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Me and Dad went out exploring again (but you probably could've guessed that, ne?). We found some really nice places today, even finding the 'mill' we were looking for, which turned out to be a weir of some sort XD Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.
One of Harley first, I did a sort of Postsecret theme with the Pullips to post on flickr.

Load of Pics today too )
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Today I just got a pic of Harley in the sun with a daffodil, I take this picture every year (here and here) though i'm not sure why. Harley hasn't changed much over the last year.
i also took this one a day later than the others xD

Look at this
Another one )
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Although I didn't have a lot of inspiration for photos today, when I looked around i got some good ones :]
I took Harley out just for something to photo, as it was lovely and sunny today, but as i went back inside I noticed Atlas being all cute. I haven't taken many pics of the gerbs lately as the flash broke on my camera and they move a little fast for the camera without it, which is annoying.

Long shadow is long
Atlas being cute (and fat) )
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I was bored enough today that I decided i should take a picture of each of my pullips specially to send to my flickr, so there is definitely at least one of each of them up are just four of them XD

Think about it!
3 more pullips )
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Today I decided to get some fresh pics of the pullips, took me a while but I've a few pics of them all together now :]
For those wondering, Moss is doing well, I haven't given him the antibiotics still cause I don't think it will help his eye. The spot thing disappeared the other day, so I assume Atlas groomed it off him, but his eye is now a bit gunky (that red mucus stuff gerbs' eyes get), but not swollen. he is acting fine and doesn't seem to notice it. I'm still keeping an eye on him though, if he looks like he's getting bad I'm taking him to the exotics vet asap.

6 pullips!
A few singles )
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Grabbed a quick pic as I went to go to work. These are all my pullips, and now as many as I'm going to get (I hope x/) Poor Quill-Moth can't fit on the side of the cupboard top with everyone else.

6! Daaamn
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Only the one pic today, onc again rushing to get a picture. The weather had been pretty lousy today but right before i went to work it brightened up so I took out my new pullip & my first pullip. Harley is telling Margaux about the place ;3

And don't go on the edge of the cupboard...
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I had the day to myself today a bit, so as i tend to do I dawdled about by myself and took pics of this and that x3 I don't really have much to say about today and the pics are better so you may as well look at them now :]

4 Pullips one more to come
Three more today )
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Me & Dad went out to explore Newport randomly today, we walked up the canal and back, I haven't been to the top of the canal before. Later Dad went out so I went exploring over near Shrewsbury to find Walford college, then went back through the Shrews tesco where these random sheep statues are :]

Evil swans
Sheep & pullips )
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Home today and nothing too exciting to take pics of so decided to drag some toys out onto the front lawn xD
Harley got a new body toy too, so her head doesn't flop anymore, woop! None of my pics today are in the sun, but it was sunny earlier, i just didn't catch it XD
I also brought out Key the husky who I got at Crufts last year and a small easter lamb that was like 50p in the easter sales at Tesco X3

Lonely in nowhere
Hehe teddies <3 )
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Today was pretty busy :] First we went to Pets at Home as Tony wanted to look at the bearded dragons they have. We looked at them, the Tony looked at them some more while I wandered off to look at some gerbils XD I can't resist. I saw this adorable baby, it was a tiny grey just like this one which is what made me ask Dad to let me have more gerbs last when I then went and got Atlas, Houdini, Moss & Dmitri, as the grey had sold by the time I got there. I realise this grey looks a little sick, but it had only just woken up, so I think it was just tired. It still seems odd to me that such a young baby would be for sale.
When I got home I decided it was pullip time! I haven't taken a pic of all of them for ages and it was also a good excuse to show the different shoes they have x3

OMG Fluff gerb
Pullips )
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I was in a good mood after the sleep I finally got last night and found plenty to do :] Tony had gone to help out Ron so I cleaned about the house, then did the last the gerbil tank (they smelt too :C) you know which cage sells when you've cleaned out the other two and the smell still lingers! Then I took Harley out to take a few pics with the first daffodil out in the garden like last year (this was taken on March 27th too! I didn't plan that, how weird!). Then I went over to Tony's house to see how he was doing, dragging my wrecky journal behind me, it didn't do as much damage as I thought it would actually.

