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Me and Tony went on a trip out today =D It's been ages since I've been able to drag him out somewhere, so it was nice for a change Xp
I took him to the Mill me and Dad had visited earlier in the week, then onto Wolves to visit the giant garden centre, he put up with it all quite nicely :]
PS. I seem to have missed 3 days here in a row, seems unlikely but I just can't find the photos, how strange.

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Went out with Dad to Bridgnorth today as we haven't been there for a little while. He showed me a place called Daniel's Mill which I've been wondering where it was for ages x3 It was a really good day actually.

The mill )
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Random photos today, I've been playing around the house & garden with my camera :]

Bonsai & Bayeux )
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Me and Dad went to Newport for a little look about today, down and around the canal. There was some really nice wildlife around the reeds and wild areas too!

Just wildlife and stuff )
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It was so nice and sunny outside it turned out to be a pets outside day. Everyone got their turn in the cages on the lawn XD

Gerbils )
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There was a country and western mini-festival over in Wolverhampton so me, Dad and Aunty Betty went to check it out XD

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Me and Dad went to a garden centre I keep hearing about on the radio, it was huge and pretty interesting, we got some plants on cheap too to grow over winter =D

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Our peach tree had 2 peaches again this year! Me and Dad each had one x3

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Off around the county again today XD We were with a couple of Dad's maes so Dad was showing them around some of our favourite spots. We went to Arley and had lunch then onto Bewdley and looked around there. It was a really nice day :]

Lots of pics today )
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Me and Dad went out Badger way today and explored the dell :]
The cat is one that's been visiting us recently, it's got 6 toes on each paw!

Near Badger today )
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Me and Dad went out to Ironbridge today cause they had brass bands playing. Random but why not XD

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I got this camera in the mail today after being after one for a little while =D It's a half frame film camera x3

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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

Messing about on the river )
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Me and Dad went on a little drive about down to another friend's today. This is how Spyro was when I got up.

Just a Shropshire view )
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Spyro has been pacing the tank for a couple of weeks now, generally just messing the place up. Today i gave her a nest box and tonight, eggs!

Close up of eggs )
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Me & Dad went out to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels today, and on the way we explored a bit of canal with had some interesting shots.

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Actually went on a little bike ride with Dad today, I got to ride the electric bike though so wasn't so bad x3 We went through Priorslee and there were some really cute baby ducks, I haven't seen many this year.
Also Seabiscuit's sleepy face, for some reason he decided his little food bowl would be an awesome place to sleep XD

Gerbil face )
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Today I went to a pretty surreal place with Dad, a field full of poppies! They were huge and there were so many of them, I wonder what they'd make out of all these?
I've misplaced a couple of days worth of pics somewhere along the line too. But we'll ignore that for now.

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I got a Monster High doll, Abbey, in the mail today x3 I've been waiting her release for quite a long time and she is so cute in person x3

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Random pics again today, mostly around the house but went out with Dad in the afternoon to the town park.

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