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Today was fairly busy, and I've certainly got enough photos x.X Me and Dad went out heading toward Church Stretton and took a massive detour to explore the countryside, stopping for photos and to eat blackberries x3 We probably mooched about for 2 hours or so.
When we got to Church Stretton we went up Carding Mill Valley, and we saw a fox cub out in broad daylight! I couldn't get to a decent place to grab a pic before it got scared off though, this was the best I could do. We went for a small explore up the valley, and jumped the stream a few times.
We went for a walk round the town, got some unintended tea at the co-op and went back up the valley to eat XD Dossing a little more, then we went back home :]

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Me and dad went out today, first to Wolves then onto Bilston where we looked round the market then got some tea at a Spoons before going to a show! I'd got tickets to go see the Small Fakers & Kinx, 2 tribute bands, for Dad for his Birthday. We even saw another band first, Target by Numbers, who were pretty good too!

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More exploring today, around the Wrekin, which has a little lake at the bottom I didn't know about before and then onto explore some more random lanes and villages x3
I was also testing out an interesting little film camera I got at Bridgnorth the other day, it takes 110 film (which was a sod to find) and I think I'm gonna have even more trouble looking for someone to develop it.

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There was a country and western mini-festival over in Wolverhampton so me, Dad and Aunty Betty went to check it out XD

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Off around the county again today XD We were with a couple of Dad's maes so Dad was showing them around some of our favourite spots. We went to Arley and had lunch then onto Bewdley and looked around there. It was a really nice day :]

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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

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Dad was busy today and Tony at work early so I went out to amuse myself. I got a new monster high clothes set from Smyths so took my Lagoona doll out to Cound. I know i should grow up but I just couldn't help myself xp
Today was soooo hot by the time i'd had enough playing by the stream I wasn't ready to go home so I decided to do something I haven't done in years- walk up the Wrekin, out local 'mountain'! (Yeah it's just a small hill by most standards xp) It was tiring but def worth it and I stayed up there till the sun set :]

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It was Tony's birthday today! He wanted to go for a drive and since it was a lovely day we took Tony's car out all the way to Portmadog beach :]
We had a little car picnic, explored the beach and even had a nap XD

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We actually did quite a bit today but i only have a picture from when we went to Cosmo in the evening. It was pretty awesome, even better than the lunch menu! It's an all you can eat restaurant but has a variety of different cuisines xp~

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Me, Dad and Jen went canoeing down the Wanganui river today! We did 8km, and didn't take quite as long as we did the first time we tried it XD
Mum, Jen & I went out for tea in the evening too as we couldn't go out yesterday.

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Today Me, Dad and Jen went on an explore of the local towns. First we went to Marton, then onto Bulls for lunch, and finally although we were supposed to go to Fielding too I distracted everyone and made us go to Palmy so we could check out the park there! Unfortunately it was half term so no playing on the playground :c

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Today I went over to Attingham park for a mooch, I thought they had a bluebell woods...well they do, but I was too early for it! I still had a good day in the sun and walked right round the park, saw some deer and some really nice gardens, I stayed there quite late too pretty much until sunset, just dossing and stalking a pheasant XD

Used to own the manor
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I was gonna be going out with Tony today but this and that happened where he got caught up so by 1pm I found myself in Arley by myself :] But like I said yesterday, I find ways to amuse myself so I had a snack by the river, then went to wander over the bridge and up to the station. I didn't have to wait too long for the first train, and after a bit of writing, photo taking and dossing another train came in, unfortunately backwards, luckily the first one had come forwards so at least I got some good photos.
I spent a good couple of hours there before heading back to the car (getting ice cream along the way! It was some lovely weather today x3 Plus the ice cream was Worcester Plum flavour- how unusual!)

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I really wanted to do something today, of course it was also one of the first days in a while which hasn't been sunny XD It was still quite nice going for a little drive in the Hyundai and I ended up at Lincoln Grange. I wanted to see if there was a security guard there again to let me in but there wasn't, so I just took photos of the outside- slightly weird thing though, none of these photos would brighten up on my camera, all the ones of the buildings came out dull no matter what settings I used...weeeeird ;p
I went on to Ironbridge furnaces for a little while, then I decided to do something a little silly, while i'd been out on Monday I'd gone to P@H for dragon food and saw the cutest gerbs, with really unusual markings, today I went back for them :x (hover for names x3)
I'd decided they were going in the hamsters tank and the hammies could live in some rotastack I have in the shed, so when I got home I set everything up and went to put the hamsters in their new home, but I found poor Damien under her coconut, she must've died through the night :C I don't know why though as Yuki is fine and neither are very old, put a bit of a sad edge on the day :/

No ???
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We went on a long trip down near London Sneddy today to pick up some car parts, it wasn't particularly eventful and I only got a picture of the guys car, it's a black version of Tony's.
We didn't get up to much when we got home today either, but about 10.30 in the evening we decided we were hungry and cooked ourselves up a feast from the freezer XD

Super Shiny Black
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Alright, today I decided to actually /do something/. I dropped Tony off at work, faffed about getting petrol a bit then made my way over to Cound, a tiny village near Shrewsbury. The country lanes there are dead scary in a car you're not sure the width of :x I'm glad no one was behind me as I edged the sharp corners at about 2 miles an hour x.X
I didn't do a lot in Cound, the beauty of it is in the snowdrops that come up in thousands this time of year, so I just relaxed, took photos and went for a dawdle. I even messed about posing a couple of the pullips I took while there weren't any other walkers about XD
Oh yeah, the last picture is faint, but it's of a bat! It was hunting in a clearing when it was so light out! I don't know quite what was going on with that.

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Today me, Dad & Aunty Betty went to Stafford via Sue's kennels & Penkridge Market. The market was pretty interesting, never been there before and it was pretty big. Stafford I haven't been to in a while and it's a shame the weather wasn't the best else I would've got some really nice pics, there's a lot of nice places around Stafford.

That a huge tudor house!
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Today Dad had sorted a visit out with Sue, a beermat friend of his who owns a kennels. One of the dogs she had recently taken in to help the RSPCA was a St. Bernard, and she had puppies while staying with Sue! The old owner of the mum had neglected her and the sire, who she also owned, so the RSPCA had taken them off her, she'd said the mum def wasn't pregnant though!
So the Dad got rehomed after fattening up a little, and now Sue gets to look after the Mum & pups till they are old enough to be rehomed too, they are only 5 weeks old atm! They have not long opened their eyes and are learning to walk properly, they keep tripping over their feet! they are adorable!

Random pretty
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We went on another little tour today with the excuse of dropping off a little present at one of Dad's friends. Th countryside looks really nice but we must be getting used to the snow as it's kinda hard to find anything really nice to take photos of XD
The canals are mostly frozen and have chunks of ice that had floated free now frozen back in XD

Lots of ducks
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Today me, Tony & Dan from work jumped on the train to Birmingham Arena to see Linkin Park! We didn't really mooch about the court much after we'd grabbed a bite to eat but just went in and sat around, the arena was practically empty when we went in, even by 7.30 when the supporting act came on it wasn't full, but at 8.30 when Linkin Park started it was packed XD It was an awesome show though, even though still now I can't actually name many songs XD It improved my view on some of their newer music though, have to update my ipod now XD
I was told i couldn't take my camera either but when we got there loads of people had them X// So I had to take photos with my phone instead, sorry ;d

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