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We actually did quite a bit today but i only have a picture from when we went to Cosmo in the evening. It was pretty awesome, even better than the lunch menu! It's an all you can eat restaurant but has a variety of different cuisines xp~

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Random photo day #872
Glow in the dark stickers for my ceiling.

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We loitered around the most of today, at one point the most interesting bit of the day was this green fanta we'd bought some time ago XD It was pretty tasty actually!
In the evening we were invited along to a guy at work's wedding reception. Everything was really nice but we were a little out of place not knowing anyone else really. We stuck around for a few hours though and chatted with each other and our boss who was there too (who luckily we get on with! XD)

Reception )
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Kinda lost for photos today so I mooched through my room. I guess I was pretty tired to think this picture of some of my DVD's was worth putting up -.o

Ponies too )
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Today was dry again, shibby! I was out and about in the garden again, I planted a new Raspberry cane I bought myself since the last one turned out to just be a twig xp I also found the first strawberry of the season!
The pics of the gerbs were to cute not to put up too.

Fruit & gerbs )
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Today wasn't a day I wanted to get involved in as it was raining like woah quite a lot. I had the day off work so I spent a bit on the pc, some up town and then I made my own tea before internetting some more xp

Nice warming evening foods )
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Random flower in the garden that pops up every year.

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Tony found a wasps nest in the shed! They're not up to much atm so we're ignoring them till we can think of a way to get rid of the nest without getting stung to bits o0

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It's been a loooong week since i've been back, so this seemed like a good photo for today. Yeah I've got good logic when I'm tired ;p

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I've been super busy in the garden recently, even more so than when I went away I think.
These are my two main patches, the peas, which I staked today, and the onions & carrots (with poppies in the middle).

My peas don't know how to climb )
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Kinda lost for photos today, so we've got one of one of the mini eggcups Tony got for me which he put a kinder egg in and one of the dragons being cute :]

Dragons can be cute )
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Just random photos today while i was around the house. The pets are back to being spoiled again ;]
I can't actually remember what this weird flower was from though.

Pretty cool though
Pets )
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As I got back I noticed while I'd been away the poppies had really been going for it, growth wise. here is one of the first to come out, in one of my favourite poppy shades :]

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Just to show how the front looked when I got back.

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Relaxing day, me & Tony went to Queenies and had some cupcakes and tea x3
The second picture is my sad little bonsai, which was about 5 years old. Tony sucks at looking after plants ;c

That's one unhappy bonsai )
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Much long tripping later and fun plane rides (I spelt a lot on the second one unfortunately)I was back in the UK!
I waited for my bus then Tony picked me up from Wolves, it was so good to see him! At home he had set up a surprise for me as I'd got him while i was away with an egg hunt XD I had 70+ kinder eggs all set up on the stairs! XD We spent the rest of the day lazing around and chatting :]

Scenery and home )
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Today was harsh, we got up early to drop me off at the airport ;/
I'll admit I cried quite a bit, even after leaving Mum & Jen. Like leaving Wanganui, seeing a family together at Auckland Airport, randomly, and then when I left NZ later in the day. It was a pretty shite day which even the beautiful sunrise and plane trips couldn't distract me from much.

Today )
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My last full day in NZ today, we went on the other side of the Wanganui River road, all the way exploring this and that and stopping for photos. At the end of the trip we stuck around the house and I fed the sheep some apples as a goodbye treat.

10 pics under here today, ow )
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Went over to Fielding today with Dad and Jen as we missed it the first time we intended to go. There was a little market, lots of shops to check out and the livestock market was on too so that was really interesting to see.
Later on we went out with Mum too for a drive about past her house and saw the brightest rainbow x3

Awesome Fielding Sign
Lots to see today )
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Today we did some sightseeing then when we got home we blew the ostrich egg XD Jen wanted to keep the shell so we had some efforts to open it XD

2 pics and a video )


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