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Didn't know what to take a pic of today, and at the last minute at work realised I still hadn't got one, so here is my poppy! Usually I wait until the 11th for this pic but I suppose a little early can't hurt.

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Yesterday was Tony and I's 4th 'anniversary', but we were both working! As it happened though, we both had today off so we went out to Wolves first to drop a couple of baby dragons off at their new owners (this guy already had one dragon too, so it was nice to know they were going to a home that knew how to look after them.), then we mooched round the centre a little before going on the train to Birmingham. I showed Tony all the places George showed me last time, like the market, then onto Cybercandy for more overpriced foreign noms, then lastly to the sushi restaurant for tea :] It was a fun day! And although Birmingham is a bit too big, all the things we wanted to see were about 5 mins from the train station so it was okay X3

Bye Bye babies
Tony & Sushis )
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Played with my pullips today :] Cause Paisley doesn't seem to get much attention lately, and a new hoodie arrived for her in the mail I thought it was time she got some photos :] She decided to take Mimic out with her too.

<3 Mimic
Paisley )
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Wanna get in at least one LJ today, hopefully even two. Feel busy today though actually I've just sat on the PC for the last hour and a hlf and hardly done anything. I replied to comments, that's a little productive, right?
Though today I only have the one pic, I have been avoiding taking pics of my pets lately because my proper camera takes much better photos of fast moving animals! Luckily Yuki stood fairly still for a moment today (I think she was eating) so my phone got this one.

Cutest little biter ever
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we went down to Ketley today to get Tony's exhaust fitted. It was lovely and sunny though a little cold but I sat outside and played on my phone while I waited :] After a while I noticed a lovely mini so wandered over to take a photo of it x3

Mmmm mini
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Not over the ponies yet today x3 Cause the Mimic I bought doesn't have the best condition symbols (I don't know what's wrong with them really, they aren't faded or rubbed so much as just half's weird) I washed her hair today and pulled it to the other side so it covers her weaker symbol, and now I can see the better one on the other side easier :] Another of my buys yesterday was this cute lamb MLP, Wooly (I forgot the name but one of the collectors reminded me yesterday after I'd said i forgot...'Errr, Wooly...cause it's a sheep?'. I've been out the loop ages, give me a break XD)
So. MLP.

Rly? Wooly?
Mimic <3 )
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Today was day 2 of UK Ponycon! Because I don't really keep up with the MLP forums, it was only luck I remembered that it might be on this weekend :x Luckily today was the open to the public day so I convinced Tony to go and I got to drag him round a hall full of many stalls selling so many ponies x3 I bought a few that I'd wanted as a kid, like Firefly who is common as anything but we never found at a bootsale.
We were there for 2 hours I think and I ended up with a nice little haul, though I didn't really get many compared to what was there! shibbyshibby, maybe I should book tickets next year to get the exclusive too x3
(This is the first Ponycon I've been to in years! The last one was in 2004!)

Maybe UK Ponycon?
In & around the con )
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Tony bought an exhaust from Leeds to today we did a bit of a day trip to go get it :] It was pretty easy to get there, after we got the phonenav working and I sat in the car for like 3 hours while Tony and this bloke got the thing off his car. It only just fit in the car and I had to avoid it all the way home Xp
In Yorkshire there are 3 giant power stations within a mile of each other, how strange? This is one of them.

8 steam chimneys!
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We had someone come round for 2 of the baby dragons today, they picked out both of the orangest ones :[ Haha I didn't want to keep any of them, but I'm getting to recognise them now & I do like the ones I can recognise easiest best xp
The last picture is just something i found on the net I thought was pretty awesome, it actually tasted pretty good too x3

Orangy & Oranger
Cute dragons )
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I decided to take a teaser picture of one of the projects I have going at the moment today, then didn't take any other photos today so I couldn't change my mind on posting it xp
I foil myself sometimes. I'm not going to give any hints on what this is though, as it's is, it's a fancy scrapbook page XD

Mmm tea stained
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Today we didn't do a lot, just hung out round Tony's mums house for a little while as she's just got back from the caravan.
Just some autumn colours for today.

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I was bored enough today that I decided i should take a picture of each of my pullips specially to send to my flickr, so there is definitely at least one of each of them up are just four of them XD

Think about it!
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Today was dragon clean out day. I'm now in charge of selling the babies too it seems, so after I gave them a bath I managed to get them all in one hand, trust me, it's a bit of a feat! They are usually such runny, wiggly little sods XD
First is one one of their Mum, Spyro (in red!):

Babies )
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Today I was super excited because i got a text from the people at Jessops to tell me my camera had arrived back and i could pick it up! Tony & Dad were both out so I even walked up town to go get it (I had the intention then of walking home the long way taking photos of anything I came across, as it was such a nice day). when I got there they got my camera for me and I went to put it's strap and stuff back on it, but when it actually came to turning it back on, it wouldn't do anything. I thought my batteries were dead as I'd not charged them since I gave my camera in to be repaired, so the shop tried another set, nothing, then another set, it flicked, came up with a language screen then blanked! And so that was that. I gave it back for another 3-4 weeks :c
So instead of random this and that in nice quality, we're still carrying on with the phone & old camera pictures. This one was taken with my phone while I was checking my camera back in.

Hello, baby
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What's that? LJ? Dunno what you're on about....

First reason I put of typing up today is a simple and stupid one, I didn't take a photo today that wasn't blurry ;d And it kinda snowballed from there ;/

I'm a blur!
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Today I didn't get up to much at first but dossing. I'd arranged to meet Phil up town, it's been a year and a bit since we last met! We wandered around town a bit talking this and that, it was pretty cool :] Then Phil rang Ro and so we went over her house (she lives in Shifnal now Jenneh). Ro's little house is nice, and she even has her own dog now, an irish staffie called Biff!
I grabbed a pic of Juno before I left, thinking I wouldn't get another pic for today, and I took it fast so it's a little blurry ;d

Huh what?
Biff )
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Was bright outside today but still pretty cold if you went out of the sun even slightly xp i messed about with the pullips & finally put Quill on an obitsu body. I swapped Margaux & Quill's wigs again, I'm really not sure about these two, I can't decide on the right looks for them.
Tony polished his car today.

Pullips )
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Today I went out and about with Tony, then he had to go to work at 1.30 as he had a cheffing shift today, and I went out with Dad to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels :] It was a nice afternoon ^^
Mum, recognise the rip off? ;p

Collie van
Kennels )
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So back home and straight back to the boring pics XD Aww, poor Spyro, you're not boring really ;p

Spyro's bored
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So it was time to go home today, we went out for Sunday dinner first at a place Mel liked but his mind changed as we were waiting over 40 minutes for a simple dinner XD As a chef i guess it's hard to be on the other side of the hotplate! I thought it was funny we sat on this table though, as it's 10/10/10 today XD
After that we set off back home pretty late. We meant to set off at like 1 but stuck around a little bit longer chatting and stuff so didn't leave till 4.30, nevermind.

Table 10
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