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I went out to Walford today. Looks like I need to start volunteering before I have chance of a college course.
On the way home I saw this cool eagle, there used to be a dragon here in Feb, last time I was here x3

Eagle )
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It was a drab day today but me and Dad went out anyway, checking out what the poppy field with the giant poppies was looking like now. Not a flower in sight! We were in a funny mood though and so got some of the seeds and spread them over the road under the hedge, then drove a couple of miles away and put some more there XD Weirdos.

Out in the evening )
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Today: a 'pizza' we were given by Tony's sister as she has just come back from Scarborough and spyro giving herself a bath XD

Pizza )
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Went for a mooch about with Dad today to various places, Albrighton was really nice actually, for somewhere so local I'd not realised xp
We then went onto Wolves for a quick look at the canal. Wasn't really in the mood for walking today.

Two more )
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Really busy today, me and dad decided to do the river trip we'd been putting off, from Cressage to Ironbridge. It all went really smoothly too, except for an incident with a fisherman :x The only problem came in when we got back to my car to drive up to Dad and realised I didn't have the keys x.X Luckily I had my phone so Dad could call a friend to come pick us up. So stupid.
Later in the evening when everything was sorted we went to see what we could see of Status Quo, who were playing in Shrewsbury Quarry.
As you can see from my crappy pic, we didn't see too much XD

Messing about on the river )
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Me and Tony were out and about today, Tony got this massive can of Monster through the mail and we were both a bit taken with it (even though I hate monster XD Who can't love a can of energy drink this big?) I got Tony to take my pic with it as we were waiting at the lights, we know the pattern from going through them so often so knew we had time to take a photo....luckily the undercover policeman in the car behind kinda understood. We're so stupid, but luckily didn't get a ticket.
This one is the greenhouse, it's quite, well, green this year and Dad is really pleased with it x3

Me & Tony being nobs )
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Went to Tony's Mums today then just dossed about the house and garden with Dad, until going out for tea with Tony ^^

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Had the day to myself again, so I went to Queenies for a cupcake and saw these Macaroons, I've not had one before so I thought I'd try one! I went to a local pond and sat and watched the wildlife while I tested the macaroon XD It wasn't too bad, not quite what I was expecting though!
I went on a little drive then and found all these wildflowers in a small field so stopped for a little explore and photos x3

Flowers )
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Me and Dad went out today to check out the local carnival at Shifnal :]
Mum and Jen, recognise anyone? XD

Couple of Floats )
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Random pics today.
I got a new toy for Minchin & Newt, a little barrel for them to hide in XD

Minchin )
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Gerbil clean out day today :]
I love dragging them all out on to the lawn on sunny days, they actually seem to like looking at new things x3

Just a couple of gerb pics )
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Today....urgh. The weather was just AWFUL. Srsly it was super rainy, then the wind blew the rain in every direction so you just couldn't get out of it ;/
It stopped for a while when Bowling for Soup did their full set but then carried right on.
We stayed to watch the Disturbed, who we'd really been looking forward to, but to a degree couldn't wait for it to finish, we'd just had enough and couldn't even wait for the headliner :c
Also I didn't take many pics cause I didn't want my camera getting too wet ;d

Sunday Download )
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Me & Tony set off for Download today! Okay so it starts tomorrow, but we stayed in a local hotel overnight so we could get there nice and early.
We explored the local area and had dinner at the hotel, it was shibby =D Also, their rooms are a lot nicer than PI's xp

Random things XD )
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Gerbil day yesterday, plants day today! I took one of the poppy before we went to Tony's Mum's and one when we got back, when it had stopped raining. Couldn't quite choose between them ^^;
The other is the little pepper plants I bought on special for 40p from Tesco last night, and some coriander seeds that have yet to show.

And back home )
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We loitered around the most of today, at one point the most interesting bit of the day was this green fanta we'd bought some time ago XD It was pretty tasty actually!
In the evening we were invited along to a guy at work's wedding reception. Everything was really nice but we were a little out of place not knowing anyone else really. We stuck around for a few hours though and chatted with each other and our boss who was there too (who luckily we get on with! XD)

Reception )
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Just random photos today while i was around the house. The pets are back to being spoiled again ;]
I can't actually remember what this weird flower was from though.

Pretty cool though
Pets )
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Today we did some sightseeing then when we got home we blew the ostrich egg XD Jen wanted to keep the shell so we had some efforts to open it XD

2 pics and a video )
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It was a bit of a grey day so we just went for a walk down the beach looking for an old war time hide, we didn't find it but we also managed to loose each other for a while *duh* Found some interesting things on the beach though. Mum also had me take a pic of a dead fish but i didn't want to post that one xp

Beach & back home )
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We got up early today to sell Walnuts at the local market. Didn't do very well at first but once the weather picked up and I made a sign for the middle of the path things started to get going! I think we made over $100 in the end!

Also around the market )
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Back at home in Fordell again, we spent the day around the house and over Aunty Jans gardening, then me and Jen went back to her house via the sheep :]

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