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Had a bit to do today, first me and tony had some practice on a new toy we got yesterday, a set of Powerisers! Atm we are just learning to walk, it's pretty difficult XD
When Tony had gone to work I went to visit my old friend Phil, she was recently had had a second baby, a little girl called Briseis (Br-sigh-iss). We had an interesting evening chatting and amusing Gabriel :]

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Today was harsh, we got up early to drop me off at the airport ;/
I'll admit I cried quite a bit, even after leaving Mum & Jen. Like leaving Wanganui, seeing a family together at Auckland Airport, randomly, and then when I left NZ later in the day. It was a pretty shite day which even the beautiful sunrise and plane trips couldn't distract me from much.

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Today Dad was pacing around the house looking for things to pack when he'd already done it all, so to get out we went over to Wolves and stopped by the collectors shops again, Dad had some swaps for one of the owners, but it was really just an excuse not to be in the house XD
It was a pretty dreary day so I only got a photo on the way home- the sky just looked really nice as part of the clouds broke :]

Boom sky
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Today I went with Tony to keep him company as he picked up some new wheels for his car from Leicester, it was quite a long drive but the weather was good and it was pretty easy to reach so pretty good :] photos were a little more difficult though, I took this one on the way back through Birmingham. It's such a winter sunlight.

Watery sunlight
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Ah a day with some alright pics XD Well, it's more that I didn't have trouble getting photos today, which makes me feel the pictures are a little better ^^; Today when we got up we went over to Tony's mums for a little while and it started to snow! It was rely big flakes but although it tried to stick it didn't snow for more than 15 mins ;/ I went back to mine after a little while and me and Dad got my car started, it started really easily actually, but the battery is a complete dud. We went for a bit of a drive in it anyway, where I goo the moon pics :]

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Ooops, can't seem to not ignore the LJ sometimes, I just about manage to get the pictures XD So last night we were watching some Futurama and I opened this box of chocolates I got from Tony's Granddad for xmas. They are handmade! Fancy choc
The other is just another wreck-this-journal pic, a 'before' as I've got to actually make the plane and fly it yet XD Not much else, so here's the pics.

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It took me a long time to wake up today, the caravan was so cold i think it effected my sleep a little, not sure. Back to a normal sized, lovly warm bed tonight though, woop! So when i got up today Tony's mum was cleaning the caravan as they came home today too. We all left about 12, and me & Tony went and mooched in town again before going home. Had to have one last look at the sea ;D It was so sunny in Aber today but so cold too, luckily there was no wind else I don't think I'd have left the car ;p
We left about 2, I fell asleep after a while, though I took loads of pics of the lovely snowy hills we travelled through, again. Tony didn't seem to need keeping awake, but we whiffled once i woke up anyway. It was the journey of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance as we had the track on repeat almost constantly on the way home, I have a huge fad on it atm, esspec with the video on youtube.
We unpacked the car when we got home, we accumlated a lot of bags in just 2 days :x Dad was home so we chattec a bit, and he had got the tree box down so I put it away, it was kind of sad, I really like our gold tree! I had to go to work tonight too as one of the girls was sick, but it turned out well as I have craaaaap shifts this week.
Now, internets catchup timez! =DDD

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So, the last day of 2009! And I can't say I did much, went here and there is all.
The car pic is from Tonys car, we got paid today & this is probably the first time it has been full since he's had it XD Chances are it's the last time it'll be full in a while too ;p
I had to work tonight so nothing exciting for me on New Years, I got particually peeved at most the staff lording over their status when they are supposed to be at the same level as me & getting sworn at over nothing. I went home at 12.15, I hadn't done anything important for over half an hour but they still wouldn't let me go early, gah, I just got really wound up.
I don't usually make new years' resolutions but I will this year: I'm spending next new year in London. I've always wanted to, so next (this?) year I will ;]

Boring pic for today
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Woo Christmas! We got up at 8.30, ow XD We unwrapped our presents, I got quite a bit from Dad & Tony as you should be able to see in the pic! After presents Tony went over his house and me and Dad went for a walk round Priorslee lake. It was pretty cold, the lake is still all iced over from the past few days, even though today had actually warmed up.
When we got back I checked the nets & messed about a bit, then we went up Aunty Bettys. We had pretty good time, Sarah, Amber, Ali & Ali's new boyfiend Geoff were there too. After lunch we had presents and chat and stuff upstairs & Auny Val and Uncle Roy arrived.
We left at about 4.30 and for the rest of the afternoon we've dossed, slept, messed wth stuff & tried to figure out what we're gonna do tomorrow, may be busy as we've got 3 things to do at 6pm alone x.X
Here are a ton of pics.

