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Work in the morning again -.-zzz
When Tony picked me up we went down to Ironbridge for cupcakes! I didn't get to take my camera though so getting the pics off my phone is proving a pain.
At home I mooched round the garden and got these pics, including how the greenhouse looks now!
Dad got back home off a little holiday and gave me some matches he didn't want anymore....silly XD I made a mini bonfire. Things that amuse me when I'm tired XD
Pretty much the rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning out the hallway gerbs. Dmitri and Houdini have finally been given Tai's House. I figured it's time to stop hoarding it and actually let them use it.

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Had a bit to do today, first me and tony had some practice on a new toy we got yesterday, a set of Powerisers! Atm we are just learning to walk, it's pretty difficult XD
When Tony had gone to work I went to visit my old friend Phil, she was recently had had a second baby, a little girl called Briseis (Br-sigh-iss). We had an interesting evening chatting and amusing Gabriel :]

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I went with Dad today to visit Sue's kennels cause she's looking after some puppies for the RSPCA, they're probably only about 6 weeks old and they think they were stolen as they were found in a house with no mother :c
They are super adorable though x333

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Me and Tony went on a trip out today =D It's been ages since I've been able to drag him out somewhere, so it was nice for a change Xp
I took him to the Mill me and Dad had visited earlier in the week, then onto Wolves to visit the giant garden centre, he put up with it all quite nicely :]
PS. I seem to have missed 3 days here in a row, seems unlikely but I just can't find the photos, how strange.

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Our peach tree had 2 peaches again this year! Me and Dad each had one x3

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Me and Tony were out and about today, Tony got this massive can of Monster through the mail and we were both a bit taken with it (even though I hate monster XD Who can't love a can of energy drink this big?) I got Tony to take my pic with it as we were waiting at the lights, we know the pattern from going through them so often so knew we had time to take a photo....luckily the undercover policeman in the car behind kinda understood. We're so stupid, but luckily didn't get a ticket.
This one is the greenhouse, it's quite, well, green this year and Dad is really pleased with it x3

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Me and Dad decided we would both go up the Wrekin today! Dad was pretty tired so I managed to keep up with him mostly XD It kills me to go up but the view is worth it.
We also went through the Needles eye, which people say you must do to call yourself a true Salopian XD It was a little awkward since there is a large rock jammed in it now, it fell there during a small earthquake in the '90s. Dad helped me clamber over it XD

Me, Dad & the eye )
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Dad was busy today and Tony at work early so I went out to amuse myself. I got a new monster high clothes set from Smyths so took my Lagoona doll out to Cound. I know i should grow up but I just couldn't help myself xp
Today was soooo hot by the time i'd had enough playing by the stream I wasn't ready to go home so I decided to do something I haven't done in years- walk up the Wrekin, out local 'mountain'! (Yeah it's just a small hill by most standards xp) It was tiring but def worth it and I stayed up there till the sun set :]

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This kinda thing is why I'm reconsidering doing photo-a-day over photo-when-I-take-nice-photos.

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Today....urgh. The weather was just AWFUL. Srsly it was super rainy, then the wind blew the rain in every direction so you just couldn't get out of it ;/
It stopped for a while when Bowling for Soup did their full set but then carried right on.
We stayed to watch the Disturbed, who we'd really been looking forward to, but to a degree couldn't wait for it to finish, we'd just had enough and couldn't even wait for the headliner :c
Also I didn't take many pics cause I didn't want my camera getting too wet ;d

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My last full day in NZ today, we went on the other side of the Wanganui River road, all the way exploring this and that and stopping for photos. At the end of the trip we stuck around the house and I fed the sheep some apples as a goodbye treat.

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We went for a day trip down to Wellington today, exploring the waterfront and then Te Papa before nipping up into the town and then back to the waterfront :]

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The whole family got to go on a trip this time! We went to do the Taranaki Loop, today we mostly did Route 45.
We stopped at a little beach not long into the drive and explored a cool pier with big waves washing onto it now and then, then went over the beach to check out an old ship wreck! It's been there years. Jen climbed on it and I got some pics, then she took pics as I climbed on it....and promptly got soaked by a huuuge wave, which Jen didn't get pics of! Haha typical.
From there we carried on with the tour and saw loads of things, including those in the pictures below :]

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I was gonna be going out with Tony today but this and that happened where he got caught up so by 1pm I found myself in Arley by myself :] But like I said yesterday, I find ways to amuse myself so I had a snack by the river, then went to wander over the bridge and up to the station. I didn't have to wait too long for the first train, and after a bit of writing, photo taking and dossing another train came in, unfortunately backwards, luckily the first one had come forwards so at least I got some good photos.
I spent a good couple of hours there before heading back to the car (getting ice cream along the way! It was some lovely weather today x3 Plus the ice cream was Worcester Plum flavour- how unusual!)

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I didn't do much today but went out to Horsehay after running Tony to work. I wanted to see the steamtrains they have there but they weren't running today but I still had a good wander around the lake that's there, having a bit of an explore in a wood and sitting on a fishing plank writing for a while. I manage to amuse myself one way or another /lame XD

Look at that blue
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Wasn't really sure what to photo today as it was really cloudy and after all the sunny days we've had lately it was pretty depressing ;p I said I'd drawn in my book the other day thou at Acton Burnell, here is what I got down :] I also drew at the town park the other day and I liked it so I thought I'd post that too. I'm not sure if you can read the writing but it's mostly crap and wandering thoughts so don't worry about it ^^;;

At the cherry gardens
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Today was shiiiiiiby! I got up early(ish) and talked to Jen for a while on the PC then me and Tony went up town and I got Pokémon Black x33 I also saw a 3ds! I looks pretty awesome, but I will reserve full judgement till mine 'arrives' on the 25th x3
We drove over to Wolves then as I'd booked an appointment for my second tattoo, which incidently is all I have a photo of for today :x I' spent most of the rest of the day playing pokémon....weird.
I've put it under a cut for those of you who don't want to see new tattoo (or my belly XDD)

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One more before I have to go, today I went out with a bunch of people from work, bowling during the day then to the staff party (held at work, how imaginative!) from 7. It was a typical night with its hghs and lows, mostly caused by a friend we took along x/ And though i took a few pics none of them turned out too good. Here i am celebrating a strike, I think.

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Today Dad had sorted a visit out with Sue, a beermat friend of his who owns a kennels. One of the dogs she had recently taken in to help the RSPCA was a St. Bernard, and she had puppies while staying with Sue! The old owner of the mum had neglected her and the sire, who she also owned, so the RSPCA had taken them off her, she'd said the mum def wasn't pregnant though!
So the Dad got rehomed after fattening up a little, and now Sue gets to look after the Mum & pups till they are old enough to be rehomed too, they are only 5 weeks old atm! They have not long opened their eyes and are learning to walk properly, they keep tripping over their feet! they are adorable!

Random pretty
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