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Today was fairly busy, and I've certainly got enough photos x.X Me and Dad went out heading toward Church Stretton and took a massive detour to explore the countryside, stopping for photos and to eat blackberries x3 We probably mooched about for 2 hours or so.
When we got to Church Stretton we went up Carding Mill Valley, and we saw a fox cub out in broad daylight! I couldn't get to a decent place to grab a pic before it got scared off though, this was the best I could do. We went for a small explore up the valley, and jumped the stream a few times.
We went for a walk round the town, got some unintended tea at the co-op and went back up the valley to eat XD Dossing a little more, then we went back home :]

So many today )
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Me and Dad went out exploring again (but you probably could've guessed that, ne?). We found some really nice places today, even finding the 'mill' we were looking for, which turned out to be a weir of some sort XD Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.
One of Harley first, I did a sort of Postsecret theme with the Pullips to post on flickr.

Load of Pics today too )
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It was a drab day today but me and Dad went out anyway, checking out what the poppy field with the giant poppies was looking like now. Not a flower in sight! We were in a funny mood though and so got some of the seeds and spread them over the road under the hedge, then drove a couple of miles away and put some more there XD Weirdos.

Out in the evening )
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Went out with Dad to Bridgnorth today as we haven't been there for a little while. He showed me a place called Daniel's Mill which I've been wondering where it was for ages x3 It was a really good day actually.

The mill )
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Me and Dad went out Badger way today and explored the dell :]
The cat is one that's been visiting us recently, it's got 6 toes on each paw!

Near Badger today )
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Me and Dad went on a little drive about down to another friend's today. This is how Spyro was when I got up.

Just a Shropshire view )
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Me & Dad went out to visit one of his beermat friends who owns a kennels today, and on the way we explored a bit of canal with had some interesting shots.

Tripping around )
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Today I went to a pretty surreal place with Dad, a field full of poppies! They were huge and there were so many of them, I wonder what they'd make out of all these?
I've misplaced a couple of days worth of pics somewhere along the line too. But we'll ignore that for now.

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Me, Dad & Aunty Betty went out exploring today, I had a new camera through the mail I wanted to test out & play with and it was another lovely day so it was all good :]
Got more shots of typical Shropshire xp

Few more )
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Me and Dad decided we would both go up the Wrekin today! Dad was pretty tired so I managed to keep up with him mostly XD It kills me to go up but the view is worth it.
We also went through the Needles eye, which people say you must do to call yourself a true Salopian XD It was a little awkward since there is a large rock jammed in it now, it fell there during a small earthquake in the '90s. Dad helped me clamber over it XD

Me, Dad & the eye )
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Me and Dad went out this evening to explore the countryside, it was a lovely evening too.

Shropshire )
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Dad was busy today and Tony at work early so I went out to amuse myself. I got a new monster high clothes set from Smyths so took my Lagoona doll out to Cound. I know i should grow up but I just couldn't help myself xp
Today was soooo hot by the time i'd had enough playing by the stream I wasn't ready to go home so I decided to do something I haven't done in years- walk up the Wrekin, out local 'mountain'! (Yeah it's just a small hill by most standards xp) It was tiring but def worth it and I stayed up there till the sun set :]

Lots of exploring today )
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It's Dad's birthday today :] We did presents then went out for the day here and there. We visited the Bratch, Wolves Airport, a couple of villages I've forgotten the name of, an even an abandoned house!

Quite a few today )
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Day two of Download. Awesome bands today too, though i nearly froze watching system of a Down....totally worth it, of course x3
We also saw Bowling for Soup on an acoustic set & the King Blues in these pics :]

& back to DL )
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I did try to narrow down today's photos- but i've still got 8, sorry ;d
First day of Download! It was so cool (and at time, just plain cold xp) and we got to see loads of bands today x3 The ones I've got pictures up of are CKY & Pendulum, though we saw many more.

Download! )
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It was Tony's birthday today! He wanted to go for a drive and since it was a lovely day we took Tony's car out all the way to Portmadog beach :]
We had a little car picnic, explored the beach and even had a nap XD

Beachy )
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Much long tripping later and fun plane rides (I spelt a lot on the second one unfortunately)I was back in the UK!
I waited for my bus then Tony picked me up from Wolves, it was so good to see him! At home he had set up a surprise for me as I'd got him while i was away with an egg hunt XD I had 70+ kinder eggs all set up on the stairs! XD We spent the rest of the day lazing around and chatting :]

Scenery and home )
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My last full day in NZ today, we went on the other side of the Wanganui River road, all the way exploring this and that and stopping for photos. At the end of the trip we stuck around the house and I fed the sheep some apples as a goodbye treat.

10 pics under here today, ow )
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Went over to Fielding today with Dad and Jen as we missed it the first time we intended to go. There was a little market, lots of shops to check out and the livestock market was on too so that was really interesting to see.
Later on we went out with Mum too for a drive about past her house and saw the brightest rainbow x3

Awesome Fielding Sign
Lots to see today )
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We went for a day trip down to Wellington today, exploring the waterfront and then Te Papa before nipping up into the town and then back to the waterfront :]

Wellington is Awesome )


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