Wandering at Priorslee
And the rest )
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Today I decided I had to go up town to get tony's parent's presents. I wasn't really sure what to get them, I don't know them well enough to try and be cretive, so I ended up going for the obvious- liquor & chocolate! It was busy as anything up town, but I hear it'll be worse tomorrow, but that's k cause i'm working from 3 so I won't get a chance to go up XD
When we escaped the town (with considerably less money, but more peace of mind) I asked Tony to go for a bit of a roundabout drive somewhere so i could get some pics. I wanted some to try and show just how frosty the place is! Last year we got lots of frost, but fog too, this year the skies are so clear.
We went up past the wrekin (know where we are, Dad? ;D) and through a village and back home, I got a couple of pics so I was happy i got something different :]
We went to Tony's parents for tea for a change as we both had the night off. It was okay, we had spag bol & watched Jimmy Carr standup. I don't know what it is this year but standup is rife! Most of it is pretty good though XD We left about 11 and before goinghome went to check out shifnal lights. My pics really don't do it justice, there are so many and it looks sooo good, even though the display is similar to last year.

Those winter skies again
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Today I got my car going to do some shopping while Tony was at work :] I really dislike my car again atm, I think it'll be fine in summer, but at the mo it's heaters don't work and the minor gap in the door that doesn't let rain in does let damp air in, which then freezes on the windscreen...greeeeeeeat! So once I've defrosted the outside, which needs doing at all times of the day at the moment cause england is such a great country weather-wise, I now have to defrost the inside too! Frost all over me in a car that doesn't have heating xd
Enough ranting about my car!! I'm not as bothered as I seem, I'm actually pretty okay as long as it starts & doesn't break down!
That was a lot of wiffle to distract from today XD Here's a couple of pics :]

Why don't we get skies this clear in Summer?!
Didn't believe I have ice in my car? (aka boring pic so under a cut ;p) )
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Today it was really cold xp I couldn't find much for a pic till I was mooching out the window (lulz nosey) and I thought the sky looked really good today =D Other than that it was a pc day, so needless to say, very little happened! Only a few more days and I'm not going to have so much work and perhaps I can update this better!

Winter Skies
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Today was cool actually =D Tony gave me a little present- a bottle of Ramune! It's a japanese fizzy pop with a unique shaped bottle. The drink is actually better known for the bottle than the flavour, though i really liked it, it was a mild bubblegum flavour, and it was blue, that's pretty much anything I can ask for in a drink that isn't red bull XD (Bubblegum or Cherry Red Bull- I would buy enough alone to make it worth making) Anyway, I took a vid of opening it, but better ones can be found on youtube if you care to look :]
We went to Wellington then as I wanted to go to Morrisons, where they are doing 3 for the price of 1 on Choc Oranges! <3
As we were on our way out the shop, it tried to snow!! By the time we got home it was snowing properly too, Wooooo! Here are some pics:
(Apparently the snow is holding up most of the east of England, but of course, Telford gets none of that Xdd)

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Catching up...catching up...
Today I didn't have a lot to do so i went out to take a pic of the only thing I could think of XD This is the bonfire they're building for the Donnington Bonfire on the 14th of Nov. I've not got to go the past couple of years, but i've booked it off this year so I really hope I get to go. It's always crowded with chavs & is freezing but I wanna get some cool photos of fireworks! =D
The other pic is just showing how nicely autumny it is around here, the season really is so much nicer when the sun shines :]

It has to be guarded so kids don't burn it early
Autumn Avenue )
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Today was another one of those morning days, but I was feeling a little better and much more up to it today XD Once I'd dropped Tony off I went home and helped Dad with the washing a bit and then caught up on my LJ friends page and stuff till 10, when I decided it seemed like bed time, but it turns out I was being quite a morning person cause I was so awake it took me ages to finally relax again XD I only planned to sleep till 12, but that also backfired as I didn't get up till 2 :x I played about till 4 then on the comp and with my camera, then went to get Tony.
Had work at 6 tonight, it was pretty busy but luckily very little germanbiatch to be seen and I got to do room service all night x3
Was gonna go to Tesco with Tony on his suggestion as i got some nice txts but when I got round his with the mini 10 mins late he was asleep so I took it back home, I figured he has been up since 8 with no inbetween sleep. Then got sulked at for not waking him up when I got back to his, so he went back to sleep. Can't win sometimes. On the other hand I now have had time to completely catch up on this journal! Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on ?

