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Kinda busy today, we went out in the morning and when we came back made thai beef salad (from a recipe at work) omnomnom. Tony had to go to work after lunch and I mooched about the house, I can't really remember much else from today but I obviously gave the degus some cornflakes ;p

Me please?
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I've had a bit of a fad on the effects photos on my phone atm, and that's the only photos I took today so if you're not keen on these then sorry ^^;

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Boring day today, I'm finding myself loitering a lot lately, like hiding away from things I should be doing by doing nothing x.X Tony had a lad round from work today to work on his pc, they are modifying the case on an old windows 98 pc, I don't know why xp

it lights up too
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Today I just got a pic of Harley in the sun with a daffodil, I take this picture every year (here and here) though i'm not sure why. Harley hasn't changed much over the last year.
i also took this one a day later than the others xD

Look at this
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Today was a bit of a rush as the clocks went forward last night so i got up an hour 'later' than usual and had to be in a meeting at work. The meeting was boring as expected but I had to leave a little early anyway to go get Tony and run over Tony's mum's house. She'd booked us an appointment to have some photos taken at a professional photographers. I've never had photos taken like that before, it was so weird and reeeeeeally awkward, hopefully some of the photos turn out alright though ^^; I'm much better at being this side of the camera! (Not today so much though, it was another dull day and I didn't see much ^^;)

Hanging keything
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Wasn't really sure what to photo today as it was really cloudy and after all the sunny days we've had lately it was pretty depressing ;p I said I'd drawn in my book the other day thou at Acton Burnell, here is what I got down :] I also drew at the town park the other day and I liked it so I thought I'd post that too. I'm not sure if you can read the writing but it's mostly crap and wandering thoughts so don't worry about it ^^;;

At the cherry gardens
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I'm surprised i managed to get more than one photo today as I got my 3DS last night x3 But after I dropped off Tony at work I went out to Lidl and got some seeds (we'll see if they grow for only 29p a pack), then visited Priorslee lake and dossed for a little while before trying to fall in the lake to look at a frog...
After some more dossing in the car playing with my new pup on my ds I went home and back into the garden and did some digging and planting of seeds, I have even put some in the greenhouse to see if they do any good :]

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Me and Tony went out today as it was really sunny again :] I felt a lot better today after sleeping most of yesterday and so we went out to Acton Burnell, and took some lunch x3 I hadn't told Tony where we were going to go but 'somewhere near Shrewsbury' and while he was driving that way he wanted to take us somewhere else first...we both wanted to go to Acton XD We sat around a while and I doodled in my book (still practising real life drawing) and then went an had a look at the creepy tomb in the old church before we had to head back home. We nipped up town and I checked in at Game to make sure they were doing a midnight release for the 3ds tonight, they were, woot x3
When we got home Tony got to work on playing with his car and I messed about in the garden among other things. My onions are growing! I've got a couple of little sprouts!

New at Wroxeter
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I was really ill today and seemed to have got a supercold xd I wasn't so great yesterday but it really hit me today and so this photo of the hyundai was taken as I dawdled out side for an hour and Tony said he wanted a pic of it XD As I dawdled back inside the gerbs were sunbathing again so photo and then I put my camera away and went to bed xD

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It's another random one today, a daffodil that's popped up in the front garden, I don't think we have as many this year as we've had in previous years for some reason.

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I didn't have a lot to do today again so I went out and about Hollinswood looking for fruit tree branches I could give the pets :]

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Boring pic today, I was out in the garden and noticed my oak bonsai was looking a little dry so i decided to bring it inside and see what I could do for it. It's starting to grow a little branch and i took off the wiring i put on it last year and it's holding it's position so that's good too :] It'll be interesting to train it some more this year.

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I went out today cause it was so sunny, up to see how the cherry gardens were doing at the town park. There's so much development going on about around there that i was a little afraid that the gardens would be destroyed, but it looks as if they're safe at the moment.
Today was the first really sunny day in ages and actually before I went to the gardens I was out the front garden and saw a ladybird so raced back in the house to get my camera and when I got back and actually studied the bit of garden the ladybird was in I found 11 more! Wow Spring must really be coming! x3

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I went out for a little while earlier today to Newport, it was a little cold for it really though even though the sun was really bright. I didn't wander very far as Tony called me saying he was back home as he had gone into work at the wrong time, he was supposed to be on a morning shift today but went in at 1.30, oooopps. So a couple of pics later I went back home, but for no real reason really as Tony was just playing fixing his car and I didn't have a lot to do and ended up falling asleep on the front door step XD

So bloody cute
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Alright I suck I know :c I keep putting off ljing and i don't really know why, today I didn't even get a picture with my camera, this was taken on my phone at work, where we didn't have a lot more to do than make sculptures out of bluetak Xp

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Long trip today, to Lincolnshire! We won a car on ebay a couple of days ago and so went to collect it. We are going to get rid of the hyundai in a couple of weeks so we wanted a smaller car. Unfortunately I din't get many pics today and none of the car we went to get *duhhs* It's really chavvy anyway XD
The fist pic is pretty much the entire of lincolnshire- flat, green and foggy XD The others are randoms from a stop off at a service station :]

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I know I only posted a pic like this the other day but i can't get over how cute they are sunbathing X33

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I went out for a dawdle drive today but didn't go far, even though it was sunny, I'm losing my inspiration a little. The lake looked really nice anyway.

Mmmm flare
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I couldn't resist today and got more photos of the new two, cause I brought them home fairly late in the afternoon yesterday you can't really see their colours well, so these show that better. Hover-names was being shifty so it's Newt the white/silver and Minchin the agouti with weird orange patch XD
Other that a lot of photos I was also kind of productive today and got out into the garden and planted some onions, so enjoy this picture of dirt ;p (I was proud of myself, okay? XDD)

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I really wanted to do something today, of course it was also one of the first days in a while which hasn't been sunny XD It was still quite nice going for a little drive in the Hyundai and I ended up at Lincoln Grange. I wanted to see if there was a security guard there again to let me in but there wasn't, so I just took photos of the outside- slightly weird thing though, none of these photos would brighten up on my camera, all the ones of the buildings came out dull no matter what settings I used...weeeeird ;p
I went on to Ironbridge furnaces for a little while, then I decided to do something a little silly, while i'd been out on Monday I'd gone to P@H for dragon food and saw the cutest gerbs, with really unusual markings, today I went back for them :x (hover for names x3)
I'd decided they were going in the hamsters tank and the hammies could live in some rotastack I have in the shed, so when I got home I set everything up and went to put the hamsters in their new home, but I found poor Damien under her coconut, she must've died through the night :C I don't know why though as Yuki is fine and neither are very old, put a bit of a sad edge on the day :/

No ???
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