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Today was fairly busy, and I've certainly got enough photos x.X Me and Dad went out heading toward Church Stretton and took a massive detour to explore the countryside, stopping for photos and to eat blackberries x3 We probably mooched about for 2 hours or so.
When we got to Church Stretton we went up Carding Mill Valley, and we saw a fox cub out in broad daylight! I couldn't get to a decent place to grab a pic before it got scared off though, this was the best I could do. We went for a small explore up the valley, and jumped the stream a few times.
We went for a walk round the town, got some unintended tea at the co-op and went back up the valley to eat XD Dossing a little more, then we went back home :]

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Work in the morning again -.-zzz
When Tony picked me up we went down to Ironbridge for cupcakes! I didn't get to take my camera though so getting the pics off my phone is proving a pain.
At home I mooched round the garden and got these pics, including how the greenhouse looks now!
Dad got back home off a little holiday and gave me some matches he didn't want anymore....silly XD I made a mini bonfire. Things that amuse me when I'm tired XD
Pretty much the rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning out the hallway gerbs. Dmitri and Houdini have finally been given Tai's House. I figured it's time to stop hoarding it and actually let them use it.

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Was a pretty boring day today, watched some tv when we woke up and dossed most the rest of the day, I cleaned out Aspen & Flapjack as they should be collected soon. I love Flapjacks colours, so strange! It's like a moult pattern but doesn't go. Work again now xp

Awesome patterns
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It was a drab day today but me and Dad went out anyway, checking out what the poppy field with the giant poppies was looking like now. Not a flower in sight! We were in a funny mood though and so got some of the seeds and spread them over the road under the hedge, then drove a couple of miles away and put some more there XD Weirdos.

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Random photos around the house again today XD After the dragon pic I went mooching round the garden for the plants I'm proud of atm x3

Plants )
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Me and Dad went out Badger way today and explored the dell :]
The cat is one that's been visiting us recently, it's got 6 toes on each paw!

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Me and Tony were out and about today, Tony got this massive can of Monster through the mail and we were both a bit taken with it (even though I hate monster XD Who can't love a can of energy drink this big?) I got Tony to take my pic with it as we were waiting at the lights, we know the pattern from going through them so often so knew we had time to take a photo....luckily the undercover policeman in the car behind kinda understood. We're so stupid, but luckily didn't get a ticket.
This one is the greenhouse, it's quite, well, green this year and Dad is really pleased with it x3

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Me, Dad & Aunty Betty went out exploring today, I had a new camera through the mail I wanted to test out & play with and it was another lovely day so it was all good :]
Got more shots of typical Shropshire xp

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Gerbil day yesterday, plants day today! I took one of the poppy before we went to Tony's Mum's and one when we got back, when it had stopped raining. Couldn't quite choose between them ^^;
The other is the little pepper plants I bought on special for 40p from Tesco last night, and some coriander seeds that have yet to show.

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A little furtherings on the garden.
More strawberries ripening and the peas are getting bigger :]

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Today was dry again, shibby! I was out and about in the garden again, I planted a new Raspberry cane I bought myself since the last one turned out to just be a twig xp I also found the first strawberry of the season!
The pics of the gerbs were to cute not to put up too.

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Just to show how the front looked when I got back.

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We went up the Wanganui river road today, it was a good trip and lovely seeing the views and rain in the valleys. It was a lot longer than we remembered!

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Exploring again. Today we went to both Durie Hill towers to climb and look at the view, grabbed some more ice cream then headed out past Virginia lake to another smaller lake, which we walked around before going to the Basin Reserve gardens. It's really well kept there too and we explored for quite a while.

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Today I have way too many pics to post up cause we did so much, so I'll split it into two entries to save loading times a little x.-
In the morning Mum had to sleep as she was working the night again, so me, Dad & Jen went out to a local view point and had an explore, trying to see some peacocks we'd only caught a glimpse of. Rush managed to find a really smelly old bone too xd
In the afternoon we all went to Virginia lake today to see what it is like these days, of course it hasn't changed a lot, it's still a well-tended place while a peaceful atmosphere and lots to see. I particularly liked the greenhouse which had a really nice display of lots of tropical species. The bird aviary was also really good (all this is free too!) and i took way too many pictures of interesting birds X3
Okay, here's the first 5 from the morning.

Family too
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Just a quick entry as I'm on a bit of a tight scedule atm, to a degree XD Anyway, today I was super busy, racing round the house doing this and that, cleaning and making sure things were tidy. I decided I wanted photos of all my plants so I can see in a few weeks time how they've grown and stuff :] I also got a random one of the Bayeux just cause :]
Well I better go, I'm in a rush and most annoying of all photobucket has decided to be a bitch so I'll have to come back later and include the pics, sorry about that (It's most dirt and a pullip so don't be bothered! XD)

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Today I revisited the cherry gardens up the town park :] The weather was good and there were some more blossoms about this time so it was a little better, a lot more peaceful too as there were no chavs this time even though it's Saturday. :] Unfortunately I didn't have all the time to sit around! I didn't realise but they close the gardens at 5. Actually I really like some of the shots I got today even if it is just stereotypical sakura ;p

Obvious one out the way
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Me and Tony went out today as it was really sunny again :] I felt a lot better today after sleeping most of yesterday and so we went out to Acton Burnell, and took some lunch x3 I hadn't told Tony where we were going to go but 'somewhere near Shrewsbury' and while he was driving that way he wanted to take us somewhere else first...we both wanted to go to Acton XD We sat around a while and I doodled in my book (still practising real life drawing) and then went an had a look at the creepy tomb in the old church before we had to head back home. We nipped up town and I checked in at Game to make sure they were doing a midnight release for the 3ds tonight, they were, woot x3
When we got home Tony got to work on playing with his car and I messed about in the garden among other things. My onions are growing! I've got a couple of little sprouts!

New at Wroxeter
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I got my picture off my camera- used Tony PC XD It's not even a particularly interesting one, but I am trying not to miss a day so soon in the year!
I actually saw these walking home from Town and went back with my camera to take a photo- not really sure it was worth it! XD Oh Jen, remember what we called these?

? berries
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I didn't really have any intentions for photos today but I ended up with a few I liked :] It was my day off today too so I did a fair bit of dossing and I was glad I didn't have to work after the weekend.
Anyway here's some pics.

Liking the cobwebs atm
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