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Day two of Download. Awesome bands today too, though i nearly froze watching system of a Down....totally worth it, of course x3
We also saw Bowling for Soup on an acoustic set & the King Blues in these pics :]

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I did try to narrow down today's photos- but i've still got 8, sorry ;d
First day of Download! It was so cool (and at time, just plain cold xp) and we got to see loads of bands today x3 The ones I've got pictures up of are CKY & Pendulum, though we saw many more.

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Went over to Fielding today with Dad and Jen as we missed it the first time we intended to go. There was a little market, lots of shops to check out and the livestock market was on too so that was really interesting to see.
Later on we went out with Mum too for a drive about past her house and saw the brightest rainbow x3

Awesome Fielding Sign
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We went for a day trip down to Wellington today, exploring the waterfront and then Te Papa before nipping up into the town and then back to the waterfront :]

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Alright I've thought about it and hopefully this is how it will work: I will post pics-a-day for my trip away as usual, but perhaps with less description, of course questions are always welcome if you're wondering what's going on and I don't mention it!
So, this is the day I left for NZ, it was a massive stress for me as I'd never travelled alone before and my latter flight got cancelled months ago with no-one telling me. Luckily the airline got it sorted with the help of my original booking company and I chose to get on the plane that day and to get on my way rather than stay overnight in an english hotel (got enough of that as it is!)
So I had to wait around in the airport for many hours, but that was okay because i love airports, and it was even better with me once I got on the plane, I adore flying so it was a relief to at least started my journey!

My plane
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Long trip today, to Lincolnshire! We won a car on ebay a couple of days ago and so went to collect it. We are going to get rid of the hyundai in a couple of weeks so we wanted a smaller car. Unfortunately I din't get many pics today and none of the car we went to get *duhhs* It's really chavvy anyway XD
The fist pic is pretty much the entire of lincolnshire- flat, green and foggy XD The others are randoms from a stop off at a service station :]

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Today wasn't a good day for pictures really as i got out of my room too late to really do anything.
I got a postcard today though, I've joined a site called postcrossing and you send postcards out to random people and different random people will send you cards too x3 It's pretty cool to see where all the cards come from. Today I got one from China x3
The lights picture is the back of my new pc x3 It's got a huge lit up CPU heatsink <3

Just a few so far
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Not too much going on today so I just stuck around the house really XD
I got Hugo out and he went really yellow, he really loves coming out, so cute!
The sky actually looked exactly like this today, often I can't get sunset pics the same as they appear, but must've been something about the way the light was refracting that made today so gradiented :]
Oh, and the last pic was actually from yesterday but i didn't want to go back and edit that post XD

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I spent all day at work today after staying the night in the cloakroom (lolz boring story) and I was on the late x.X Still, it was a pretty dead night after the busy lunch and I got to mostly hang around.
I got this pic pretty late on, it was really foggy towards the night after a crisp day.

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Today I was in work early again but first I went out with Dad. We were only going to do some shopping but we ended up on a mini-mooch about Telford :]
The first picture is a little difficult to make out, but it's the sun only just covered by clouds, it's just visible but threw no heat, me & Dad just thought it looked nice with the frosted trees too.

See it?
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I was at work at 3 today, but it was okay as the weather was awful out, completely cold and foggy all day, so it was nice to be inside XD But cause it was so foggy this cobweb showed up so well x3 If only I'd had my proper camera I could've got a really good pic Xp
The second pic is rubbish cause it's taken on my phone through a window but it sorta shows the fog outside.

Webby wheelbarrow
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Today was like the most wasted day you've ever seen until about 6, although I did do most of my past LJ entries to catch up so I guess that was pretty good, I am now finally up to date! For the first time in probably a year! *parties* I did actually spend most of the time looking up music on youtube, it was pretty good, found a lot of tracks I'd forgotten about :]
At about 6 I decided to get going and I made my tea and some fairy cakes (in a cupcake mood ;p) and then Dad came home and about 7.15 we went to the Donnington Bonfire =D I'd booked tonight off work so I could go as I haven't been for the last 3 or 4 years cause work kept making me go in.
So as you'd expect, have some pics of fireworks! The little camera did an okay job I think :] Oh but first is a pic of Smalls asleep on his tank X3