Strange but cool clouds
Quite random pics today )
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First off, Happy Birthday Mum! Sorry my LJ is a day late but it's not too focused I'm afraid :x I got up 'early' today to call mum then spent half the day on the pc...again, despite it being lovely and sunny. I sort of realised about 3ish I should go outside and I had a book next to my desk I've been meaning to finish since last time I went to Wales XD so I actually managed to finish a book for the first time in yonks, it was a pretty good book too, Plauge Dogs, written by the sane person who did Watership Down, it was a bit more pretentious though. Right before I finished it I askes Dad if we could have pancakes for tea so he showed me how to make them, before we actually cooked the mix though he had to go out for a while, so I went and got Tony from Pauls house then we both had pancakes for tea. Work then and we got sent home early as after a while there were too many staff, gave me a bit more time to nets though and icon hunt a bit ;D

Just for Mum ;D
Dusty like woah )
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Argh, fallen behind again. I'm getting pretty bad at this lately. Today we didn't do a lot, popped down to Adsa where this police helicopter was floating about above the store for apparently no reason, I got a closer shot that this too but it doesn't look as good.
Home and I took my pic of normally ignored objects...Guess where this is from? It's a pretty easy one i tink, unlike the one I posted yesterday.
Lastly, I think this is my favorite boxed MLP, called Alphabittle. The name gets stuck in my head too xd I meant to post this pic yesterday but forgot in my rush to do something else ;d

Police-y chopper
Housey items )
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Today me and Dad went shopping. First we went to Iceland and then onto Asda, it took nearly all afternoon!We got loads of stuff from iceland but just stuff we thought we needed from asda. No more shopping is gonna be needed for a while anyway!
When we got home we had tea and this Robin was sitting outside while we did the dishes. I scared it off opening the door by mistake and had to wait ages for it to come back so I could get this pic. So I didn't bother it again though this was taken through the window, so excuse the bad colouring x3

So much shopping!
What is it about robins that is so cute? )
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Today I wanted to go to a butterfly farm just outside of Aberwrystwith (Google tells me this is how it's spelt? It still doesn't look right) Before we went we had lunch in Aber, and helped out a couple of bikers, one of the bikes wouldn't start just popped whenever they bumped it (name a car similar? Xp) after watching it not starting a bit we remembered we had a bump starter with us, so we lent it to them and it actually worked! Not sure how long for, but hopefully it got him where he wanted to go.
Anyway when we got to the butterfly place we found it was over a fiver a person and we could see the greenhouse wasn't that big...i don't know if this is the standard price for butterfly houses but they should bring it down some Xp Anyway, the place was based in an out-in-the-countryside place which turned out to be a hydro-power station as the visitor centre there informed us. We spent a bit of time looking in the centre and playing with their interactive screens and such and looking at the calm lake and hills (typical Wales view) before we went back into town as i wanted to have a look about the town. We wandered the streets and the beach a little, and late on we discovered the castle there but didn't really have time to explore it well, so kept it in mind for tomorrow.
We went to the club again in the evening but left after the bingo again (which I majorly suck can't win if you don't join in they say, but I just can't win period....XD) We went back the the caravan and watched a DVD and had nibbles before going to bed and I read for a while while Tony finished the mechanics DS game I mentioned a couple of weeks ago :3

Nice pub decorations
Scenery of the day )
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I was gonna go out to a place called Market Drayton today as some market was on that I heard about on the news last week, but then Tony's mum rang and said we could have Sunday dinner over there at 2 if we liked, so we did and then by the time we'd finished we didn't really have time. Tony robbed my DS to play a new game I'd got which he found he likes- a mechanic game XD I fell asleep for a bit and when i woke up I decided we had to go out as it was a nice day but since it was about 4 now I decided to go to Wroxeter. I haven't been there in ages but I keep being reminded about it by the turning on the way to Shrewbury. It was closed when we got there, but it didn't matter as I was planning on being pikeyish and just looking over the fence anyway, which gives you just as good a view XD There were lambs in the paddock over which distracted me considerably but when the sun came out I got some good pics and then we went back a different way for the view :3

It used to be known as Viroconium Cornoviorum
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