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Today was one of those nonbusy-busy days. I worked in the morning and then dossed on the pc until I had to pick Tony up. We went for a mooch with Ryan down to a place Tony wanted to see cause he'd heard they had a car the same as his, and from there we went to check out a couple of places in Wellington. I got a laser pen to play with (and avoid peoples eyes/cars/helicopters...i know xp) and the others got speakers, so pretty good day.
Ryan dropped a can of drink he just bought and it split, so he made a spraypaint can out of it, which is what is going on there XD
The evening I tried to spend mostly outside cause it was so sunny!

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Right, I tried to write this like 2 hours ago but got distracted by...well, everything really.
Day off today and although I didn't do much I seem to have got enough photos.
I toured round the countryside with Dad, cleaned out Seabiscuit, took some pics of a doll in the garden and then in the evening went out with Tony and some friends to Cosmo.
It sounds like more when I say it like that XD

Random Day )
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Work in the morning again -.-zzz
When Tony picked me up we went down to Ironbridge for cupcakes! I didn't get to take my camera though so getting the pics off my phone is proving a pain.
At home I mooched round the garden and got these pics, including how the greenhouse looks now!
Dad got back home off a little holiday and gave me some matches he didn't want anymore....silly XD I made a mini bonfire. Things that amuse me when I'm tired XD
Pretty much the rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning out the hallway gerbs. Dmitri and Houdini have finally been given Tai's House. I figured it's time to stop hoarding it and actually let them use it.

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Not really done much today, we popped over to Tony's Mum's and the rest of the day I've spent on the net attempting to be productive. At least I'm still up to date on my PL I suppose!

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Was a pretty boring day today, watched some tv when we woke up and dossed most the rest of the day, I cleaned out Aspen & Flapjack as they should be collected soon. I love Flapjacks colours, so strange! It's like a moult pattern but doesn't go. Work again now xp

Awesome patterns
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Only one today as I got up a bit late and have been concentrating on doing other things :x
I got the dragons to drink and spyro decided she wanted to bath herself again while Hugo decided he wanted to sit in the food. You just can't help some creatures xp

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Not up to a lot today, went out shopping with Dad and then back home and prepared dinner XD Just wandered round the house looking for photos.

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More house-y pics, I didn't really know what to do with myself today.
I gave Atlas some greek yoghurt as he'd been getting a little thin lately, so thought it could do him some good.
The cupcake I just bought from Asda and was the most exciting part of my afternoon XD

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I'm looking after my cousins gerbs, Flapjack & Aspen for a couple of weeks while they're on holiday, it's nice to have (even) more gerbs around the house x] Both have adorable colours, and I think they could be brothers of Minchin and Newt, they're quite similar!

Gerbils & More Gerbils )
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Today: a 'pizza' we were given by Tony's sister as she has just come back from Scarborough and spyro giving herself a bath XD

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Random photos around the house again today XD After the dragon pic I went mooching round the garden for the plants I'm proud of atm x3

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Didn't do much today so here is a pic of the dragons new tank, they're loving it atm, though by the way Hugo is behaving you'd think he wants to fill it with little baby dragons ;d

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It was so nice and sunny outside it turned out to be a pets outside day. Everyone got their turn in the cages on the lawn XD

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Me and Dad went on a little drive about down to another friend's today. This is how Spyro was when I got up.

Just a Shropshire view )
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Spyro has been pacing the tank for a couple of weeks now, generally just messing the place up. Today i gave her a nest box and tonight, eggs!

Close up of eggs )
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Random pics again today, mostly around the house but went out with Dad in the afternoon to the town park.

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Went to Tony's Mums today then just dossed about the house and garden with Dad, until going out for tea with Tony ^^

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Couple more pictures of Wizzo, you can see his yellowy chin here :]

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We've been looking after Janine's bearded Dragon Wizzo for the past couple of days while she is away. Wizzo is Hugo & Spyro's baby, and the only one we still see. He looks very similar to Hugo to me, and has a yellow chin like Spyro X3


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