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Right, I tried to write this like 2 hours ago but got distracted by...well, everything really.
Day off today and although I didn't do much I seem to have got enough photos.
I toured round the countryside with Dad, cleaned out Seabiscuit, took some pics of a doll in the garden and then in the evening went out with Tony and some friends to Cosmo.
It sounds like more when I say it like that XD

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Wow it's been a dull day today, after I got up really late i've really only been on the PC.
I nipped up town quickly though, and got todays picture along the way.
Now back to work I suppose.

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Was a pretty boring day today, watched some tv when we woke up and dossed most the rest of the day, I cleaned out Aspen & Flapjack as they should be collected soon. I love Flapjacks colours, so strange! It's like a moult pattern but doesn't go. Work again now xp

Awesome patterns
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Me and Dad went out exploring again (but you probably could've guessed that, ne?). We found some really nice places today, even finding the 'mill' we were looking for, which turned out to be a weir of some sort XD Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.
One of Harley first, I did a sort of Postsecret theme with the Pullips to post on flickr.

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We got up early today to sell Walnuts at the local market. Didn't do very well at first but once the weather picked up and I made a sign for the middle of the path things started to get going! I think we made over $100 in the end!

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Exploring again. Today we went to both Durie Hill towers to climb and look at the view, grabbed some more ice cream then headed out past Virginia lake to another smaller lake, which we walked around before going to the Basin Reserve gardens. It's really well kept there too and we explored for quite a while.

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Today I have way too many pics to post up cause we did so much, so I'll split it into two entries to save loading times a little x.-
In the morning Mum had to sleep as she was working the night again, so me, Dad & Jen went out to a local view point and had an explore, trying to see some peacocks we'd only caught a glimpse of. Rush managed to find a really smelly old bone too xd
In the afternoon we all went to Virginia lake today to see what it is like these days, of course it hasn't changed a lot, it's still a well-tended place while a peaceful atmosphere and lots to see. I particularly liked the greenhouse which had a really nice display of lots of tropical species. The bird aviary was also really good (all this is free too!) and i took way too many pictures of interesting birds X3
Okay, here's the first 5 from the morning.

Family too
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Today was a little depressing- it actually seems to show in my photos which are mostly monochrome, weird. I was up at 8 and went with Dad to the bus station to wait for his coach to heathrow, he gets to fly out to singapore today, lucky. The coach came on time and left really quickly, it wasn't too sad luckily. I wandered around town a little but couldn't really think of anything to do, so at home I played on the net then Tony came home from helping Paul andwe cooked a little then he went to work. I had the car then which I'm not very confident in as it's huge, but I wanted to go for a drive to get used to it. I'd heard about this dragon statue over past Atcham so I went there.
It was pretty cool, bigger than I thought it was going to be, but very cold out there so I didn't spend too long before i got back in the car, within a couple of minutes it started to rain! I was thinking of going into Shrewsbury to get some postcards but i wasn't confident enough to manage parking close to town so I went to Wroxeter instead. Which was closed to the public today XD
I went back down the road after a little chat to the guy watching the door in Wroxeter and found some Snowdrops that i thought were a weird shape, so Austin got to come out too :]
The rest of the evening I spend in the sitting room floor in front of the heater making a mess with scrapbook supplies XD

Dad's bus
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Today we didn't get up to much till the evening when me & Dad went to see the christmas lights switched on at Ironbridge, they had a little market as well as quite a few of the local shops staying open.
At 7.30 the lights came on and the fireworks started! They didn't actually last that long but they were really good! The finale was awesome!
Right before we left I bought some cupcakes too xp~ These ones are white choc & raspberry, sundae & gingerbread, sounds good to me x3

Guess what?
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Dad didn't feel awesome today but we went out for a drive round parts of the area & countryside to look for colours to photo :]
The first one is near Newport, the other I have no idea but it's pretty :]

Pretty autumn
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Today I went with Dad and our neighbour Garry to Bridgnorth :] We just went for the wander and to get some veg and stuff from the markets, it was fun :] There is a lot of colour is Bridgnorth at the moment too, so I enjoyed taking pics today =d I actually used the little camera too for a change instaed of my phone, so the pics are of a better quality for a change XD

That is a yellow tree
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Today was day 2 of UK Ponycon! Because I don't really keep up with the MLP forums, it was only luck I remembered that it might be on this weekend :x Luckily today was the open to the public day so I convinced Tony to go and I got to drag him round a hall full of many stalls selling so many ponies x3 I bought a few that I'd wanted as a kid, like Firefly who is common as anything but we never found at a bootsale.
We were there for 2 hours I think and I ended up with a nice little haul, though I didn't really get many compared to what was there! shibbyshibby, maybe I should book tickets next year to get the exclusive too x3
(This is the first Ponycon I've been to in years! The last one was in 2004!)

Maybe UK Ponycon?
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Today we didn't do a lot, just hung out round Tony's mums house for a little while as she's just got back from the caravan.
Just some autumn colours for today.

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Today I went out and about with Tony, then he had to go to work at 1.30 as he had a cheffing shift today, and I went out with Dad to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels :] It was a nice afternoon ^^
Mum, recognise the rip off? ;p

Collie van
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The weather hasn't been brill lately and with me not having my camera I've not really got the inspiration to be looking for good pictures, things i'm seeing atm don't seem to really appeal in photos, as it's turns out.

Just Autumn
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It was a nice day today but i only got random pictures really.
I got a new orange wig for one of my pullips today, I put it on Margaux but not sure it'll be her full-time wig, I might put it on Quill-Moth yet. I think it's the dark eyechips on Margaux that makes this not suit her too well, or it might just be because stock she should have a dark wig, and that's what most people keep on her, bleh, whatever!
I realised I hadn't taken pics of the baby dragons either for a little while, so here are the biggest & smallest baby dragon on my hand for size comparison :]

Pretty ginger
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Today me & Dad went out to the rotunda in Ironbridge. It was a nice day and I felt like taking photos, so I've got quite a few for today ^^;
My camera is playing up a bit atm, took me ages to get the two of the Ironbridge x.X
A good day for insects today, but I didn't post the ones of the spiders I found, that'll save a couple of people ;p
See Dad's Journal for me getting the pic of the brown butterfly XD

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Today I was having trouble getting a pic again. I went shopping with Dad & on the way home noticed some trees turning colour! It took ages last time i was actually looking out for it, but this year it's jumped me *.*
So, it's autumn :x

Already :/
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Today was pretty cool. I wasn't doing anything on the pc at home & even though I felt pretty sick still Dad said we could go out somewhere. I don't know really where we went XD
First we found a bootsale, it was a pound to get in and was only about 20 cars!! Ruuubish unfortunatly. English bootsales have probably been ruined since eBay came along.
Then we went along through some country roads, looking for a place dad had seen from a bus yesterday. We eventually found it, it was a house shaped like a castle!
We went and found a kennels owned by someone dad knows, but they were out so we carried on, browsing the lanes.
On the way back it rained really hard, then the sun came out x3 I always complain that whenever I spot a rainbow I never have my camera, but of course today I did! =D I think I took enough rainbow pics to last my quite some time!

It's a castle house!
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Same as yesterday really, went over to Tony's after a while dossing on my pc and didn't get up to much all day. All I have is this single least it's...colourful, right? :X

Red branches!


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