Jan. 26th, 2012

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Little late today, lots has happened, and it's kinda been a day of opposites :/
At first I helped Dad put away everything that was lying around the sitting room and he decided that I didn't have enough room for all my crap cause my desk is epically small so I should get another one, so after a bit more faffing we went up to Staples and it just happened they had one left that was on cheap cause it was the last one in store and had a couple of dents, but not enough that was tooo easy to notice, so that was it, nice and easy!
A guy in the shop dismantled it and put it in the car then when we got home we had to drag it all back out XD
Putting it back together was a bit of a beast but we got there eventually and made space so it would fit next to Dads, it looks pretty shibby now I've arranged all my stuff back on it, but photo of that tomorrow XD
I also have some bad news from today too though, as i was wandering past the gerbils tanks I happened to notice Moss was just lying down in the middle of his tank ;c I guess the stress of being an older solitary gerbil was too much for him, poor little boy.

Just WTJ again )
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Been a quiet day today, I didn't get up til late after playing on my PC til about 4am yesterday :x
And that's mostly what I've been doing today, other than getting odds and ends done in my WTJ :]

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