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I've caught up!!!! =DDD It's taken a couple of months of concentration but these photos are actually from today! Let's see how long it takes me to fall behind again....
Ryan tried out the powerizers & a tasty car I saw up town xp

A car )
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Had a bit to do today, first me and tony had some practice on a new toy we got yesterday, a set of Powerisers! Atm we are just learning to walk, it's pretty difficult XD
When Tony had gone to work I went to visit my old friend Phil, she was recently had had a second baby, a little girl called Briseis (Br-sigh-iss). We had an interesting evening chatting and amusing Gabriel :]

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Another day where I actually forgot to take a picture of something nice, instead I only got this one of Tony holding a can of energy drink we hadn't tried before that Ryan brought back from his holiday in Poland. Mmmm, run-on sentences.

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Me and Tony went on a trip out today =D It's been ages since I've been able to drag him out somewhere, so it was nice for a change Xp
I took him to the Mill me and Dad had visited earlier in the week, then onto Wolves to visit the giant garden centre, he put up with it all quite nicely :]
PS. I seem to have missed 3 days here in a row, seems unlikely but I just can't find the photos, how strange.

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Me and Tony were out and about today, Tony got this massive can of Monster through the mail and we were both a bit taken with it (even though I hate monster XD Who can't love a can of energy drink this big?) I got Tony to take my pic with it as we were waiting at the lights, we know the pattern from going through them so often so knew we had time to take a photo....luckily the undercover policeman in the car behind kinda understood. We're so stupid, but luckily didn't get a ticket.
This one is the greenhouse, it's quite, well, green this year and Dad is really pleased with it x3

Me & Tony being nobs )
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Couple more pictures of Wizzo, you can see his yellowy chin here :]

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I did try to narrow down today's photos- but i've still got 8, sorry ;d
First day of Download! It was so cool (and at time, just plain cold xp) and we got to see loads of bands today x3 The ones I've got pictures up of are CKY & Pendulum, though we saw many more.

Download! )
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It was Tony's birthday today! He wanted to go for a drive and since it was a lovely day we took Tony's car out all the way to Portmadog beach :]
We had a little car picnic, explored the beach and even had a nap XD

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Today we went over to Tony's mums and dossed over there for a while, talking to Tony's Grandad who is over for xmas and then Andre came over later too, which seemed weird but everyone got on pretty well. Unforunatly I have to work tonight which is a bit of a bummer but I think I got some nicepics today even though i did very little.

Xmassy )
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It started to snow again today :] I didn't really get out though, we only visited Tony's mum for a while.

Dad says
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Yesterday was Tony and I's 4th 'anniversary', but we were both working! As it happened though, we both had today off so we went out to Wolves first to drop a couple of baby dragons off at their new owners (this guy already had one dragon too, so it was nice to know they were going to a home that knew how to look after them.), then we mooched round the centre a little before going on the train to Birmingham. I showed Tony all the places George showed me last time, like the market, then onto Cybercandy for more overpriced foreign noms, then lastly to the sushi restaurant for tea :] It was a fun day! And although Birmingham is a bit too big, all the things we wanted to see were about 5 mins from the train station so it was okay X3

Bye Bye babies
Tony & Sushis )
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I realised I hadn't taken a picture of Tony's new car yet...he sold his swift to someone at work and used the money to get this one :] It's a Hyundai Coupe.

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Today the main present I bought for Dad turned up, pretty good only one day late...stupid post.
I would've posted a better pic of the boat, frankly Dad took a better one, but this was the only picture I got today so I had to post it!

Dad & Tony check out the boat
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Today was Tony's birthday! After opening his presents we went over to Wolves for some mooching. When we came home we had another present in the mail, but one for both of us! A bunch of energy shots from america, nom x3

Tony seems happy
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Me & Tony went to Shrews today and just dossed about, we got some nom chinese from a new shop I'd seen and then generally just mooched about. I can't think of anything else to say XD

Nom Chinese x3
Tall )
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Had a bit more time on my hands today so we went to a new pet shop the old owners of the dragons told us about, called Dolittles.
It was a pretty shibby pet shop! It was really big and open, and had lots of animals, but unfortunately few gerbs. They had a lot of different lizards & other reptiles though, and lots of different live food for them, which is what Tony wanted to see xp I bought some random things for the boys and we came home.
We put the dragons out on the lawn for a while as the day was really hot, it's been so nice!

Wha' choo lookin at?
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Today me and Tony went out with Dad, first we went and picked up a sub speaker for Tony's car from Wolves and that seemed like a shifty deal, but it worked out fine so then we went exploring in some country lanes and found the white ladies priory, Tony hadn't been there before so we had an explore and climb on the walls.
Then we drove around a little bit more, past Cosford and then back home ;] It was only a little trip out but still nice x3

Second pic was better, but couldn't get Tony to smile xp
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More last minute photos today when after tea I realised again that I had not taken a pic earlier. So here you go ;p The first one Mum and Jen may recognise, and the other is my pullip Harley again, showing off the shirt and headband that came in the mail for her today.
If the pics don't work, sorry about that photobucket is messing me around atm.

Nice hook :3
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Today we went along to Shrews again, I've been thinking of the chinese for ages so I got to go! =D I don't actully know why I bother, every time we go it's the same food, mixed with English food. Chips, beans, nuggets, hash browns and stuff all take up valuable Chinese food places! If children don't like chinese food, then don't bring the kids and definitely don't complain about it! The food is so cheap at lunch time it's not like it matters too much. ;p We went back home and went to chat to Tony's mum for a while.
(Tony doesn't like having his pic up here (well, taken at all really), but he took a movie of me eating, so instead of a pic of a plate of food, you get the food and Tony!)

He looks so impressed
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Not up to a lot today again we went out and then went over Tony's mum's house to whiffle a while, I did get to take a few photos today because yesterday was the first day this year I haven't :c It was prretty dull and I had work in the evening, where although I took my camera in I didn't get a chance to get a pic (not that there was anything to photo) till just past 12. Damn.
Anyway, I've got these three today and I hope I won't miss another day!

Playing with hoodie tassles
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