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Today me, Tony & Dan from work jumped on the train to Birmingham Arena to see Linkin Park! We didn't really mooch about the court much after we'd grabbed a bite to eat but just went in and sat around, the arena was practically empty when we went in, even by 7.30 when the supporting act came on it wasn't full, but at 8.30 when Linkin Park started it was packed XD It was an awesome show though, even though still now I can't actually name many songs XD It improved my view on some of their newer music though, have to update my ipod now XD
I was told i couldn't take my camera either but when we got there loads of people had them X// So I had to take photos with my phone instead, sorry ;d

After the support
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Today we went to York! It took a bit of fussing as we meant to get the train, but then we found out the station was only running buses while they repaired the lines. Mel was not happy and refused to pay train fares for a bus, so we went by car XD York is such a beautiful place! It has some tiny streets and lots of modern things too, it really is a lovely city. First we went to the Minster, I kept calling it a cathedral but apparently you should not, because it is a it turns out it has a sodding cathedral built into it and to me looked like a massive church anyway! It was really beautiful though, luckily we went on a day when they were only holding minimal services so we didn't have to worry about avoiding those (Not that it's a problem for me, I'd just rather not get in their way!) so after a bit of an explore there we went on to get some foods & find a pharmacy as Tony wasn't feeling well, he seemed to have the same thing Mel had only was taking it a little worse. After some lunch we went to look at a small round castle, I climbed to the thing and took some pictures, but didn't go in. When I met back up with the other 2, Tony wasn't good at all so Mel thought it was probably best if we went home. So we shall have to visit York again sometime! I would like to go with my big camera & take some pictures that aren't skewed (I don't know what was wrong with me at the cathedral but every. single. one. of my photos is off one way or the other xdd) and explore the basements & tower some more, I would also like to maybe climb the castle for the view and then look at the roman walls which we only saw a tiny bit of XD Next time then.

Tudor houses everywhere
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How did it get to this time of night already? Wow.
Today I went to Birmingham with George, my friend from Wolves. At first we explored regular shops with her boyfriend, West, but after a bit he & George had words and he went home in a huff o0 Luckily everything we wanted to see in Birmingham was pretty close to the station so I didn't feel too bad about being left. We went to the international sweet shop and I got lots of sweets (of course i don't need them, but how often do I go to b/ham and see foreign sweets?), then we went to the Tepenyaki sushi place <3 Omnomnom, we were there for about 2 hours XD Such greedy people XD

Near the mailbox
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Today I booked off, so I had a whole day to myself, kinda ;D Me and Dad went down to Ironbridge to check out the stalls that were there for the Ironbridge festival, there was this and that and it was nice to wander up and down as the weather was pretty good today too, got a right chill coming in the wind though.
Anyway, after listening to the school steel drums band for a while we went back home. Tony was going to bring me back come dark but he'd worked a 20hour shift cause the PI was a bit of a bitch last nigh, so he was too tired. Dad and me went back own at 7.00ish I think. There were fireworks at 8 as well! I got loads of photos, too many as usual, but my camera was playing up again and wouldn't focus if I zoomed at all ;/
Oh, and I felt like taking a desk pic this morning for some reason XD

Felt like a desk pic...
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Today I also didn't have much of a chance for pics before going to work, so I took the camera in again. And again, there wasn't really anything to take a pic of XD I ended up ony with this pic, which I realised when I got home doesn't make a lot of sense if you don't know what it is i don't think. See if you can guess anyway XD

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Similarly to yesterday I had a lot of work today and not so much inspiration for pictures :C So I didn't really get a pic today because this one here i took last night, while we were eating. So it was taken after midnight and it counts, it just wasnn't taken after i woke back up.
It's just some streetlights through the mist on Tony's car windows. I kinda liked the colours and effect :]

Like a surreal painting
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Again didn't get up to a lot today that I remember. I'm pretty sure we went up he jobcentre, but not 100% they're proper messing us about with payment atm and even their machines are quite rubbish, all 'experience' jobs ;/
Whatever, we took pics of Tony's xbox today and I actually didn't get anything decent so I'm using one of the sale pics XD Tony bought this xbox with a broken disk tray and fixed it and made the box, and is gonna put it on eBay and see how it does. The lights change colour if you wanna check it out at my youtube.

A flamin' xbox!


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