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Didn't really want to go outside today as i didn't want to get cold XD But when Dad wondered where we could go, I said Ironbridge as we had some stuff to post and we'd seen a special post box there that marks an ironbridge stamp before they send it off....but to be typical the place was closed XD We walked down to the museum but they said there shouldn't even be one there Xp Nevermind, we got a little walk about anyway and then we went onto a couple of other places before going home. All the time while we were in Ironbridge it was snowing lightly, then as we drove about it got really heavy!

View over Ironbridge
Around Ironbridge )
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Today I was in work early again but first I went out with Dad. We were only going to do some shopping but we ended up on a mini-mooch about Telford :]
The first picture is a little difficult to make out, but it's the sun only just covered by clouds, it's just visible but threw no heat, me & Dad just thought it looked nice with the frosted trees too.

See it?
Frosty frost )
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Today I didn't really want to go outside, it's still so cold and not much of the snow has gone, mostly it is just icy Xp I was in work at 2 today so I just some pics of my crystals before i went in x3

Dalma :]
Paua too )
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It snowed last night! Woop x3 Everywhere in England has been getting some for at last 2 or 3 days, but we were left out till last night, though we sure have had the freezing around lately. I took some pictures at about 3.30 last night oo with the snow, but strangely enough they didn't turn out too well XD So here's some from the day.
When I got up i went on the PC but kept looking out the window, Dad noticed and said we should go out and about, so we went to Bridgnorth, where actually there was hardly any snow XD We did have a mooch around the market though and have a nom burger x3
On the way back we did see some snow, so I got a couple of pics in Ironbridge. (The last picture is small, sorry, i had to mess with it as apparently I can't align the horizon with the bottom on the screen on the camera xd)

Coooold )
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Boring day today, and what a surprise, no camera! XD Ringing them tomorrow.
I got a new outfit for Paise a couple of days ago so I took my only voluntary trip outside to grab a couple of pics x3 This one is taken with the small casio.

Super cute & knows it
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In theory, I should get my camera back tomorrow! They said i should get it sometime this week, but if Casio took their time & posted it Monday, latest i should get it by is tomorrow...why do i doubt I'll get a txt though? ;p
Today i took a couple of pics, but i went for this weird one, and will re-take one of the others for tomorrow as it wasn't very good.
This is anti-freeze Tony is putting in his car, it was such a weird colour, like 2 colours at once, and it looked like a solid!! Sooo strange XD

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I had a few ideas for pictures today after I went up town with Tony and got this and that for Christmas and a couple of other things :] I got this little raccoon as a pet for Quill, she found him outside.

Who are you?
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I took a few pics today but none really turned out too well Xp I quite liked this one of Hugo though, I got both the dragons out today to give them a bit of time, Spyro wasn't too happy though XD

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First off, I hate you photobucket, with your talking adverts & rubbish sense of 'advancement' & what people will like Xd On the other hand, I'm not paying, so I'm not as grrr as I could be xp
Today i went here & there with Dad. First we went to get some food for these guys x3

Not Juno, Kendrix!
& Juno too )
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Today I was in work at 3, even though as a Sunday there was nothing to do, in fact we only served 2 people in the restaurant and maybe 10 at he bar, you can tell it's coming up to Christmas.
I realised i haven't taken many pics of Quill really, but today's rubbish effort doesn't really make up for it. I need to get her into some different clothes and try and find something for her to do! She had a go at the bonsai today.
The cakes were for in case you missed them yesterday, also, nicer light ;p

Erm, hi?
omnomnom )
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Today we didn't get up to much till the evening when me & Dad went to see the christmas lights switched on at Ironbridge, they had a little market as well as quite a few of the local shops staying open.
At 7.30 the lights came on and the fireworks started! They didn't actually last that long but they were really good! The finale was awesome!
Right before we left I bought some cupcakes too xp~ These ones are white choc & raspberry, sundae & gingerbread, sounds good to me x3

Guess what?
Fireworks, again? XD )
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I was at work at 3 today, but it was okay as the weather was awful out, completely cold and foggy all day, so it was nice to be inside XD But cause it was so foggy this cobweb showed up so well x3 If only I'd had my proper camera I could've got a really good pic Xp
The second pic is rubbish cause it's taken on my phone through a window but it sorta shows the fog outside.

Webby wheelbarrow
Doesn't get much blurrier than this )
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An LJ actually on the day I took the photos? Amazing! We turned Tony's room about today and then I went out with Dad to Wellington, so I really only got pics in the house :] I tried to get a better one of Kaylo too, I can't wait till I have my camera back (another week and a half apparently x/) then I can get a decent macro shot in good light.

Just Kaylo )
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Just the one pic today again, cute Juno, wondering why there is a phone in her face ;p
I don't know why the phone gave her a hazy halo though? XD

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So close to missing today's pic even though I took my little camera to work and looked for something, and remembered a couple of times in the night, I still had nothing when I came home at about 5 to 12 ;d So I took a quick pic of Bayeux and hoped it wasn't too blurry.

Erm, hi?
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Bit desperate for a picture today before i went to work so I just grabbed my Wreck This Journal to try and find something I haven't photo'd from it yet, so I hope you haven't seen this one, I'll go check back through now XD

4 letter words
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I took a few pics today but cause they were of Indie and she can't sit still they all came out blurry so instead I got a couple of pics of Kaylo, who I gave freckles to today. I'd been debating giving one of my pullips freckles but Kaylo seemed like the obvious choice for them x3

You k? <3
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Today was like the most wasted day you've ever seen until about 6, although I did do most of my past LJ entries to catch up so I guess that was pretty good, I am now finally up to date! For the first time in probably a year! *parties* I did actually spend most of the time looking up music on youtube, it was pretty good, found a lot of tracks I'd forgotten about :]
At about 6 I decided to get going and I made my tea and some fairy cakes (in a cupcake mood ;p) and then Dad came home and about 7.15 we went to the Donnington Bonfire =D I'd booked tonight off work so I could go as I haven't been for the last 3 or 4 years cause work kept making me go in.
So as you'd expect, have some pics of fireworks! The little camera did an okay job I think :] Oh but first is a pic of Smalls asleep on his tank X3

Fireworks much? )
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Me and Tony went to Ironbridge today to visit a cupcake teashop his Mum had been telling us about x3 It was pretty cool, we had some tea and ate our cupcake while looking at the shop decorations and a book of cakes the owner has made XD It was shibby :]
We didn't do much for the rest of the day though, just doss at home x3

Yes, that's a tea cosy!
So many Cupcakes )
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Waking up today I saw the pine tree out the back practically bending in half with the horrible winds and decided then that bed seemed like a pretty good place to be XD But then while I was looking out the window there was a rainbow so I had to get out of bed to get a photo XD we didn't get up to much today though, only picked up a parcel then went to Tony's Mums for a while. I took Paisley cause I can't get over her cuteness atm, sorry ;p

Just kitty Paise )


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