. When we got back i tried holding the dragons to warm them up, but i'm not a very warm person so instead I put them on top of the fire XD Spyro seemed to really like it XD

Yeah warm!
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Well, I'm sure you could guess what todays pics were gonna be of. I was in work at 3 and writing diaries and other paper things till then so this was also a bit of the easy way out for me :x

Think she's called Austin
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Today wasn't too eventful, I went out with Tony early on to Wellington to check out the markets which was cool but still ended up taking photos at home XD Atlas is wondering what's going on XD

Cute x3
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Today we haven't been up to a lot, it took us a while to get going, but we only went out to get a new branch for the dragons tank. We came back with a rock instead XD I can't believe I paid for a rock.
Me & Tony had stir fry for tea tonight too, to use it up. If you click under the cut, it's just the ingredients, not a plate like the other day Xp

Hugo is pleased
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I was really productive today! First I cleaned out the hamsters, who were worse off than the degus, poor little sods. I've decided to sell them as I don't take care of them, I'm afraid to hold them ;d Hopefully someone will want them. Once I'd done that and they could go back to sleep, I shifted the last of my xmas things from the sitting room, moved some things around and Dad and me brought all the dragon's things down from Tony's room. They look awesome in the sitting room, and I think they like to watch us too x3

Before cleaning
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This is gonna be quick cause I meant to go to bed ages ago so I watch something on TV but my photo for the 5th is on my camera, I forgot to put an SD card in that day ;/ And for some reason my new comp won't recognise the camera plugged straight in, even though it's plug and play :d
Enough of that anyway, here is Hugo putting up with me taking pictures of his stripy belly XD

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Well, first day of the year, not bad :] Didn't get up to too much, went over to Tony's Mum's house for dinner and probably would've stayed there for a while but Tony had to go back to work, someone didn't turn up for their shift so Tony is trying to get as many hours as he can atm, bit of luck.
These flowers I bought xmas eve on special, and they're still looking pretty good :]

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Got some mail today x3 But mostly presents ;p Here is a present WTJ with mine XD I thought it was pretty good, I don' know why mine is bigger though.
Today Tony was determined to make cake, specifically an igloo cake. It turned out alright actually.

mmmm iglooy
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Today I was in work early again but first I went out with Dad. We were only going to do some shopping but we ended up on a mini-mooch about Telford :]
The first picture is a little difficult to make out, but it's the sun only just covered by clouds, it's just visible but threw no heat, me & Dad just thought it looked nice with the frosted trees too.

See it?
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It snowed last night! Woop x3 Everywhere in England has been getting some for at last 2 or 3 days, but we were left out till last night, though we sure have had the freezing around lately. I took some pictures at about 3.30 last night oo with the snow, but strangely enough they didn't turn out too well XD So here's some from the day.
When I got up i went on the PC but kept looking out the window, Dad noticed and said we should go out and about, so we went to Bridgnorth, where actually there was hardly any snow XD We did have a mooch around the market though and have a nom burger x3
On the way back we did see some snow, so I got a couple of pics in Ironbridge. (The last picture is small, sorry, i had to mess with it as apparently I can't align the horizon with the bottom on the screen on the camera xd)

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An LJ actually on the day I took the photos? Amazing! We turned Tony's room about today and then I went out with Dad to Wellington, so I really only got pics in the house :] I tried to get a better one of Kaylo too, I can't wait till I have my camera back (another week and a half apparently x/) then I can get a decent macro shot in good light.

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