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Didn't do a lot today so took Paisley out the front for a few pics as i got some new jewellery for her yesterday :]

Paisley is so cute! X3
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Just one for the next few days, here is Paisley posing with a cake the size of her head o0 I ate the velvet one yesterday so saved the nicer one for my day off today XD

Can I?
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Today I was in work early again but first I went out with Dad. We were only going to do some shopping but we ended up on a mini-mooch about Telford :]
The first picture is a little difficult to make out, but it's the sun only just covered by clouds, it's just visible but threw no heat, me & Dad just thought it looked nice with the frosted trees too.

See it?
Frosty frost )
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Boring day today, and what a surprise, no camera! XD Ringing them tomorrow.
I got a new outfit for Paise a couple of days ago so I took my only voluntary trip outside to grab a couple of pics x3 This one is taken with the small casio.

Super cute & knows it
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Waking up today I saw the pine tree out the back practically bending in half with the horrible winds and decided then that bed seemed like a pretty good place to be XD But then while I was looking out the window there was a rainbow so I had to get out of bed to get a photo XD we didn't get up to much today though, only picked up a parcel then went to Tony's Mums for a while. I took Paisley cause I can't get over her cuteness atm, sorry ;p

Just kitty Paise )
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I went up town with Dad today and here and there a bit, but didn't get any pics till I got home, I took this one of Paisley cause I bought some pipe cleaners while we were out, it's only taken me a yearish to make the tail to go with her ears Xp

Holy Crud, you're cute
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Played with my pullips today :] Cause Paisley doesn't seem to get much attention lately, and a new hoodie arrived for her in the mail I thought it was time she got some photos :] She decided to take Mimic out with her too.

<3 Mimic
Paisley )
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Today I decided to get some fresh pics of the pullips, took me a while but I've a few pics of them all together now :]
For those wondering, Moss is doing well, I haven't given him the antibiotics still cause I don't think it will help his eye. The spot thing disappeared the other day, so I assume Atlas groomed it off him, but his eye is now a bit gunky (that red mucus stuff gerbs' eyes get), but not swollen. he is acting fine and doesn't seem to notice it. I'm still keeping an eye on him though, if he looks like he's getting bad I'm taking him to the exotics vet asap.

6 pullips!
A few singles )
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Grabbed a quick pic as I went to go to work. These are all my pullips, and now as many as I'm going to get (I hope x/) Poor Quill-Moth can't fit on the side of the cupboard top with everyone else.

6! Daaamn
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Today I found out that the pullip I'd been waiting over 2 weeks for was sitting at Tony's mum's house all alone due to a paypal address problem xp Typical. So it was another quite nice day today so I got a few pullip pics, one of Winston who was nosing around while i was trying to get pics of my new pullip and then later on as I cleaned out the gerbs i got a few more :] Bit of variation today ^^

Not too angry today
Pullips & Gerbs )
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Today was a day for photos in the garden, again XD I was taking pictures of Paisley, I try to rotate my pullip pics evenly but I can't seem to help but choose to photo Paise quite a bit ;d
While i was taking pics I managed to disturb a red ant nest a bit too, luckily they didn't swarm and I just got a couple of pics of them XD Sorry it's really small, but the red ants are even smaller than black ones!

Ant of teeeny
Paisley showing off again )
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I had the day to myself today a bit, so as i tend to do I dawdled about by myself and took pics of this and that x3 I don't really have much to say about today and the pics are better so you may as well look at them now :]

4 Pullips one more to come
Three more today )
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Today was just sunny :] Me and Tony went over the park for a little exercise and playing with a football and basketball but it was already too hot by 10.30 to run about much.
We went to Tony's mum for a while then came came back home and I looked after the dragons on the lawn till they started looking shiftily at the bushes xp

Not our garden
2 more for today )
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Today was pretty busy :] First we went to Pets at Home as Tony wanted to look at the bearded dragons they have. We looked at them, the Tony looked at them some more while I wandered off to look at some gerbils XD I can't resist. I saw this adorable baby, it was a tiny grey just like this one which is what made me ask Dad to let me have more gerbs last when I then went and got Atlas, Houdini, Moss & Dmitri, as the grey had sold by the time I got there. I realise this grey looks a little sick, but it had only just woken up, so I think it was just tired. It still seems odd to me that such a young baby would be for sale.
When I got home I decided it was pullip time! I haven't taken a pic of all of them for ages and it was also a good excuse to show the different shoes they have x3

OMG Fluff gerb
Pullips )
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Well, Mum asked for a pic of the back of Paisley's hair, when I got up I took this pic and some others with the pullips, but I planned to get other pics today, but I didn't x/ So I picked the photos where it looked like Mo was trying to help Paise spike the back. I did have a pic of simply the back of her head but it just looks like a furry mop XD

Spike spike
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I some pullip clothes in the mail today, so all I've got for pics is Paise in the new clothes XD It's actually complete stock off another pullip that's just been released, but I didn't want the pullip too, so I split with someone else. I think thee suit Paisley quite well ;]

close up :] )
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Got some pics before I went out today, Paise got some new clothes in the mail which incidentally this photo shows nothing off ;p Then I decided to spend some time with the gerbs, I tried to get a pic of Houdini's little white stripe under his chin but the best I could do was though the bars XD

Bit of a closeup
Gerbils :] )
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Got some 1 picture days coming up now, today I got my Paisley back from the customiser so I grabbed a couple of pics of her after I put her back together before the sun went down :] The light is actually a little harsh for details, but you may be able to see what the customiser did ;D I gave her new eyelashes too so I think she looks a little older than she did before!

Just a lip ring and a stud :]
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Today I didn't get up to a lot either, Tony was out cleaning up his old room and I played about the house for a while. I got this picture of Paise & Matt in front of the door, unfortunaty the day hasn't been a bright one, so this was the least grainy of todays pullip photos. The flash would stop it, but it would also shiny up their faces. I guess I'm saying you'll have to ignore it! I then had to pack up them up to send to europe for a little customisation. People do it all the time, they'll be fine...So this is the 'before' pic :]

Paise looks a little put out
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It took me a long time to wake up today, the caravan was so cold i think it effected my sleep a little, not sure. Back to a normal sized, lovly warm bed tonight though, woop! So when i got up today Tony's mum was cleaning the caravan as they came home today too. We all left about 12, and me & Tony went and mooched in town again before going home. Had to have one last look at the sea ;D It was so sunny in Aber today but so cold too, luckily there was no wind else I don't think I'd have left the car ;p
We left about 2, I fell asleep after a while, though I took loads of pics of the lovely snowy hills we travelled through, again. Tony didn't seem to need keeping awake, but we whiffled once i woke up anyway. It was the journey of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance as we had the track on repeat almost constantly on the way home, I have a huge fad on it atm, esspec with the video on youtube.
We unpacked the car when we got home, we accumlated a lot of bags in just 2 days :x Dad was home so we chattec a bit, and he had got the tree box down so I put it away, it was kind of sad, I really like our gold tree! I had to go to work tonight too as one of the girls was sick, but it turned out well as I have craaaaap shifts this week.
Now, internets catchup timez! =DDD

Much better pics under the cut )


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