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It was so nice and sunny outside it turned out to be a pets outside day. Everyone got their turn in the cages on the lawn XD

Gerbils )
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Dad was busy today and Tony at work early so I went out to amuse myself. I got a new monster high clothes set from Smyths so took my Lagoona doll out to Cound. I know i should grow up but I just couldn't help myself xp
Today was soooo hot by the time i'd had enough playing by the stream I wasn't ready to go home so I decided to do something I haven't done in years- walk up the Wrekin, out local 'mountain'! (Yeah it's just a small hill by most standards xp) It was tiring but def worth it and I stayed up there till the sun set :]

Lots of exploring today )
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Just did some random driving today, went down to Asda where it absolutely pelted it down while I sat in the car and I also took this pic of the speedo, it's kinda useless but it turned out so crisp I had to post it? ;p

Pretty boring pics today, huh? )
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Today....urgh. The weather was just AWFUL. Srsly it was super rainy, then the wind blew the rain in every direction so you just couldn't get out of it ;/
It stopped for a while when Bowling for Soup did their full set but then carried right on.
We stayed to watch the Disturbed, who we'd really been looking forward to, but to a degree couldn't wait for it to finish, we'd just had enough and couldn't even wait for the headliner :c
Also I didn't take many pics cause I didn't want my camera getting too wet ;d

Sunday Download )
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It was Tony's birthday today! He wanted to go for a drive and since it was a lovely day we took Tony's car out all the way to Portmadog beach :]
We had a little car picnic, explored the beach and even had a nap XD

Beachy )
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Today wasn't a day I wanted to get involved in as it was raining like woah quite a lot. I had the day off work so I spent a bit on the pc, some up town and then I made my own tea before internetting some more xp

Nice warming evening foods )
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Went over to Fielding today with Dad and Jen as we missed it the first time we intended to go. There was a little market, lots of shops to check out and the livestock market was on too so that was really interesting to see.
Later on we went out with Mum too for a drive about past her house and saw the brightest rainbow x3

Awesome Fielding Sign
Lots to see today )
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We went up the Wanganui river road today, it was a good trip and lovely seeing the views and rain in the valleys. It was a lot longer than we remembered!

Valleys )
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We went to visit my Aunty Diane today up the Waitotara valley, and while she and Mum were chatting, Jen, Dad, Troy & I went with my Uncle Chris on a quad bike tour of their farm land, it's quite big! I was a fun quad ride too and got us out the house for an hour or so :]
The old car is one that was someone's pride and joy, and it now left as it is on the side of the road. The nest is just one me and Mum found while walking to the shop and back :]

Rain in the valleys
Two more )
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Although I didn't have a lot of inspiration for photos today, when I looked around i got some good ones :]
I took Harley out just for something to photo, as it was lovely and sunny today, but as i went back inside I noticed Atlas being all cute. I haven't taken many pics of the gerbs lately as the flash broke on my camera and they move a little fast for the camera without it, which is annoying.

Long shadow is long
Atlas being cute (and fat) )
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Today me and dad went down to Ironbridge as the river is really high and so they have put up the flood defences, also the weather was really nice so it was a good excuse to be out x3

Little bit in the crap
More around Ironbridge )
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Today Austin's new eyes came in the mail, I decided she is half Khao Manee cat, so has a blue & yellow eye XD I like them a lot better than those purple eyes she had in anyway xp
Also, sunny today! X3

Dossing on the lawn
close up )
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Christmas Day? I'm a little late XD I got a little bit sick, but I'm feeling a little better now, so here we are :]
We got up fairly early actually and when everyone settled down we opened our presents x3 I got spoilt, silly Dad & Tony <3
Tony went over to his mums for lunch and me and dad went for a quick drive as it was so sunny and snowy too! We got some really nice pictures too, so that's what all todays pictures are. We were over at Nedge hill and Buildwas, and as you can see the river has started to freeze!
The panoramic is the first one I've ever tried with my phone, i was going to put it above the cut today as my main picture but I think it'll screw with people's friends pages so be sure to have a look x3

Look at that for a scene
Wiiiintery )
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Today we went over to Tony's mums and dossed over there for a while, talking to Tony's Grandad who is over for xmas and then Andre came over later too, which seemed weird but everyone got on pretty well. Unforunatly I have to work tonight which is a bit of a bummer but I think I got some nicepics today even though i did very little.

Xmassy )
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Today me and Dad went out on a drive looking for photos x3 It was just a little tour about but I got a few nice pics ^^

Mmmm sunset
Few more )
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We tried getting the car up the hill to go to the shops yesterday but it wouldn't quite make it, and everytime we tried some more we'd not get get as far as the time before. Ah well, so instead we walked to the local shop and I had an excuse to take pictures x3

Really like this one
More white )
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More snow! How shocking, but that is pretty much the BBC news' headlines too XD I don't really have a lot to say though so here are 4 pictures of the snow.
Jen & Mum if you recognise the street photo x3

Better Snow pictures x3 )
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I had lots of work to do today, I went into work at 11, and snapped this pic on the way in. I tried to get a better one later on, but this looked quite nice when I looked back at it with it's frostyness & blue sky, and it actually seemed better than the other I took. So there you go.

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I spent all day at work today after staying the night in the cloakroom (lolz boring story) and I was on the late x.X Still, it was a pretty dead night after the busy lunch and I got to mostly hang around.
I got this pic pretty late on, it was really foggy towards the night after a crisp day.

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Today I wanted to drive. I went all over the place, but it was worth it.
I didn't take as many pics as I planned but I did get a couple while i was near the Cosford RAF museum. I take too many pics of this plane. I thought the skyline one looked pretty dramatic though.

This again
The museum )


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