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Christmas Day? I'm a little late XD I got a little bit sick, but I'm feeling a little better now, so here we are :]
We got up fairly early actually and when everyone settled down we opened our presents x3 I got spoilt, silly Dad & Tony <3
Tony went over to his mums for lunch and me and dad went for a quick drive as it was so sunny and snowy too! We got some really nice pictures too, so that's what all todays pictures are. We were over at Nedge hill and Buildwas, and as you can see the river has started to freeze!
The panoramic is the first one I've ever tried with my phone, i was going to put it above the cut today as my main picture but I think it'll screw with people's friends pages so be sure to have a look x3

Look at that for a scene
Wiiiintery )
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Today we went over to Tony's mums and dossed over there for a while, talking to Tony's Grandad who is over for xmas and then Andre came over later too, which seemed weird but everyone got on pretty well. Unforunatly I have to work tonight which is a bit of a bummer but I think I got some nicepics today even though i did very little.

Xmassy )
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We went on another little tour today with the excuse of dropping off a little present at one of Dad's friends. Th countryside looks really nice but we must be getting used to the snow as it's kinda hard to find anything really nice to take photos of XD
The canals are mostly frozen and have chunks of ice that had floated free now frozen back in XD

Lots of ducks
Countryside & home too )
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Today me and Dad went out on a drive looking for photos x3 It was just a little tour about but I got a few nice pics ^^

Mmmm sunset
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I got a new wig for Bayeux in the mail today, made by the same person who made Paisley's :]
I mostly just visited here and there today, but it was another day we didn't go too far.

Bang bang
& Again )
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We tried getting the car up the hill to go to the shops yesterday but it wouldn't quite make it, and everytime we tried some more we'd not get get as far as the time before. Ah well, so instead we walked to the local shop and I had an excuse to take pictures x3

Really like this one
More white )
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More snow! How shocking, but that is pretty much the BBC news' headlines too XD I don't really have a lot to say though so here are 4 pictures of the snow.
Jen & Mum if you recognise the street photo x3

Better Snow pictures x3 )
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It started to snow again today :] I didn't really get out though, we only visited Tony's mum for a while.

Dad says
Winston )
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I had lots of work to do today, I went into work at 11, and snapped this pic on the way in. I tried to get a better one later on, but this looked quite nice when I looked back at it with it's frostyness & blue sky, and it actually seemed better than the other I took. So there you go.

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When we woke up this morning the day was so clear, after yesterday's fog fest, but because of the fog and the deep cold last night everything was covered in a layer of ice, it looked awesome so I made tony take me for a bit of a drive about XD We went down near Ironbridge and onto Cressage, but the pics are better than my explaining. Can you tell I have my old camera back? I'm not sure XD It does feel nicer in my hands though :]

No wind
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I didn't really have any intentions for photos today but I ended up with a few I liked :] It was my day off today too so I did a fair bit of dossing and I was glad I didn't have to work after the weekend.
Anyway here's some pics.

Liking the cobwebs atm
A couple of others )
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Today was the start of one heck of a long day at work xp Right before I went in at 12 I took this pic outside, it was raining and I thought this would be the last i would see of the snow.
I thought the colourful mini looked quite good against the snow XD

Quite nice XD
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Today i got up early to go with Dad on a walk :] I know! I really wanted to take some photos now my camera is back and there's still snow around, especially as I'm really busy over the weekend at work ;d
So we walked with Dad's walking group around Halfpenny Green near Wolves, through some fields and really nice scenery. I'm not sure how far we walked but it wasn't tooo far, I still hurt a bit at the end XD We all went in the cafe at the end too and got a really good hot choc with a flake to warm us up xp~
We came back through Badger but then had to go home pretty quick as I had work :] Here's the nice pics ^^

Crab Apples
Walky walky & what odd weather )
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Today I got my camera back!!! I got a call in the morning but had to sit around for 4 hours while we waited for mail, then for Dad to come home XD For once I didn't want to be on the internet!
The weather today was a mixture of light snowfalls and sunshine, sometimes snow and sun at the same time XD I tried not to take any pics though as I knew I was getting my camera back! In the end I couldn't resist and took a couple of Kaylo out in the snow, see how she is different? Oh yeah there's will be a proper macro of her freckles soon too now my camera is back x3
The reindeer pic I got with my proper camera back, and it's not that good tbh XD I'll try again soon when i have it set back up how I like. But still, the display this year is quite nice and unusual with sleigh with reindeer pulling it x3
Oh, if you're wondering why I didn't take more photos today since it's lovely and snowy, it was dark by the time we got out of the town centre XD

The snow is so deep!
& Reindeer )
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Didn't really want to go outside today as i didn't want to get cold XD But when Dad wondered where we could go, I said Ironbridge as we had some stuff to post and we'd seen a special post box there that marks an ironbridge stamp before they send it off....but to be typical the place was closed XD We walked down to the museum but they said there shouldn't even be one there Xp Nevermind, we got a little walk about anyway and then we went onto a couple of other places before going home. All the time while we were in Ironbridge it was snowing lightly, then as we drove about it got really heavy!

View over Ironbridge
Around Ironbridge )
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Today I was in work early again but first I went out with Dad. We were only going to do some shopping but we ended up on a mini-mooch about Telford :]
The first picture is a little difficult to make out, but it's the sun only just covered by clouds, it's just visible but threw no heat, me & Dad just thought it looked nice with the frosted trees too.

See it?
Frosty frost )
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It snowed last night! Woop x3 Everywhere in England has been getting some for at last 2 or 3 days, but we were left out till last night, though we sure have had the freezing around lately. I took some pictures at about 3.30 last night oo with the snow, but strangely enough they didn't turn out too well XD So here's some from the day.
When I got up i went on the PC but kept looking out the window, Dad noticed and said we should go out and about, so we went to Bridgnorth, where actually there was hardly any snow XD We did have a mooch around the market though and have a nom burger x3
On the way back we did see some snow, so I got a couple of pics in Ironbridge. (The last picture is small, sorry, i had to mess with it as apparently I can't align the horizon with the bottom on the screen on the camera xd)

Coooold )
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The snow pic I took last night after if had snowed lightly most the day and into the night, it only started to stick in the last couple of hours though which is why there isn't loooads. When we woke up there was a bit here and there but it ha mostly gone.
I've also got a pic of Dmi & Houdini in their new tank, they are a little skittish in it at the mo, but hopefully they'll get used to the open-ness, and the other is what I've done to the front of my wrecky journal.
We went to dog-sit about 12.30 for Tony's Mum. She & Ron had taken the dog's bed and left him outside so they could go pick up a cat, so we waited until they got back. The cat is a British Blue called Winston. He's really shy at the moment but hopefully he'll soon learn Brand is a push over ;p

Woo, snow!
Assortment of pics today )
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Went to visit Tony's mum today among other things, chatted as usual. It kept trying to snow then interspersed with bright sunshine...strange & of course it didn't stick. I only got pics of Brady today, and the ones where he actually was catching snow blurred :/

Huh? Snow?
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Back home today & I didn't do a lot again, I just got todays pics when Dad got this massive chunk of ice from out our wheelie-bin water butt! It's so huge! We took these pics then dropped it on the ground while I filmed it in slow mo XD

Such a thick piece of ice
More ice )


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