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Today was one of those nonbusy-busy days. I worked in the morning and then dossed on the pc until I had to pick Tony up. We went for a mooch with Ryan down to a place Tony wanted to see cause he'd heard they had a car the same as his, and from there we went to check out a couple of places in Wellington. I got a laser pen to play with (and avoid peoples eyes/cars/helicopters...i know xp) and the others got speakers, so pretty good day.
Ryan dropped a can of drink he just bought and it split, so he made a spraypaint can out of it, which is what is going on there XD
The evening I tried to spend mostly outside cause it was so sunny!

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Today Tony's mum got a new cat! She is a british blue too like their other cat, but she is tricolour, unusual for the breed.
I thought I had better pics than this when I took them, but it turns out not really, this is what i get for using a phone camera and unnatural lighting, this is the best of 3 XD Obv better pictures when I either get my camera back or the cat comes downstairs.
Oh, her name is Belle.

Belle relaxes
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The weather hasn't been brill lately and with me not having my camera I've not really got the inspiration to be looking for good pictures, things i'm seeing atm don't seem to really appeal in photos, as it's turns out.

Just Autumn
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Back to the boring then :] And as I seem to do when I don't know what to take a pic of lately, here's one from my Wreck This Journal ;p
This is possibly the first day I've had a portrait picture before the cut, I think!

Not like that, you
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How did it get to this time of night already? Wow.
Today I went to Birmingham with George, my friend from Wolves. At first we explored regular shops with her boyfriend, West, but after a bit he & George had words and he went home in a huff o0 Luckily everything we wanted to see in Birmingham was pretty close to the station so I didn't feel too bad about being left. We went to the international sweet shop and I got lots of sweets (of course i don't need them, but how often do I go to b/ham and see foreign sweets?), then we went to the Tepenyaki sushi place <3 Omnomnom, we were there for about 2 hours XD Such greedy people XD

Near the mailbox
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So yesterday was the last straw for me with my camera, it's been being really rubbish lately with focussing, I missed a lot of shots last night because of it, so today i took it into Jessops as it still has warranty. Hopefully they will find what's wrong with it, cause they're going to have it for the next 3-4 WEEKS Xdd
So I'm taking pictures with my new phone (5mp) for the next week and see where to go from there :/

Pretty Girl
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Today I booked off, so I had a whole day to myself, kinda ;D Me and Dad went down to Ironbridge to check out the stalls that were there for the Ironbridge festival, there was this and that and it was nice to wander up and down as the weather was pretty good today too, got a right chill coming in the wind though.
Anyway, after listening to the school steel drums band for a while we went back home. Tony was going to bring me back come dark but he'd worked a 20hour shift cause the PI was a bit of a bitch last nigh, so he was too tired. Dad and me went back own at 7.00ish I think. There were fireworks at 8 as well! I got loads of photos, too many as usual, but my camera was playing up again and wouldn't focus if I zoomed at all ;/
Oh, and I felt like taking a desk pic this morning for some reason XD

Felt like a desk pic...
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I was so close to catching up with myself! Been having a few problems camera-wise lately but i'll tell you about that later. Right now, mooched about the house looking for something to photo, and since i'm still quite taken with my Wreck This Journal, here's another page i did for it :]

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It was a nice day today but i only got random pictures really.
I got a new orange wig for one of my pullips today, I put it on Margaux but not sure it'll be her full-time wig, I might put it on Quill-Moth yet. I think it's the dark eyechips on Margaux that makes this not suit her too well, or it might just be because stock she should have a dark wig, and that's what most people keep on her, bleh, whatever!
I realised I hadn't taken pics of the baby dragons either for a little while, so here are the biggest & smallest baby dragon on my hand for size comparison :]

Pretty ginger
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Here is a picture of the degus run, as requested by Jenneh. It's hard to get a pic of all of it, so really you've got the bit they run in, on the left hand side is just more big boards, put across from a spare bed we have to the wall, it's really no more than you can see. Then the outside gate area is blocked with more boards and they are let free, with the cage for them to run back to if they want. The other day a cat got in and luckily only scared them before we saw it, so now we have to be extra careful when we let them out.

Degus run
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I never know what to write when I post pictures of the hamsters. Here is Damien on her little safari car...

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Today was a long horror day at work, another day where we lost a lot more than we made due to long waits and bad food. Couple of people getting fired over it, but luckily for me most of the customers seemed to see I was trying my best to keep them happy and I got a few compliments, plus £30! I was pretty much on my own, and some people said that even when more staff came to help me I was the only one doing any work, that peeved the others a bit :x Grouchy customers can be like that though.
The pics were taken at 11.30 when I realised I hadn't got any pics today, by now all the customers had gone, just leaving a massive mess, but this was how I wanted it to look all night, peaceful!

And what helped me through the next 3 hours of cleaning... )
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Rushing round the house a lot today, felt i had a lot to get done but don't rmeember what i did. Here's a cute pic when the degus were all facing the same way for a change!

Hey girls
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Today was my first day off from work in well over a week, and we had arranged to go round to one of our workmates for wii games and movies :] We didn't end up playing for too long, me and Tony are pretty awful at Wii & they felt bad beating us XD So we watched a movie called 'He's just not that into you'...DAMN maybe the worst movie I have ever seen that was so high budget and with high end actors. Just awful. I can't believe they market movies like this to women & they drink it up! Only a 12 year old would have thought this movie was believable...okay enough rant. (Apologies if you liked it! :x) I spent most the night playing with their kitten, so wasn't so bad XD

Little kittenface
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I wanted to start a photo project today: take 100 pictures of the same object. The idea being you'll find a different perspective on it ect ect. I got this little glass bottle i found in the Severn river. I'm not sure I want to carry on with the project though, or if it'll just get boring.

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Today is apparently a gerbil day :] We went to Pets at Home and they'd got some more babies in, s cute, these 3 especially. When I got home I figured I dropped a tube in on Atlas & Moss, I love it when gerbs kill a tube from both ends at the same time XD Go teamwork! XD Since those two got a tube and i didn't have another for their brothers, I gave them a treat each so they didn't feel left out ;p (The triplets were asleep so shhh ;p)

Such cuties
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Not sure how I managed to get only this pic of Atlas today, but he is pretty cute so never mind :]

Huh wut?
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So I've been slacking off again, few less hours this week, but i've been making the most of being at is one i took when I had to come back to the house to make sure the door was locked, lucky i suppose as I wouldn't have taken it otherwise.
It was locked, btw ;d

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Today me, Dad & Aunty Betty went to Bridgnorth for a bit of a mooch, but it seems all I got were pictures of birds....we didn't even visit the steam trains today which is pretty weird!

Confused Goose
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Today Dad found a rabbit being chased by a cat in our garden! Apparently Dad didn't have any trouble catching him or anything :] He shushed the degus into their cage from their run then put the rabbit there XD The degus are little escape artists so it's nice and secure XD Dad then put a sign outside saying we had a lost rabbit XD
When I woke up I held him for a little while, he liked to be held tilted on his back! Tony got a few pics of me holding him like that but he looks a little dead :x
I took these pics throughout the day before i went to work. When I was at work Dad was in the front garden & saw a little girl calling for 'Flossy' with her Dad and brother in tow, how lucky was that?

Almost hoped he would be ours! )


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