What are you doing?!
pullip and book )
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Today was pretty okay, me and Tony didn't do much as Dad was out, we went to Asda to grab some food (even though there's a ton in the house ;/) and I did have a pic of the food we had for tea, and even though it was really nom it didn't come out looking so great in pics xp So today I also gave Harley new eyechips, they are really dark brown, but this pic just makes them look kinda black ;p

Oh yeah, another one! )
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More last minute photos today when after tea I realised again that I had not taken a pic earlier. So here you go ;p The first one Mum and Jen may recognise, and the other is my pullip Harley again, showing off the shirt and headband that came in the mail for her today.
If the pics don't work, sorry about that photobucket is messing me around atm.

Nice hook :3
Only Harley )
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Today I got some diffrent pics :] I got some pullip hats in the mail today so that's what Harley is modelling in the first pic. We went out then and went here and there for stuff we needed and asking about jobs. Ended up at Pets at Home and I got a couple of things I needed for the gerbs as well as a big wooden thing I didn't need, but thought Tai might like to explore to keep her busy now she is a lone gerb. So when I get home I messed about in her cage and Atlas and Moss got some of Tai & Oro's hand-me-downs, Dmitri & Houdini missed out today but I'm hoping to get them a new cage soon so they don't have to stay in their dinky cage much longer.
The other pic is my wrecking the journal a bit more...poor book.

Showing off pink hat
2 more )
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Got some random photos today :]
I don't actually remember what I did today, these photos don't help XD The first is a bird that has recently come into the garden, and it chases the other birds away. At fist we thought it may be a Fieldfare which are quite pretty birds, but now we're pretty sure it's just a Thrush (I put Starling, meant thrush xp) ;p Still, means we're attracting more birds in, so hopefuly this time next year we' have quite a few visiting ^^
I have a pic of two of the pullips in their new place in the room since on top of Dad's comp was getting a little cramped ;p
And lastly, the candy corn I got from the sweet shop, I'd never tried candy corn before, but this stuff is Nom! I can't believe with the way England has latched onto the whole Hallow'een idea that candy corn isn't being made over here too. Now I'm looking on ebay for more Xd ....

See, a thrush
Pullips & sweets )
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Today started out well where I got quite a few pics before I went out. I don't actually remember where I went, i think it was just a basic tour about as i wanted to go here & there before Dad & Tony got back as I was present wrapping today! It worked out pretty well although I didn't get anymore pics all day, but I had quite a good time even though Tony was at work and Dad was at the quarterly beermat meeting :3

Tai's happy face
And pullipy pictures )
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Right after I took yesterdays picture me and Tony went out for a drive :3 We ended up in Shrewsbury when Tony decided he wanted to travel a bit, and I figured all the more opportunity for some interesting pictures, so that's what you've got today, because other than that, when I woke up I only took one pic of Harley's new wig that came in the mail I wasn't sure I liked it at first but it's quite grown on me, I think it does suit her well, so now all 3 of my pullips have wigs I'm happy with x3
blah blah's the pics =D

She is the 'oldest' of my 3
Night-time in shrewsbury )
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Today was horrible & cold like yesterday, and again I didn't get up to anything I actually managed to take a pic of Xp I'd got some false eyelashes yeaterday for Harley, my pullip so today I put them on, it took a bit of work but was fairly easy really and looks a lot better.
So the pic i got today was of Harl (Ironically, you can hardly see her lashes) XD

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Today was another one of those morning days, but I was feeling a little better and much more up to it today XD Once I'd dropped Tony off I went home and helped Dad with the washing a bit and then caught up on my LJ friends page and stuff till 10, when I decided it seemed like bed time, but it turns out I was being quite a morning person cause I was so awake it took me ages to finally relax again XD I only planned to sleep till 12, but that also backfired as I didn't get up till 2 :x I played about till 4 then on the comp and with my camera, then went to get Tony.
Had work at 6 tonight, it was pretty busy but luckily very little germanbiatch to be seen and I got to do room service all night x3
Was gonna go to Tesco with Tony on his suggestion as i got some nice txts but when I got round his with the mini 10 mins late he was asleep so I took it back home, I figured he has been up since 8 with no inbetween sleep. Then got sulked at for not waking him up when I got back to his, so he went back to sleep. Can't win sometimes. On the other hand I now have had time to completely catch up on this journal! Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on ?

Strange but cool clouds
Quite random pics today )


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