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Today I left my camera in the glove box of the car when Tony took it, so I had to take pics of my phone.
It was super sunny out so I cleaned out the gerbs and found out Houdini has had a stroke :/ He seems to be able to get about & eat and drink so hopefully he will last a while longer. The stroke makes his head tilt like this.

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Today we went out for a meal with Tony's parents and for pudding we got this...giant cookie pizza thing!
We tried to do some other things today but got lost and stuff so it never really came about :x

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Sorry, I haven't been around recently cause it seems I'm always in work lately! i haven't seemed to manage getting a lot done to make nice photos which is quite annoying, in fact I think I've only taken 7 or 8 photos in the last 5 days which is really slack for me.
Today pic is as I ran to the shoop to grab some supplies before going into work.

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I was just text & told I'm in at 3 today, so here is today's pic! Coltrane has taken to sleeping on the sunny side of the tank x3

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I did so much today! Mostly involving the three & a half hours I managed to waste around the front garden...I'm terribly slow at my own decision making sometimes...I planted 20 petunias & about 16 more geraniums, as well as a big red lily. I need to slop buying plants. I know it.
Under the cut are some biscuits I made a couple of days ago, I didn't post them then as to my disappointment I managed to leave half the sugar out like a complete MORON but I'm (mostly) over it now and they are pretty, so here's a 'don't do as I did' photo!

So pretty ;0; )
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I got up to this and that today, but most of my actual productive-ness was when I got into the garden. It takes me quite a while to do anything for some reason so I only got a few plants in, and some weeds pulled up, but it's a start :] I just really hope it's not going to rain tomorrow xp

What I actually planted )
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I was determined to work on my Smash book today before work, and I managed to complete tip up the sitting room in the process, while only doing this page, a kinda summer/inspiration page :]

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I didn't have time for pics today, I managed to manage my time really bad, so I got this pic on the way out the door to the car to go to work xp

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I random drove over to Coseley today, where I remembered seeing a ruined castle type thing last year on the way down to Heathrow on the coach. I still remembered how to find it, which was a bit of the luck and it turned out to be a lovely little park. The ruins were from a a priory but there were no boards about or anything so I have no idea what it used to be near Coseley for!

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We've started a couple of avacado pips off! At least, we're trying XD

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I stayed up all night tonight just cause I could XD When it got to the morning I was so hyped that it was going to be a sunny day I was more awake than ever, I went out and got some photos and then calmed down enough to sleep a bit XD

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Just a random one today of a little dragon statue in Tony's room :]

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Today has been prettyy quiet, the boring weather is back again. Today'd little daffodil was one we found sprouting out in the greenhouse that we'd given up on, how strange is this little guy, it doesn't even have any leaves, just a one stem teeny flower x3
The other is my maple bonsai, I think this is its 2nd year? I haven't had it very long, but it's already growing little leaves x3

& a bonsai )
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Today has mostly been one for the garden. Me & Dad planted out most of out greenhouse growing, like the rest of the marigolds & the beans. We also put a few more onions & random veg seeds in. We'll have to wait now to see how it all goes!

Some plants )
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The weather hasn't been that good lately and you may've noticed that my photos are suffering somewhat!
Hopefully it'll pick up in one way or another soon.

& Kendrix, the hidden one )
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I only got the one pic today, so I'm glad this one is in focus!

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quick one today, of the monster high girls that sit on my desk (my current favourites) I said I wouldn't bother getting any after Abbey (on the left) but when i saw Rochelle I couldn't pass her up xp

Such a sucker for toys
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Today we got up dead early, drove to Wolves and then on the way to Bham on the train. We had to get there as close to 10 as we could as the car we were interested in also had a lot of other interest.
Long story short, as you can see from the pic, we got it! It has nothing wrong /except/ the sunroof being glued down messily, and for the price it was a pretty good deal. It's my first diesel too!

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Today was a slow day and I din't get up to a lot, so here are some pics of the degus =D

& Dashie )
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More car hunting around Birmingham- first car had gone by the time we got there and the second one had building problems the more the guy said about it so we left that one too. Ahhh well.
Today's pic is some random church we passed by at some point today.


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