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Today was fairly busy, and I've certainly got enough photos x.X Me and Dad went out heading toward Church Stretton and took a massive detour to explore the countryside, stopping for photos and to eat blackberries x3 We probably mooched about for 2 hours or so.
When we got to Church Stretton we went up Carding Mill Valley, and we saw a fox cub out in broad daylight! I couldn't get to a decent place to grab a pic before it got scared off though, this was the best I could do. We went for a small explore up the valley, and jumped the stream a few times.
We went for a walk round the town, got some unintended tea at the co-op and went back up the valley to eat XD Dossing a little more, then we went back home :]

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Right, I tried to write this like 2 hours ago but got distracted by...well, everything really.
Day off today and although I didn't do much I seem to have got enough photos.
I toured round the countryside with Dad, cleaned out Seabiscuit, took some pics of a doll in the garden and then in the evening went out with Tony and some friends to Cosmo.
It sounds like more when I say it like that XD

Random Day )
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Went on a little drive to amuse myself today as I worked in the morning and Tony was working in the afternoon...typical xp But I had an alright time on my own and found a few country lanes I've never seen before. Both of these were from a little village I stopped at :]

This is what Quaint must be )
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More exploring today, around the Wrekin, which has a little lake at the bottom I didn't know about before and then onto explore some more random lanes and villages x3
I was also testing out an interesting little film camera I got at Bridgnorth the other day, it takes 110 film (which was a sod to find) and I think I'm gonna have even more trouble looking for someone to develop it.

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Me and Tony went on a trip out today =D It's been ages since I've been able to drag him out somewhere, so it was nice for a change Xp
I took him to the Mill me and Dad had visited earlier in the week, then onto Wolves to visit the giant garden centre, he put up with it all quite nicely :]
PS. I seem to have missed 3 days here in a row, seems unlikely but I just can't find the photos, how strange.

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Went out with Dad to Bridgnorth today as we haven't been there for a little while. He showed me a place called Daniel's Mill which I've been wondering where it was for ages x3 It was a really good day actually.

The mill )
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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

Messing about on the river )
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Me, Dad & Aunty Betty went out exploring today, I had a new camera through the mail I wanted to test out & play with and it was another lovely day so it was all good :]
Got more shots of typical Shropshire xp

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It's Dad's birthday today :] We did presents then went out for the day here and there. We visited the Bratch, Wolves Airport, a couple of villages I've forgotten the name of, an even an abandoned house!

Quite a few today )
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Okay so we're back here again.
I had a good night's sleep at the Pan Pacific, so much that I couldn't get up in time for breakfast, but then what's new? XD
After I'd packed & checked out I had lunch (also free, woo!) and then went over to see when check-in would be for my flight to NZ. It turned out that I could check in right away, but that I'd have about a 8/9hour wait till the actual flight XD So I hung about the airport, looking shops, getting Starbucks and just being glad the next step was just to get on the plane, which I boarded at about 10pm :]

I love this hotel
Airports & Flying )
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Today I went over to Attingham park for a mooch, I thought they had a bluebell woods...well they do, but I was too early for it! I still had a good day in the sun and walked right round the park, saw some deer and some really nice gardens, I stayed there quite late too pretty much until sunset, just dossing and stalking a pheasant XD

Used to own the manor
Bit pic heavy this one )
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We didn't get up to a lot today. We didn't get up till quite late cause Tony wasn't feeling too good, and when we did we just went mooching for a tool shop Tony remembered, but it didn't turn out to be that useful.
We then went up to Tony's mums, and had tea there before I had to come home and go to work.

It's a factory!
More cherry blossoms )
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Today was a bit of a rush as the clocks went forward last night so i got up an hour 'later' than usual and had to be in a meeting at work. The meeting was boring as expected but I had to leave a little early anyway to go get Tony and run over Tony's mum's house. She'd booked us an appointment to have some photos taken at a professional photographers. I've never had photos taken like that before, it was so weird and reeeeeeally awkward, hopefully some of the photos turn out alright though ^^; I'm much better at being this side of the camera! (Not today so much though, it was another dull day and I didn't see much ^^;)

Hanging keything
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Me and Tony went out today as it was really sunny again :] I felt a lot better today after sleeping most of yesterday and so we went out to Acton Burnell, and took some lunch x3 I hadn't told Tony where we were going to go but 'somewhere near Shrewsbury' and while he was driving that way he wanted to take us somewhere else first...we both wanted to go to Acton XD We sat around a while and I doodled in my book (still practising real life drawing) and then went an had a look at the creepy tomb in the old church before we had to head back home. We nipped up town and I checked in at Game to make sure they were doing a midnight release for the 3ds tonight, they were, woot x3
When we got home Tony got to work on playing with his car and I messed about in the garden among other things. My onions are growing! I've got a couple of little sprouts!

New at Wroxeter
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I really wanted to do something today, of course it was also one of the first days in a while which hasn't been sunny XD It was still quite nice going for a little drive in the Hyundai and I ended up at Lincoln Grange. I wanted to see if there was a security guard there again to let me in but there wasn't, so I just took photos of the outside- slightly weird thing though, none of these photos would brighten up on my camera, all the ones of the buildings came out dull no matter what settings I used...weeeeird ;p
I went on to Ironbridge furnaces for a little while, then I decided to do something a little silly, while i'd been out on Monday I'd gone to P@H for dragon food and saw the cutest gerbs, with really unusual markings, today I went back for them :x (hover for names x3)
I'd decided they were going in the hamsters tank and the hammies could live in some rotastack I have in the shed, so when I got home I set everything up and went to put the hamsters in their new home, but I found poor Damien under her coconut, she must've died through the night :C I don't know why though as Yuki is fine and neither are very old, put a bit of a sad edge on the day :/

No ???
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Today me and Tony walked up town to tax his car hyundai so then we can drive it =D That didn't take long so we took a walk over towards the town park so I could take a pic of what they're doing to the place for Jen & Mum...
On the way home we stopped off at a place me & Tony used to go every now and then when we used to have to walk more often, a road bridge near the town x3 Still fun to sit up there where people can't see you unless they look, but weird in the daytime ;p

The lake? )
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Today me and dad went down to Ironbridge as the river is really high and so they have put up the flood defences, also the weather was really nice so it was a good excuse to be out x3

Little bit in the crap
More around Ironbridge )
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Today I went with Tony to keep him company as he picked up some new wheels for his car from Leicester, it was quite a long drive but the weather was good and it was pretty easy to reach so pretty good :] photos were a little more difficult though, I took this one on the way back through Birmingham. It's such a winter sunlight.

Watery sunlight
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I went up town with Dad for a bit in the afternoon today, and after a visit to the library we walked around the area a bit, Jen & Mum, recognise it?
Dad dropped me off at the station about 4 so I could catch a train to Wolves to meet up with George. Once she had finished work we met up with one of her other mates and all went to Birmingham, where of course we did what we always do there- International sweet shop & sushi Xp~

People standing all day
changed & train too )
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Today me, Dad & Aunty Betty went to Stafford via Sue's kennels & Penkridge Market. The market was pretty interesting, never been there before and it was pretty big. Stafford I haven't been to in a while and it's a shame the weather wasn't the best else I would've got some really nice pics, there's a lot of nice places around Stafford.

That a huge tudor house!
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