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Today amused myself doing this and that, getting there slowly with my WTJ, though I have been doing the pages randomly the ones at the back are still only partly done whereas the ones at the front are mostly all done now. This tear page I've actually had coloured for yonks but not ripped up xp
And i also made brownies today, again something i've been meaning to do for ages XD

Pan of brownie
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Today I went with Tony to keep him company as he picked up some new wheels for his car from Leicester, it was quite a long drive but the weather was good and it was pretty easy to reach so pretty good :] photos were a little more difficult though, I took this one on the way back through Birmingham. It's such a winter sunlight.

Watery sunlight
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Here is Quill then, dossing on my bed and showing off her new eye colour x3
I was in work at 3 today so pulip pictures is about it xp

Having a rest )
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Today was pretty quiet and I spent most of the day sitting at my desk between playing on the comp and doing other bits and bobs. Quill's new eyechips arrived in the mail today, so these are the before pictures with her stock chips, I didn't really like them as they were clear/grey and just too dark.
And also had the dragons out today, Hugo was going mental watching Spyro on the other side of the room while he was in the tank, he went even blacker than usual, even coming down his sides a little!

I <3 winter
Hugo )
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I went over to Janine's house today to just doss, we ended up walking to the local pet shop, taking a short cut that probably added 1/2hour onto our walk XD It was an interesting track though.
When Janines' boyfriend came home we had tea and then went ice skating :] It was fun, I surprised myself at how quick I picked back up what i used to know even though I haven't been skating in about 4 years I think XD
Janine owns one of Hugo & Spyro's babies, (remember Smalls?) who she called Wizzo. Look how big he is now! The best size comparison pic I can find with the half log is on this entry. Spyro first.

Here is Spyro :]
Wizzo & walk pic )
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More indoors pictures today woo XD Took the one of Austin for the daily_doll comm, but decided to post it here as well, and under the cut is my wreck this journal, have I already taken a pic of this one?

Wrecky )
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Thought yesterdays picture wasn't awesome- today I did exactly the same xp You know the usual excuses- weather mostly and season xD Maybe I should do a 6 month photo a day? I don't really improve my photography by doing this everyday, it's not exactly like drawing Xp (Don't mind me, I'm just a bit bored of these pics myself xp)

Now google it and pretend i took it
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Okay, little bit behind again, boring pictures are partly to blame, like today when right before work I dashed about the house to find a photo Xp Haven't seen this little one in a while- she was hidden in the bag i took to Ponycon, poor thing Xp

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Dad went to check on his caravan yesterday and came home with a fancy coconut birdhouse for the degus, so I put it in their cage today. They were quite wary at first but soon were fighting over who got to go in it next XD
And of course, 3rd day in a row, obligatory BJD photo Xp Today's shows her next to Mosaic for comparison.

My go!
Mosaic & Austin )
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Well, I'm sure you could guess what todays pics were gonna be of. I was in work at 3 and writing diaries and other paper things till then so this was also a bit of the easy way out for me :x

Think she's called Austin
Full length pic )
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We weren't sure what to do with ourselves today when we got up, but after looking at the mail and finding a VAT charge notice for a parcel I was expecting we went over to Atcham to pay it off and collect x3 It's my Pipos Charlotte! I ordered her at the beginning of December and like all BJD's she took ages to make & arrive XD But woot! She was a present to myself after saving my tips money last year X3 On the way home we stopped in at Wellington again too, but most of the rest of today was just spent dossing :]

& here she is! )
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Hey guess what? I didn't do anything today but spend hours rooting through a newspaper looking for words to cut out. It was a pain in the arse for a little idea XD So I didn't have too much time for pics, hope you're not too bored of the dragons :x

Quite like this one
Spyro too )
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I went up town with Dad for a bit in the afternoon today, and after a visit to the library we walked around the area a bit, Jen & Mum, recognise it?
Dad dropped me off at the station about 4 so I could catch a train to Wolves to meet up with George. Once she had finished work we met up with one of her other mates and all went to Birmingham, where of course we did what we always do there- International sweet shop & sushi Xp~

People standing all day
changed & train too )
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Today wasn't too eventful, I went out with Tony early on to Wellington to check out the markets which was cool but still ended up taking photos at home XD Atlas is wondering what's going on XD

Cute x3
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Bad picture today XD I left it a little late to get one outside, it's was kinda sunny today too!

Mmmm quality
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Today me, Dad & Aunty Betty went to Stafford via Sue's kennels & Penkridge Market. The market was pretty interesting, never been there before and it was pretty big. Stafford I haven't been to in a while and it's a shame the weather wasn't the best else I would've got some really nice pics, there's a lot of nice places around Stafford.

That a huge tudor house!
Church and brass )
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Didn't do too much today but go up town with dad and get some more felt tips xD Oh and take some more grainy pictures xp

I <3 Brand New
Ramens )
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Today we haven't been up to a lot, it took us a while to get going, but we only went out to get a new branch for the dragons tank. We came back with a rock instead XD I can't believe I paid for a rock.
Me & Tony had stir fry for tea tonight too, to use it up. If you click under the cut, it's just the ingredients, not a plate like the other day Xp

Hugo is pleased
stirstirstir! )
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I've been passing Mosaic the past few days and noticing she really needs some more photos taking of her!
The light was failing quickly though so sorry they are a little grainy ;/

Cute x3
Got changed )
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Today was cool, thought we didn't actually get up to a lot! Me and Tony went out and got some bits and bobs, then made tea when we got home. This is the only photo I took today, i don't really like taking pictures of food like this as it doesn't look as appealing as it did irl! It was tasty though ;D



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